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  1. Actually this Forum once had a mod that was deploying black language/narcissist tactics, trying to gaslight. He's obviously not a mod anymore (and the warning he put on my account was revoked).
  2. Something is OP if there is no defense against it or it can not be countered. The Dolphin was extremely easy to counter.
  3. Not to mention that giving times in UTC (aka TST; "Terran Standard Time) is an international standard. So if you keep posting in some exotic Timezone, other people in exotic Timezones will complain. If you post in Standard Time (UTC), you can tell them to stick with standards. Edit: a different topic, but we should simply keep UTC, using it Worldwide, and get rid of all other Timezones.
  4. it wasn't. it was a well rounded glass cannon. Now it's just glass. "Tank driver: A-10 is OP. plox nerf11!!!11!!" Stop whining like Tank drivers. If you want to counter a CAS Aircraft, you don't do it with a Tank or any other sort of ground forces.
  5. Yes, that's how it works. Every other Map needs Element for it to work.
  6. so it makes sense to put more sense into the game instead of making it even more absurd. The TEK Suit is Balanced. Everyone gets it. Even a fresh Level 1 Char. You get a new one when you die. Everyone gets a new one when they die. And every aspect you think makes the TEK not balanced, can be cauntered extremely easy. That sounds balanced, doesnt it?!
  7. They added Config Options for that iirc with one of the latest Patches. Check Patchnotes.
  8. Are you using any Mods? Private/Official Servers? More input Mate!
  9. That would logically make no sense. One of the intentions of a powered Exo-Suit is to NOT drain your Stamina. Did i miss the feature, that the TEK Suit provides Water/Food? Or making you invisible to hostile creatures? If it doesn't: there's your survival aspect. Then you should start at the... well... "start": spawning on a beach of "the Island" Ark. Game Progress: 0% When you start Genesis 2, you are already through 80% of the Game. So Spawning on the Genesis is not "starting the Game". It's skipping the start and go straight to "80% of game fini
  10. All claims of the TEK Suit SKIN(!) being OP/unbalanced whatever have been already debunked multiple times over here: The Solution to your "problem" is easy: throw the Suit away/don't use it. If you don't want to do that with every fast travel/respawn, you can use the Server Config Option Gelantious postet.
  11. Good with that. Found a percect farming Stryder (Modules) LvL 150. Lost a level because effectiveness. The Server was right next to me: LAN (!) That would be even worse. Biggest issue with the lags is, that your taming effectiveness drops. If you can't reset, you are screwed. Taming a Stryder is not an issue. Taming it with 100% effectiveness is.
  12. Ark 2 will be Primarily Primitive-themed (at release) fixed/completed with the part they don't want some people to hear.
  13. I understand your point and basically you are right. Times have changed. When i started gaming (late 80's) games were made by gamers for gamers. That changed somewhere around 2000. In the '90s you were good in a game or you just had to accept that you suck. Nowadays the bad players are the focus of the Gaming Industry. Thinks get nerfed until EVERYONE can beat the game end see the End Video. In the 90s and still early 2000s you could completely own a game by pure skill (like Falcon 4.0 Players hopping into BF2, getting the Jets and completely dominating). Nowadays everthing ge
  14. As example, we are using S+. S+ is not a cheat. It just adds what the game is missing. If there was no S+ i would have stopped playing ARK a long time ago (including most of my friends that play as well).
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