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  1. So i bought the genesis Pass and i found out that u have two buy genesis pack twice so that u can have genesis on xbox and on pc which is nuts this is the only dlc that does this any thoughts about it ??? AND JUST REMEMBER THIS IS PLAY ANYWHERE TITLE LMAO
  2. Well i have been playing ark over 1k hours long time a go this game was about taming DINOS DINOS than they added tek well thats was already game changing thing especially tek suits and cryopods ,than in genesis part 1 you literally have MARKET on Survival Game and Finally the most disappointed thing is that wild card instead of finally fixing bugs or a removing or adding seperated sections for SKINS you gave ppl flipping tek suits early game Well i genuanlly liked this game and i have big hopes that things get tweaked here But for know i am one of thoes ppl who will leave this game
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