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  1. Just had some fun starting a fresh Character on Valquero. And then it happened. Some stupid apes dropped into my Base, killing all my tames. They dropped from a protected side (high cliff) into my Base. Really, that is lazy coding. Make dropping of a Cliff 100% lethal for wild Dinos. So we players can make propper advantage of natural defenses. Stop NPC cheating. Edit: Since this was moved to the Sugesstions part, i like to add that this request was made for ARK2. Wouldn't complain if this would be also fixed for ARK1 though.
  2. Your quotation is right. Your conclusion is wrong. Yes, they said there will be no TEK based technologie. And that makes sense from the lore, looking at what kind of experience mankind made with Edmuntium. But you have to look at other franchises. Examples: SG-1: Naquada Star Trek: Dilithium Crystals UFO, Enemy Unknown: Elerium/Element 115, Zrbit/Element 116 There WILL be a modern Tier AND a futuristic Tier later on. Just not Edmuntium/TEK based. That, or ARK 2 will fail hard.
  3. Because in terms of Story, it would make sense. No Spoilers though, go and complete the Story on Gen2. Edit: To make it more clear: reading out and importing you Implant/Homo Deus record Data. Not bringing Dinos/Items.
  4. Set up your own Server. "Issue" solved.
  5. No, you don't miss something there. My Rex Line (and other Dinos i breeded the same way) are simply Overkill. Mostly i do it for fun to see, what's the best i can get within 449 Levels. And since i do Bossfights solo a lot of time it's helpfull and gives a bit of error margin (my private server uses official Stats, exect breeding time). Beside that it's overkill. Especially when they are fully leveled. So with 1 to 3 People playing together, it just makes things easier/more conveniant.
  6. They don't get deleted when they pass 450?! When did they change that? Completely missed it.
  7. Hmmm, never considered her superior. A bit emotional and still naiv due to her young age. But nah, not "superior".
  8. Stargate Franchise just called. They said you are not correct. You should read everythink and stop ignoring things you don't like. Again, your question(s) have already been answered. Stop being lazy and scroll up. You may missed the point, that i actually play PvP from time to time. I guess you are neither a CEO, Firefighter, Soldier, Store Owner, etc... so that means your oppinion does not count on several topics?! You are wrong on this part. Opinions can made by knowledge, education and common sense. Even if you are not active in the field you are talking about. Actually that is fundamental to democracy. Or may i guess, you do not vote because your sugesstions (or your skill to judge suggestions) is pointless?! But also possible that you are living in a country where people are not used to democracy. So your perspective would be understandable.
  9. Yeah, that's the point. Same with a Space Carrier equiped with Star Fighters. No matter if it would deployed by the Army, Navy or Air Force... it still would be a "Space Force".
  10. You could also ask if Jets started from an Aircraft Carrier could coun't as "Air Force" as well. I assume that you are clever enough to understand that Strategic Weapons, Jets, Helicopters, no matter "who" utilize them are an "Air Force", even if not launched by "the" Air Force.
  11. Are you going to tell me, you are not able to scroll up a bit?! Here ya go: "Hop on a dolphin and be the better pilot." There's a difference in being not able to win a war or not wanting to win a war. Which is not going to happen. That would result in a retalitation Nuclear Strike. It would end in everyone losing.
  12. Obviously you are not that deep into that topic. 1. You can completely dominate your enemy as long as you have air superiority. 2. You can have as much ground forces as you want. There is no way to win if the enemy has Air Superiority. Try to reach and figh 2 or 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups that are sitting 60 Miles Offshore with your Tanks.
  13. The answer you are looking for was already given. And only one or two posts above yours.
  14. PvP is NEVER balanced. Not everyone is on the same Skill level. But fighting a Combat Jet with a Combat Jet is just the obvious solution. You have to outsmar and authink the enemy. TEK Pistol, TEK Bow, NET Gun, Rocket Launcher with Homing Missiles, using Terrain, setting Traps (e.g. Battery fueled Auto-Turrets), TEK Wyvern, Magmar, Bloodstalker... etc, etc, etc. Think out of the box.
  15. I guess we can agree on the fact, that as soon as one side starts to use nuclear weapons, everything else doesn't matter anymore. There would be no winners in that case.
  16. So those missiles are walking on the ground, hm?! And guess... tactical nuclear weapons are part of? exactly... air force
  17. Indeed. I experienced that a lot. Such good times and friendly laughter.
  18. LOL That's almost exactly what he said. You military Guys are so much fun!
  19. I can confirm that. That's Info from my spouse. He's a retired Air Force Officer/Pilot.
  20. Well, you got the answer yourself. Hop on a dolphin and be the better pilot. You can't win from the ground. the keyword is air superiority. If you get wrecked (on the ground) by someone that has air superiority, that just a logical consequence and not "OP".
  21. If the enemy is dumb, yes. Turn on your radar. Seconds later it's gone (shrike/harm anti-radar missile). If not earlier AWACS picks you up and sends in guided weapons. Also A-10 can stay out of your range/altitude and send some nice Mavericks over. And IF you got something into the air... ECM/Chaff/Flares/Terrain. Army = target practise for Air Force. Modern Wars are decided and won in the air. not on the ground. But back to topic, for a single person that would be not the most obvious option to down an A-10.
  22. Isn't the answer obvious? Ask yourself: how would you beat an A-10? Hint: not with a Tank
  23. Basically said, it is very easy to taylor your own "perfect" Dino. If it's done right. And yes, you need to do a bit of easy math. As other already pointed out, the "Smart Breeder" app is your best friend. Ok, let's do an example: It is important to plan ahead. What should be the end stats of your dino? ARK has a 450 Level Cap. So you aim for 449 Level in total (that includes the level you get from leveling). So with standard creatures you aim for 376 in total levels (+73 levels). And with newer creatures you aim for 361 levels (+88 levels). Oh, and another hint: NO Imprinting/leveling during breeding. I will make it harder to keep track of the stats. Let's take my old Rex line (Standard Rex, +73 Level) as example. My Goal: - 150 Level in Health. - 38 Level in Stamina - 187 Level in Melee That's 375 Level + 1 Base Level = 376 After leveling (+73 Level) = 449 First Step - Hunting for bad Dinos: Get low level Rexes. As low as you can. Also make sure you ruin the tame to NOT get extra Levels. Sounds crazy, i know. But that is how it work. You wan't to get Dinos with Zero points spend in those unwanted leves: - Oxygen - Food - Weight - Speed 2nd Step - Hunting for good Dinos: Tame High Level Dinos with the best efficency you can get. You are looking for a Rex with: - Stamina close or equal to 38 - Health as high as possible - Melee as high as possible Note: since Mutation (which come into play a bit later) alsways add two levels to a stat we want to have Stamina and Health with an even Number, and Melee with an uneven number. Third Step - Create your base Couple: Let's say you found enough rexes with the folowing Stats: - Oxygen, Food, Weight, Speed = 0 Levels - Health = 38 Levels - Stamina = 32 Levels - Melee = 44 Levels Now you breed all your rexes to get exactly those stats, eliminating all other numbers. Make sure you get a Male AND a female that looks like: Health: 38 Stamina: 32 Oxygen: 0 Food: 0 Weight: 0 Melee: 44 Speed: 0 Make sure that there are ZERO Mutations! That is your Base Pair you are going to work with. 4th Step - Mutation Lines Now we want to create Mutation Lines for Health, Stamina and Melee. Breed your Pair until you get a Mutation in one of the wanted Stats. Let's say you got a Mutation in Health (that's 40 Points now): - If it's a female, breed it with the base Male until you get a male with the mutated Health. Breed that Male with the base female. - If you get a Male, continue breeding with the base Female (you want to stack all Mutations on the Fathers side. Also makes it easier because you could use multiple base Females. But that is advanced stuff) Continue breeding until you get another mutation in the same Stat (next would be 42 points). Keep breeding your new +2 Mutations Male with basic females until you get the next Health Mutation (44 Points)... and so on. From here it is just rinse and repeat. Your health line is finished when you reach your desired number (150 Levels in health). When done, you go back to your basic Male/Female and do the same to get a stamina and a Melee line. In the end, you get a Rex with 150 Health, another one with 38 Stamina and one with 187 in Melee. All other Stats on all Rexes are at 0. 5th Step - Breed the perfect pair Now you cross breed those 3 Lines together. From here on you don't have to worry about male/female anymore. Just keep breeding. (if all three of your Mutation lines ended up with only males or females, use your base Rexes to get a baby with the correct stats/gender) If you are done, you have your own genetically taylored Rex with: Health: 150 Stamina: 38 Oxygen: 0 Food: 0 Weight: 0 Melee: 187 Speed: 0 That's 376 Levels in total, +73 domesticated levels = 449 Levels Make sure you have a Male and a Female with those Stats (and zero additional mutations). That will be your breeding pair for your perfect Rexes. Every Baby will have those Stats for sure. Now take your perfect pair, breed a new baby, imprint and level it and enjoy the Monster you created! PS: some Smart Breeder Screenshots included to show the results of this example/my breeding line.
  24. Then explain how i managed to kill dozens of them (yes, we do mock battles. Our "PvE" Server runs in PVP Mode). Hint: if you want to kill an A-10, you don't try it with a Tank! Yes, the Dolphin CAN be an "EZ Mode killing Machine". But it can also extremely hard to kill you opponent. But still, it's not OP or just a "Free kill EZ Mode Machine". The Dophing just scales extremely well with the skill (or lack of it) of you opponent.
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