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  1. I couldnt wait for this event, but i stopped playing a few weeks ago, even knowing this event might come. As with all ARK, it all looks great on the outside, but the gliches, and bugs, are just not worth it. At first you play and its fun, then 1 bug, another, another, you lose weeks, months or just days work and time, and then its just not fun anymore. I crave for the potential of ARK, its beauty, animations, immersion, but thats just the surface, underneath, its a horror show. You soon experience lag, performance issues, world FILLED with pillars, framedrops around 0-3 with bree
  2. Yes, the building didnt load. I flew next to another base LOADED with gigas, just like this, but that "hardly" had any impact on performance. So there's clearly a huge performance issue related to Mana's. Funny how the community figure it out, while wildcard doesnt give a poop and focusses on more content instead (season 2....).
  3. Performance/Lag FIX! (reduce number of specific creature) As you can see on the screenshot, people are practically limitless breeding dino's causing EXTREME framedrops. Having multiple of these bases close, its LITERALLY unplayable at 1-5 fps....its UNACCEPTABLE. Now...those people have bases JUST ONLY for LAG....oh i mean, "breeding"..nothing more. This game is fun and you should be able to do anything you can, however WITHIN LIMITS! Just like "turret limits" "tame limits" "plant x sway animation limit", etc. - Wildcard: Additionally add a limation to the amount of creatur
  4. Thanks very good point. I remember performance was like this BEFORE the kibble update, the implementation of 300 limit or 500 didnt do much. There needs to be much much more limitations not only max tames, but also structure radius. Also good point about the tails, its true. Wildcard needs to implement a "reduce animation quality" in a much shorter range (or even optional for clients). EVERY dino is rendered, eventhough they can not be seen...its retarded. The extinction map, hardly runs decent with the events and Wild AI. Then to add, tames and structures....its unbelevable
  5. This is Pc btw.... You are talking poop. - You say: its Console, 70 fps INSIDE, and you dont even mention the map.... 1) Its not my base, and im OUTSIDE 2) Try loading these bases constantly while traveling or in BETWEEN 3) Extinction has a much heavier load on itself, so any extra bases and dino's ..you do the math.
  6. Mysterious MYSTERIES: LAG (**SOLVED!**) (EDIT THIS IS NOT MY BASE) Super Mysterious Mysteries: Extreme lag and EXTREME performance problems. Dear Wildcard, I know programming is super hard for r3/\lZzzz, but maybe this visualisation helps, in the aid of "processing logic"....and actually give at least ONE poop ABOUT THE COMMUNITY? Also i know people NEEEEEEED 300 tames, any less is just litterally unplayable, i mean 300 is basically 1.... You know you make a great game, when you have 5 FPS in a "regular base with unlimited tames". Its like a sports car, who needs
  7. No, it says "enable wandering to mate". What many people not realise aparently is that many are used to this game since 2015 or a little later, and follow every change and STILL dont know the ins and outs. This game is NOT "figure out how this game works, even if the manual says its this or that way". Its a game that should work as intended, and descriptions are there for a reason, why not put "pooop" everywhere. People who played this game for longer and are used to "wandering to mate", will defend this change because they are used to it. When you are new to the game, what wou
  8. LOL. 1) You cannnot throw anything in a pot when you dont have a industrial cooker yet. 2) Everything you throw in there for testing, can be ANY food type, with ANY combination. 3) The cooker can make things you dont need (like dyes, or other kibble) Yeah why not figure out the balance changes wildcard puts out in PVP, why not gues every change in every patch, why not have 0 information at all. Why bother, its a survival game, its realistic right, its a grind game, lets remove the forums, patch notes, and the wiki all together, who needs information right. Maybe you are
  9. The function can stay, no problem, but the "text" can be removed. It should say "enable mating to mate..".
  10. New Servers WITHOUT transfers (char+items) Transfers has it pros and cons: Pro: - Ascend - "Gotta catch em all..and stuff" Cons: - Duping - Character Loss - Item Loss - Unbalanced world (many different creatures, that dont initially belong on a map). - Unbalanced gameplay The idea: Put your mind at ease, no one will be very likely to come here to CHEAT. What you see is what you get, no "out of this world" creatures. No players who join instantly spam the world with creatures and items created in another map. Everything that's on that map is "leg
  11. Max Level Reached Visual indicator (indicator is also bugged) BUG: There are cases when the MAX LEVEL is reached, the "LEVEL UP ARROW" can still visually be either white or blue, which is obviously very inconsistent, and can be confusing. Polish/Improvement: There is NO clear indicator YOU or any creature is at MAX LEVEL. Just as the indicator shows white when a LEVEL is AVAILABLE, a "AT MAX LEVEL" indicator is missing. Solution: Grey out: Xp Bar + Level Up Available Arrow
  12. No thats not what i meant. This mod i made, just had DEFAULT engrams enabled, no points need to be spend at all. It just shows what you can make. like you would do if you were really stranded on the island. Not use the magical chip in your arm. Lol....imagine trying out AAAAAAALLLLLLL the combinations of kibble....you are a fool, thats literally impossible.
  13. Add RECIPE (kibble, etc.) engrams in COOKERS! why do we have to look up ingame mechanics, systems, features, etc. on a third party website, not 100% accurate, while it can be ingame. "Wildcard: you want to know our changes, and how things work....go look somewhere on the internet, and hope the information is correct...WUT? This game has so much (useless) information on items, that is only useless filler. However there are notes you can find that have a description onw how to cook limited food. (ITS OUTDATED). What about enabling ALL recipiesin the COOKERS, so you can EXACTLY se
  14. Just the text removed. Clearing up and polishing the information in the game (especially for those who are new). There is so much misinformation, and outdated info that Wildcard should update, and remove. Also, it could lead to people still use wandering for mating, despite the QOL improved function, which player might never figure out...
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