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  1. Nice Idea. Something else i would like to see: free building tiles. But just for planing a building. Build, click finish, everything goes into a ghost/schematic Mode. Then you have to fill in the Mats. Everything better then place, wrong snap, pick up/demolish, place, wrong snap... etc. And please, options to build proper fences and stuff like that. No stair mode or fences that are going to stupid hights (with fence supports). Let us follow the terrain seamlessy.
  2. Just had some fun starting a fresh Character on Valquero. And then it happened. Some stupid apes dropped into my Base, killing all my tames. They dropped from a protected side (high cliff) into my Base. Really, that is lazy coding. Make dropping of a Cliff 100% lethal for wild Dinos. So we players can make propper advantage of natural defenses. Stop NPC cheating. Edit: Since this was moved to the Sugesstions part, i like to add that this request was made for ARK2. Wouldn't complain if this would be also fixed for ARK1 though.
  3. Your quotation is right. Your conclusion is wrong. Yes, they said there will be no TEK based technologie. And that makes sense from the lore, looking at what kind of experience mankind made with Edmuntium. But you have to look at other franchises. Examples: SG-1: Naquada Star Trek: Dilithium Crystals UFO, Enemy Unknown: Elerium/Element 115, Zrbit/Element 116 There WILL be a modern Tier AND a futuristic Tier later on. Just not Edmuntium/TEK based. That, or ARK 2 will fail hard.
  4. Because in terms of Story, it would make sense. No Spoilers though, go and complete the Story on Gen2. Edit: To make it more clear: reading out and importing you Implant/Homo Deus record Data. Not bringing Dinos/Items.
  5. Ark 2 will be Primarily Primitive-themed (at release) fixed/completed with the part they don't want some people to hear.
  6. Would love to see Animals not simply spawn in. The possibilty to hunt down and extinct dangerous predators to make your new home more civilized would be something i like to see.
  7. Respectfully i want to make an argument that ARK is "Science Fantasy" (but keep my last post in Mind). Recovering Memory Matrixes from People that are dead for Centuries. Mei Ling, Nerva... and even Helena and Rockwell depending on how many years the ARK Project is set into the future. That's obvioulsy Fantasy and not backed up by any Science Facts we have at our disposal (at the moment(!)). But as said, that's something that could change in the future. Edit: just to note: i'm completely fine to throw Science Fiction and Science Fantasy into the same Cauldron (as we say over here).
  8. Indeed. Most of the parts you are saying i agree. Some honorable examples: Star Trek Mostly SF. Goes to Science Fantasy when it becomes to beaming. 1984 SF. We even see most of it come true nowadays. Brave new World See 1984 And also, what was "Science Fantasy" before can become "Science Fiction" as Science get's new discoveries and insights about the Universe/Multiverse. But to be honest, the line between SF and Science Fantasy is very thin and can change over time. Discussion about that gets a more philosophical note.
  9. That was Arthur C. Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Basically telling you that there is no God/Gods (yes, there are still primitive people believing that BS). ARK is Science Fantasy (not Science Fiction). You have Dinos! No itelligent humand would revive Dinos (Carnivores) on an ARK Project. Teleport: not possible Even if possible, it would delete the Original. Creating a Copy that just thinks it's the original. Beside destroying the Original, it would need insane storage capacity to do that. Also bringing back People from the Past (like Nerva). Re-Creating their personality from some kind of Matrix that survives thousands of years. Bullpoop. When you die, it's like switching of a Computer. The RAM gets erased. There is nothing to recover "in the Future". So yeah, "Science Fantasy" (but a good one)
  10. It won't stay primitive (or if, they lose a ton of money). There are some people that can be satisfied easy. Food, Sleep, a rough Shelter. But when basic needs are taken care of, you always have those kind of people who are the seed of civilization. "Make things better, less physical demanding and more efficient". They wouldn't stay in "Stoneage". Edit: With Santiago shutting down the last remains of technology, maybe because he want's to stay in primitive for some reason, i can see him becomming the antagonist in the next expansion (of ARK 2).
  11. Santiago shuts down the last remaining technologie in the intro. So yes, there is a SF origin, but ARK 2 is not (yet). Therefore they can stay with a primitive Setting, or expand it later on (which they should or they will lose a lot of Customers). You are mixing up a lot of diffrent things. Genre =/= Setting =/= Theme ARK Survival Genre: Survival Setting: SF (or Science Fantasy. THAT is discusable, but not 11!!!11 Dinos) Theme: Partly Dinos (among other "Themed" stuff. There are also Mamals, there are also Mystical Creatures). You can call a game either by its Genre or Setting, but not by it's theme. There are no "Dino" Games. Games can be "Dino Themed". And ARK is SF Survival Game, partly Dino themed.
  12. "that leads to stuff in the future" Clear Sci Fi hint. Statement about WHAT the game is. "There are not only Dinos, but also Mamals" So a Mamal and Dino Game?! No, here he is talking about what is IN the game. Your expectations filtered and interprated it to something you wanted to hear. Sales People know exactly to be vague enough to create those bubbles. A Car that is "the greatest adventure in your life" is still a car. I sell a car... not an adventure. It a simpel rhetorical trick, do give people info in a way that seem to comply in their expectations. That's how you are tricked by every sales person/advert to buy stuff you don't want or need.
  13. A survival Sci-Fi game that includes Dinos (for unlogical reasons lorewise,RL for cash grab). When i advertise my cabriolet as the "ultimative summer holiday" experience, that doesn't anything about summers or holidays (times in which you CAN use it) at all. After all i'm still selling a Car. Anyways, quoting google is irrelevant. As google results are no refference or proof for facts or truth. But if you still want to go the google way, here is my result for Studio Wildcard:
  14. Zayisha

    Tek binoculars

    Those need a serious fix. They are useless on most Dinos. You have to dismount to use them. Also the Zoom Option is wrong. MouseWheelUp zooms out, MouseWheelDown zooms in.
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