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  1. Nice Idea. Something else i would like to see: free building tiles. But just for planing a building. Build, click finish, everything goes into a ghost/schematic Mode. Then you have to fill in the Mats. Everything better then place, wrong snap, pick up/demolish, place, wrong snap... etc. And please, options to build proper fences and stuff like that. No stair mode or fences that are going to stupid hights (with fence supports). Let us follow the terrain seamlessy.
  2. Your quotation is right. Your conclusion is wrong. Yes, they said there will be no TEK based technologie. And that makes sense from the lore, looking at what kind of experience mankind made with Edmuntium. But you have to look at other franchises. Examples: SG-1: Naquada Star Trek: Dilithium Crystals UFO, Enemy Unknown: Elerium/Element 115, Zrbit/Element 116 There WILL be a modern Tier AND a futuristic Tier later on. Just not Edmuntium/TEK based. That, or ARK 2 will fail hard.
  3. Because in terms of Story, it would make sense. No Spoilers though, go and complete the Story on Gen2. Edit: To make it more clear: reading out and importing you Implant/Homo Deus record Data. Not bringing Dinos/Items.
  4. Ark 2 will be Primarily Primitive-themed (at release) fixed/completed with the part they don't want some people to hear.
  5. Would love to see Animals not simply spawn in. The possibilty to hunt down and extinct dangerous predators to make your new home more civilized would be something i like to see.
  6. It won't stay primitive (or if, they lose a ton of money). There are some people that can be satisfied easy. Food, Sleep, a rough Shelter. But when basic needs are taken care of, you always have those kind of people who are the seed of civilization. "Make things better, less physical demanding and more efficient". They wouldn't stay in "Stoneage". Edit: With Santiago shutting down the last remains of technology, maybe because he want's to stay in primitive for some reason, i can see him becomming the antagonist in the next expansion (of ARK 2).
  7. They call 16GB of RAM an "issue"... not gonna say what i think about that being an IT Pro. What do they expect WC to do? Make the Map smaler? 😂 Funny how my Provider shows less then 10% Memory usage on a 15 Slot Server for less than 12 Bucks per Month.
  8. Imagine "Return of the Jedi" hiting Cinemas, with the last 5 Minutes left out. And then havin G. Lucas giving that excuse why that is. Normally i don't pull that Joker but this time it hit's the Spot: we paid for a complete product. A Cinematic that shows a proper Ending belongs to a Story like wheels to a car.
  9. It wouldn't have to be a full ascension/cinematic. Just the Ruins/Terminal where she left. When you use the Terminal to upload yourself a short Cinamatic: "Flash of light, you go into the Arc Network, a glimpse of Abberation, Flash again... Credits/Music". ATM transitioning from SE to Abberation just feels empty/non-immersive.
  10. And i'm a woman! That's why i use "honey". Just to make sure that you know that the follow up stuff could sound negative, but that it is meant in a positive way. Written words are easy to get wrong. You read it in your personal mood and probably not in the mood it was written. So using "honey" is just a way to make sure the reader get's it in a positive way.
  11. "Honey" is a way to say for a girl/woman" here, that she is aproaching you in a postive way/that she likes you. Just to make a point, that the following stuff is positive and not negative.
  12. Empathie Honey! Just put yourself into those people places. Understand their needs and fears. If you where in their places, you would feel more comfortable if you have more room to make errors and learn from them/improve, right?! Just thread people as if you would like to be threatened yourself. It's not that hard!
  13. Honestly, i give zero "F" about what they make out of it. I gave my feedback, my job is done. It's not my money. If they don't improve, i'm like "yeah, whatever". Since they are not playing with my money/sales numbers. Still enjoying their game. And still they have a few more plus points than minus points. so all good for me. Except that current launch. need to know if i have to update the Servers of my Cluster. Wildcard... MOVE! 😂
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