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  1. They call 16GB of RAM an "issue"... not gonna say what i think about that being an IT Pro. What do they expect WC to do? Make the Map smaler? 😂 Funny how my Provider shows less then 10% Memory usage on a 15 Slot Server for less than 12 Bucks per Month.
  2. And i'm a woman! That's why i use "honey". Just to make sure that you know that the follow up stuff could sound negative, but that it is meant in a positive way. Written words are easy to get wrong. You read it in your personal mood and probably not in the mood it was written. So using "honey" is just a way to make sure the reader get's it in a positive way.
  3. "Honey" is a way to say for a girl/woman" here, that she is aproaching you in a postive way/that she likes you. Just to make a point, that the following stuff is positive and not negative.
  4. Empathie Honey! Just put yourself into those people places. Understand their needs and fears. If you where in their places, you would feel more comfortable if you have more room to make errors and learn from them/improve, right?! Just thread people as if you would like to be threatened yourself. It's not that hard!
  5. Honestly, i give zero "F" about what they make out of it. I gave my feedback, my job is done. It's not my money. If they don't improve, i'm like "yeah, whatever". Since they are not playing with my money/sales numbers. Still enjoying their game. And still they have a few more plus points than minus points. so all good for me. Except that current launch. need to know if i have to update the Servers of my Cluster. Wildcard... MOVE! 😂
  6. Well, i have people calling me an asshole/jerk from time to time (while being their superior). That's some feedback for me, BUT also show me that i'm creating a healthy working enviroment. If you can tell a superior taht he's a jerk/asshole atm, without having to fear getting fired, you have a productive and healthy working enviroment. And i'm proud to say, that not a single person was ever fired under my leadership (yeah, shameless self advertising. what a bitch! 😂.)
  7. Agreed. My personal problem is, that i hide my critique behind some sharp cynicism. But on the other hand, i'm the first to speak up for people to give them a second change. People HAVE to make error to improve. That#s how you learn stuff. It's ok to fail and make error from time to time. If you always punish them directly, without giving them a second chance to make it better next time, you create an unhealthy enviroment.
  8. ha ha ha, yeah, don't take things personal. If you don't communicate stuff that you don't like, you can' expect them to change, right?! Just don't take that Feedback as an assault but as some info how stuff could be improved.
  9. Indeed! While being annoyed how they handle announcements/deliveries, i still love their work/game.
  10. No worries. I'm not angry, just a bit disappointed (have a server cluster to manage). I understand that quality Standards are different around the world. I just let Wildcard know, that they are farming "minus points" within Germany/Europe with this release/announcement behaviour. If i don't let them know, they don't know about that. IF and HOW they react to those expectations is up to them. But you see, if i don't let them know, they simple... don't know that there's an issue (with a group of people).
  11. That's how my coders work. They finish the product. They give a release date in the future (giving them addiotional time to test). So everytime they tell me, they need a week or two until they give a release, i know they already "finished". They just play save. So when they promise to release on a Thursday 5th, 1300h UTC, that's the exact time we roll out updates-
  12. That's reality honey. If you don't keep appointments over here, you don't have to worry about keeping appointments the next month. Because you have to worry about where from getting the money for your next lunch, because you are not on the payroll anymore. If you can't deliver, don't give a date. Simple.
  13. 0800h means 0800h and zero seconds. Not 0759h and 59 seconds. Not 0800h and 1 second. At least that is how it's done in a professional enviroment. At least in Europe/Germany.
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