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WildCard totally destroyed ark survival

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7 hours ago, Pipinghot said:

So is 99.9%+ of all science fiction, ever.

Your narrow description of what qualifies as science fiction excludes nearly every sci-fi title ever written. It's all science fantasy, that's the nature of the genre. Look at the entire history of every story or book ever nominated for a Hugo or Nebula award, or Campbell award or Sturgeon award nominees, nearly all of them have one or more elements of fantasy built into them with practically none of them based only on known science fact.

If you want to draw a line in the sand between science fact-fiction and science fantasy-fiction you go right ahead, but Campbell, Sturgeon, Asimov, Heinlein, Le Guin, Herbert, Clarke, Huxley, Niven, Gibson, Anderson, Card, Brin, Crichton and a whole lot of other sci-fi authors would chuckle at the idea that the difference matters.

Indeed. Most of the parts you are saying i agree.

Some honorable examples:
Star Trek
Mostly SF. Goes to Science Fantasy when it becomes to beaming.

SF. We even see most of it come true nowadays.

Brave new World
See 1984

And also, what was "Science Fantasy" before can become "Science Fiction" as Science get's new discoveries and insights about the Universe/Multiverse.

But to be honest, the line between SF and Science Fantasy is very thin and can change over time. Discussion about that gets a more philosophical note.

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It's not early game though it is end game. Genesis II is designed for being the map once people have survived the Island and all DLC maps as the story depicts. The Island is basic/primitive survi

Well i have been playing ark over 1k hours long time a go this game was about taming DINOS DINOS than they added tek well thats was already game changing thing especially tek suits and cryopods ,than

"Early Bird" title : ✔️ Post count below 10: ✔️ Hyperbole about the game being destroyed: ✔️  

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On 6/14/2021 at 11:56 AM, Pipinghot said:

So I'll just ask: Are you trying to make an argument that ARK is fantasy, or do you agree that it's obviously sci-fi?

Respectfully i want to make an argument that ARK is "Science Fantasy" (but keep my last post in Mind).

Recovering Memory Matrixes from People that are dead for Centuries. Mei Ling, Nerva... and even Helena and Rockwell depending on how many years the ARK Project is set into the future.
That's obvioulsy Fantasy and not backed up by any Science Facts we have at our disposal (at the moment(!)).

But as said, that's something that could change in the future.

Edit: just to note:
i'm completely fine to throw Science Fiction and Science Fantasy into the same Cauldron (as we say over here).

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1 hour ago, 2OLEgend said:

I firmly believe people on here play the forum more than the game anyway.

That made me lulz.

It's odd how many people take time out of their "busy" day to complain relentlessly on the forum about a game they don't seem to like, much less play that much.

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On 6/9/2021 at 7:10 PM, SarahMonette said:

Yes it is relevant.  The Beginner Servers are where the new players are coming to learn how to play the mmorpg part of Ark.  The Genesis 2 area is where the old players are coming back from a hiatus.  The old players are not bringing new players into the game.  The old players have spent their money.  This game is box to play.  

Box To Play

That means those who bring money to the game are the new players.

New players go to the beginner servers.

New players talk to other players get them to come on and play ark with them.

Sorry Gen2 has problems.  But it is released now.  They can assign a dev/dev team to patch it up over time.

However no new beginner players are going straight into playing Genesis.  They want TheIsland map.  They bought TheIsland map.  Their computers run TheIsland map.  They will not get to Gen2 until later after some progression.  They start on the BEGINNER SERVERS.  

Go on a beg server and find out for yourself!   Hundreds of Beach Bobs going "how do I pick a berry bush?"

You said the title of this thread was "WildCard totally destroyed ark survival."  And they have by ignoring the new players that would have been this games advertizement.  That would have worked their way up to Gen2 after most it's glitches were fixed.  But Wildcard has abandon the BEGINNER SERVERS completely with no intention of looking back.  This neglect started when devs did not make the first release date.  They must have pulled off whoever was in charge of Beginner and forced them to work on Gen2 or fired them?

Back further and there was strange things going on with the devs on the Beginner servers.  We were getting these constant lag popup messages telling us to "slow down you are going to fast."  Umm, that looks like a direct communication with an individual player through the game interface.  Watching us.  Like creepy stalking watching.  

The Beginner server do not lag at all.  It's the only ark gameplay where over 70 players can join the server and there is no lag.  What are you trying to hide?  

Destroying the Beginner server that play so well is destroying the game itself.  I don't think there is a more relevant answers to "WildCard totally destroyed ark survival."  

This is a new players first impression of the game.  This is where they go to decide to refund Ark back to steam or not.  

I swear there is someone on ark's dev team intentionally trying to destroy this game.  

The dynamic of begginer server is amazing! You need more strategy to attack, more diversity of useful tames and more chance to a new tribe that worked hard figth with the olds tribe. 

The unrespect with beginner server in the last weeks is terrible

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