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  1. Unable to find nitrado hosted xbox server Purchased a 10 slot val server for a couple of friends and myself but when I search the name nothing comes up. Has anyone had this issue? I've changed the name and restarted the server as the nitrado site suggests but still nothing.
  2. TheGalaxyReaper

    osd Floating OSD

    Have you ever tried going a floating one? Looking at one by the big ribs atm and really wanna try it. Lol
  3. Reapers and mutations Since a reaper doesnt have a 3% or 10% chance for triplets or twins have the 3% be for a stat mutation and 10% for a color mutation. Currently, unless event colored, reapers are bland so a little color mix up would be amazing. They dont show ancestors but you could do it showing a matrilineal for a stat mutation and patrilineal for the color.
  4. I could of died and spawned where I needed but my base with the breeding area is very far from where I was collecting xp and my only hazmat had hardly any durability so couldn't make the trip through red to get to my crafting base and still get the xp. On a boost mature server with low xp gain so very limited time. Should of been more prepared but didnt plan on getting preg. Lol
  5. Ty! I knew you couldn't transfer and wasnt sure if teleporter put me in the same situation. Without teleporting I wouldnt of gotten xp so thank you guys for such a quick response.
  6. Pregnant with reaper and need to teleport I'm pregnant with a reaper and haven't ever tried to teleport during the process, is it safe?
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