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  1. Agree with much of what the OP said. What really picked my interest where the trailers for different maps. Awesome atmosphere and people pvp:ing using a large variety of dinos and weapons. When I started playing, I was rather disappointed by the monoculture that pvp has become. Gigas and manas mostly and way too much advanced tech. At the end of the day, none of the trailers were really honest about the real nature of game play. I have my hopes up that Ark 2 will be different.
  2. This is the first good news I have seen in a long time about Ark 2. I no longer play Ark, but I remember the best times I had in the game where before metal/tek tier. Who says primitive pvp can't be fun? Fun is subjective of course, but I always enjoyed the wilderness skirmishes more than base combat, especially when it didn't involve sniper rifles and tek rifles. Base combat is just boring turret drain, suicide rocket launchers, C4 spam and what all that stuff. Stone hatchets, arrows and spears all the way!
  3. I used to play on official pve for a a while but moved to unofficial because of massive lag (partly due to gacha towers). So out of curiosity, I did some research. I visited a coupled different servers and observed what it was all about. It's usually a character with a weird name (often a really low level one), just hanging there by the tower, doing nothing other than occasionally picking up crystals. They do nothing else. They dont respond to anything. My conclusion: most of the towers I saw are manned by a farm account that runs some sort of script that picks up the crystals from time
  4. Adding giga as a tamable dino was a mistake imho (just as the mana). It has made so many dinos obsolete that it's not even funny. Land pvp is mostly just giga vs giga. OSD is a walk in the park if you use gigas. Meat runs? Dont bother, giga gets the most meat easy. Let's just hope WC doesn't repeat this is Ark 2.
  5. yes, unclaimed dinos are considered "enemy dinos" and not "wild dinos" so they cant be damaged.
  6. Forgot to mention that I'm on official pve so killing babies doesn't work.
  7. Hey, I'm trying to figure out ways to level my x-dinos to max level as a solo player, but I hit a plateau at about 60 levels. The level requirements are just so crazy high that I'd have to spend days just to level a single dino. Also I feel like the x-dino extra levels is a trap. You'll never get to the extra levels due to extremely steep requirements. Any suggestions how to do the very last levels effectively and with relative speed? Here's what I've tried with varying success: -note runs and kill dinos while doing it: not very effective with a land dino -kill alphas: whil
  8. I could not agree more. I'm really hoping that there will be less of (or none at all) technology stuff in Ark 2. Thatch and wood (and mostly stone) are pretty much unusable in pvp and that is largely because of the aforementioned technology.
  9. I'm well aware of what the game has been about since day 1. I'm just expressing what my preference for an Ark 2 would be and that is less tek and sci-fi. I can see from your other comments on this particular forum that you want tek to be a part of the game and that's fine. You are entitled to your opinion. We all have our own preferences and I'm hoping for a more Primitive+ish experience and less of a C4/tek rifle -fest.
  10. Thanks for the tip. That feels kinda cheaty though
  11. Hey, I'm breeding dire bears and wolves and I am trying to maximize the number of females without having to move the male stud and also to make baby claiming as convenient as possible. The main issue is that babies appear right underneath their mothers so it's really difficult to claim them especially when there are lots of females packed together. I tried all manner of giant hatch frames, but the dinos will often glitch through them. I also tried having the mothers on ramps, but the babies just wont roll down like poop does. Do you have any tips/tricks on how to maximize effectiveness?
  12. Here's my list based on what has been most enjoyable and what has caused the most grief in Ark 1 (mostly played on pvp-servers with orp 1) No advanced technology. My biggest issue with Ark 1 has always been the abundance of technology. Rifles shooting laser beams and people blowing things up with C4 feels off when I think of dinosaurs and survival. Hence, no tek tier and very simple metal tier equipment would be the sweet spot for me. Make things more primitive + 2) Level progression is too fast on lower levels. What's the point of building thatch or wood when you can power level to
  13. Official? Forget it. Support on official is next to zero. Even on pve servers, you have to consider the pvp side of things. Official servers are full of toxic people so they will abuse the system and cause shait to others. Best way is to build on difficult terrain where a titano cannot reach.
  14. Official: cheats/exploits, toxicity, non-existant game support, laggy, OP stuff (managarmr, titan) Unofficial: cheaters get banned, community in general is much friendlier and less toxic, less lag, lots of fixes to OP stuff (some have disabled titans and put a cooldown on mana breath). They usually have some sort of offline protection (90% of raiding is done while you are offline because it is so easy). So why waste your time on official? I have crashed twice during map transfer, resulting in loss of my character (and dinis as I am solo). Both times, response time to my ticket was 1+
  15. On official servers, transfer is really messed up. Sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes you lose your character and items on him while transferring. The problem is that on official, your ticket will be resolved months later when it's already too late. The only solution I see is to find a good unofficial server where admins can fix issues like these in short time.
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