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  1. Quit crying bruh, I don't have the new console but I'm planning on getting one and the steam version of ASA as well as buying the game for friends on xbox and steam and even giving out gaming PCs and series X|S to friends
  2. Well be prepared to be surprised cause the word is that Sony said no to it releasing on PS again like they did with ark 1 unless they have something exclusive included so for those who are blaming WC for choosing money over fans, go yell at Sony and not wildcard.
  3. What broken Xbox controller on windows 10? I use mine and it works just fine. I've been playing win 10 ark more then on the Xbox.
  4. It was never promised in December dude, why do people not understand this fact, it's an ETA, estimated Time of Arrival meaning if they don't hit a issue while development is going on and if they miss it or announce early they are pushing it back cause of the issue then it's probably a issue that will take a bit of time to fix. Game development can not be done over night.
  5. Need parade is hot filthy garage, the man was caught cheating in his own server and during a raid, he's copyrighted claimed everyone's video that has pointed this out and banned his own head admin cause he got into another tribe to help tame a crab on abberation, also caught lying about the cluster server cost and not more than three servers were up yet he claims the servers costed more then he brought in from streaming and YouTube, he lost a lot of players and revenue on his channel and has tried to build himself back up and hopefully he'll be on a honest and truthful path, his content would be worth watching then.
  6. lol they told you this? i seriously doubt they told you they weren't gonna do anything unless what's happening is not game breaking or COC/TOS breaking which i don't think there's anything in there about kiting corrupted gigas to someone else's base, as far as i know. and IF that's the case that there's nothing is the COC or TOS about it then it's down to the fact they can't do anything about it, no rule in the COC or TOS is getting broken.
  7. lol very tue, he could always just turn down his brightness on his tv or in game so it's not so intense
  8. dude GTA online still has support cause RDR 2 is the newest game and isn't built up strong like GTA online and yes in the sense it shouldn't matter cause honestly there was no betrayal, they hit a stag with the development of the genesis map or other pieces of its content and had to push it back for enough time to get it fixed, do you understand ETAs and TBDs now? when they give a month next year then that's to be determined if it can be released within that month from the time of the announcement to the month expecting the release, GET IT NOW?
  9. if you say so dude, the devs work hard to give us a great game, they don't have to honestly, by all means in terms of other games ark is beyond the life span of a typical game like COD or xenoverse 2 which its last DLC dropped earlier this month so the FACT is that these devs are doing their best to deliver the content that have said they will, date and time doesn't matter as long as its delivered and it will be.
  10. and the devs don't work hard to provide for that money in return? yet everyone here is jumping their case about it and its facts not belief. losing hope in WC when there's nothing to lose hope about, the content is guaranteed to drop, they are constantly working on hence the hard working devs of WC.
  11. hmmm.... i don't see a actual date there BUDDY. i seen estimated release month of when it will be determined to be released. derp!! try again BUDDY!!!! here's an example of an actual release date June 2nd 2015, can you tell me what released on that day? i bet you can't.
  12. every date given as been an ETA DATE till it's confirmed it will drop that date, understand this fact!!!! game design and development is not a cut and paste industry, unless you know how its done, keep your mouth shut. its not easy to code and fix glitches and squash bugs in a game as big as ark or atlas or conan or subnautica or any game for that matter unless its a rinky dink indie game made through c++, java or unity.
  13. so very true, i've already got the season pass and it cost me 0, not a dime since it was gifted to me by one of my followers and subscribers on mixer. lol
  14. thank you lycan at least there's others here who are true gamers and ark survivors lol
  15. lol i bought the game 2 weeks after it came out on steam and hit official right away, june 16th 2015, its very much possible and FYI i do work, i'm not on welfare and have never done meth thank you very much and close on your calculations, its actually 12.5 hours every day and i have pulled 24hrs 3 days straight on days off when i have that many off and that has happened quite often not including shut down weeks and vacation times so the only BS here is your breath and your math.
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