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  1. ah so mutations are counted as "wild levels"? Anyone know what is the average tamed level 224 melee for a giga? I have tamed quite a few of them and never get even close to 200%. In fact they are closer to 150% and it would take quite a few mutations to reach any serious levels in melee.
  2. I am starting to breed these big boys and am a little confused. I've seen several youtubers with insanely high melee % on their bred gigas, yet each level you put into melee adds a pitiful 1% (or thereabouts). I have a couple level 270sh gigas (imprinted, no mutations) with only 260% melee. How do they do this? So can anyone please explain what are "good" stats on a freshly tamed 150 giga because Dododex is giving me wild stats, which are severely nerfed after taming. What's the point of mutating them when all you get is 1% increase? Thanks.
  3. I have done some serious reading on breeding and mutations. Thus far all my projects have involved clean females that breed with a single male that keeps all the wanted mutations. This time I just wasnt paying attention and noticed some mutations had slipped in. The male has 2/20 paternal and all the females have 2/20 maternal. I guess I cant use this line to do serious breeding, because eventually the numbers add up and I wont get any more mutations.
  4. I tamed and bred some rexes into a perfect level 250 line, but then noticed I had missed some mutations along the way and so all females and male have 2/20 in the mutation counter. When they breed together, the counter goes up regardless of whether there is a new mutation or not. Have I pretty much messed everything up because at this rate the dinos will reach the 20+/20 cap in a few generations? How can I clean my dinos? Thanks.
  5. And I hear people complaining about lag on official servers. Here's your answer.
  6. I think the megalodon's slow and bleed effects are spot on. They are supposed to be the horrors of the sea and now they actually are. They are still rather slow and you can outswim them on almost any dino.
  7. I'm a little ignorant here but did they ever actually gain health by killing fish? The way I see it, they recover health when you forcefeed fish (as carnivores recover health when they eat meat), but get nothing from normal meat.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I didnt expect WC to do anything about raft clipping, but was hopeful that after so many years they would. Basically life in the sea is not viable in this game. Mines would certainly help to protect sea bases but they are buggy, ridiculously expensive and have a decay timer that doesnt refresh. Too bad
  9. Hio, I'm browsing through patch notes from previous years to understand where rafts stand as of today. Let's assume we are playing pvp with offline protection (so you dont have the whole day to drain/destroy while the enemy is offline). Can anyone clarify these: -can structures on rafts still clip through enemy structures? What about structures on enemy rafts? -afaik c4 cannot be placed on structures on rafts, but you could still technically place c4 on enemy structures by clipping through while still inside your raft. Is this correct? -lets assume someone has a base in th
  10. You seem to contradict yourself there. You don't want to play on unofficial servers because theres n8t enough people, yet you say that official pve maps are littered with bases. I would find a good middle road and even consider pvp. There are some really good and well-populated unofficial pvp servers where rates are slightly boosted to account for people having jobs/school and life in general and a little bit of pvp (with offline protection). Having the option to attack or get attacked by other players makes the game more interesting and thrilling. Pve becomes boring quickly because you
  11. As the title says, are dire polar bears still untransferrable? I remember trying to transfer them off of Valguero, it didnt work. Has this changed?
  12. Oh boy... sometimes Ark just gives me grey hair.
  13. What is this sorcery? When I travel between maps, the second time I try to travel, all kibble timers keep resetting back to 15 minutes. I waited 45 minutes just to see the timer cycle back to 15 minutes each time. Let me guess: it's a bug that's been on for years and WC can't/won't fix it.
  14. Ah yes, I know this spot. The issue is that Im on official pvp and that place is pretty crowded. End up losing my life and dunky in that tunnel.
  15. Hi, I'm an underwater player by heart, which is why Ragnarok is my alltime favorite map (plenty of metal, stone, wood, crystal, obsidian, pearls, oil). Crystal Isles looks intriguing, but it seems that the underwater has been largely neglected. I have investigated some parts of the CI ocean and am yet to find any reliable sources of metal and obsidian. Even stone is unreliable because most of the underwater rocks are unbreakable (even though they look the same as the ones on Ragnarok, which can be farmed with a dunkleosteus). Any tips on where I should start looking? Have you found a
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