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Community Crunch 198: Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ????


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6 hours ago, Hyday said:


lol That makes it more clear thanks!

But i am not crazy right? like the mouth parts look like a hand and the needle nose looks like an arm blade, with the tail and stinger looking like the other arm.

I see it now though, and i think... dear god... i mean meganura and those DAMN ants were bad enough, but if we get swarms of these? well just one more reason to stay out of swamps, behind leeches, sarcos, snakes, and of course everyones FAVORITE jump-scare, Kapros. Honestly, FU&K the swamps, you want to have a good time in ark? STAY OUT OF THE SWAMPS!  (though they are very pretty at sunset and th-asrtgfliauergdahbgaregngreg GOD DAMN KAPRO!!!)

Yea a lot of people have been seeing hands like you did. I could find them too after someone else pointed them out to me the first time, but I'm pretty sure the armless version is the correct one.

Clearly they thought dragonflies and ants weren't enough.

Kapros always do amaze me with how far they can take you... Pull you right off your mount and over 3 hills, a mountain, over a river, and through the wood until you're on the other side of the map only for it to die in 2 seconds anyway.

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On 9/22/2019 at 4:02 AM, Hilli70 said:

weapons lobby = A money machine, at the cost of human life!
What if if, no one had more weapons (the exception are, the state power: military and police, etc.) and all weapons would be destroyed!

Probably the people would solve arguments / conflicts with words, in the worst case with some objects to do something!

But presumably these killing sprees would not happen anymore and fewer people would be killed by using weapons!

The people are the state, well in the case of United States that is, the governing body governs by consent when their is no such consent it is ultimately up to the people to resist such tyranny, what you suggest can only be by liberty, who's liberty? - the people's ie the individual. So while the Constitution does offer a way to amendment the rights and guarantee there of of such rights through a convention of the states (2/3 majority) it is still up to the people ie the individual to consent to such governance. 


How does one suppose a free people alter or abolish the government when if only the government has weapons? 


Sure a AR-15, Ak whatever isn't much but all laws that regulated or outright banned any and all forms of armaments the military has away from the people is a usurpation of rights.

Do you trust trump? What about any of these other candidates? Did you trust Obama? What about bush jr and senior? Clinton? Etc etc what about local law enforcement , federal alphabet agencies? Etc etc 

We all can find reason to unite , daily not a single right enumerated in the bill of rights does not go without being usurped in one form or the next.

But back to the nature of a conscious mind - if you ban outlaw destroy whatever that gives one more reason to innovative around such. The subject of argument  should not be on what rights should be usurped or what items should and should not be banned though rather how the people can unite through their differences, who WE even when something isn't effecting us (BLM) can and should find reason to not only listen but strive to make else persons blight our own thus enabling a better place for all of us.


Again we can agree or disagree, that's fine, however we don't need to agree to disagree - that has solved nothing, they say tribalism is on the rise yet WE THE PEOPLE are ONE tribe. Same goes for all of humanity.

Find reason to come together around a central idea - Freedom, I do not seek to impose my will on you nor my opinion, I'm offering kinship, if when a time comes our government (assuming you're an American) becomes to tyrannical and the people must do what is necessary to the security of a free state, if we are to ever so met, I'll kindly offer up arms for you to assist and or protect your own.


If we are to follow the logic of only the state shall have arms and we were to carry that over into the game, I hope you are not a leader of a tribe cause.....well you wouldn't be open to allow tribemates the liberty to protect their own without your consent, I really hope your not in a tribe like that either. 

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On 9/17/2019 at 9:49 PM, TimeBomb2003 said:

I do remember extinction, I didn't notice anything that different or bad happen(probably cause I play singleplayer). As for it being only fun when it first releases, that's your opinion, not mine. And since when is new content bad for a game?


Well, Ark is kind of like KFC. They keep giving us the same  thing:New DLCs. We ask them to fix a simple bug, and they give us Abberation. They would be so much more popular without the bugs.

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1 hour ago, NOU123 said:

Well, Ark is kind of like KFC. They keep giving us the same  thing:New DLCs. We ask them to fix a simple bug, and they give us Abberation. They would be so much more popular without the bugs.

in the patch notes you can see that they are fixing things, so if it is a seemingly simple bug that they haven't fixed yet, its probably cause its not so simple of a fix

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On 9/19/2019 at 3:09 PM, IlConquestlI said:

I never considered that. I always pictured Wildcard as  a small company on their own, yikes.Anyways, thanks for informing me.

Yep, they were small and in bad economic shape. So they sold the company. If you remember, in the same year we had also the release of Scorched Earth because of economic reason. But honestly... I'm glad it went in this way otherwise we wouldn't have Ark stuff anymore ?  And I'm enjoying this game and it's story so much! It's rare that I really like a Sandbox, But Ark has a lot of nice features and Ii'm literally in love with its lore XD

I really thanks Wildcard for a game like this. Nowadays it's rare a simply survival game with a good Backstory :D

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