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  1. I couldnt wait for this event, but i stopped playing a few weeks ago, even knowing this event might come. As with all ARK, it all looks great on the outside, but the gliches, and bugs, are just not worth it. At first you play and its fun, then 1 bug, another, another, you lose weeks, months or just days work and time, and then its just not fun anymore. I crave for the potential of ARK, its beauty, animations, immersion, but thats just the surface, underneath, its a horror show. You soon experience lag, performance issues, world FILLED with pillars, framedrops around 0-3 with breeder bases with 300 Mana's...its almost literally unplayable at that point.
  2. "I didn't notice anything" You're like saying "i have a gun, i dont shoot people, therefore guns are safe"....
  3. NO. I will promise you people make ANYTHING toxic, even fun innocent games. So removing PVP will make those horrible people go to PVE and start haxing/duping there, it will happen. And people are already duping and hacking in PVE. It is the challenge, and competition that makes people do that, doesnt matter what game or mode. PVP needs to stay so toxic people can be toxic there, and keep them from investing the PVE servers.
  4. Many people know how to fix the game, its about priorities. Wildcard would not want to hire problem solvers, because they want to make content, content content, not fix things, its their idiology. Even if i would present myself as a QOL/programmer/problemsolver they would just not hire me or anyone like that. I am a modder for about 20 years, and make mods for ARK, and i know a hell lot about how games and companies work, and how they have their priorities....dont you tell me i have no idea
  5. Thank you, exactly. Also when you want to report someone: "Wildcard, i want to report "[][][][][]"...myeah.
  6. Well yeah, but you know whats wrong with this right? Wildcard prioritises content over quality. Don't tell me they do everthingin their power to prioritise a stable game? They are well aware of the state, and bugs, as they have fixed some of them after 4 years. As being a modder myself, i know its much more fun to push content, and challenge yourself than "FIXING BUGS..ugh..". But im modding for fun, i do not get payed, but still feel responsible for my fans of my content, and I will apologise. Wildcard on the other hand..... Yes I do love more content, but the more love for new content there is, the easier it is for them to make more moooore mooooooooaaaarrrr yaaasss moneeeey yaass!!! The worse the stability becomes of the game. I have complained a LOT about QOL, and despite ppl hated me for that, many features were implemented because of that. (I pushed "disable ally looking", and map markers"). If i would praise them for content, they would NOT HAVE BOTHERED, because new content is more fun than making the game pleasant to play. But I assume, kids would like content over quality, as they get more easily pleased, they would be fine with 5 fps, they dont know poop about anything. As you grow older you understand, how marketing and companies work, and realise its sometimes good to be critical to make a change. I KNOW they will get content out ANYWAY, so complimenting them, doesnt matter, they will do it anyway.
  7. Good for you for being so positive! You do realise that new content will be bad for the game and be only fun when it first releases, and hypes? Do you even remember Extinction, how it BROKE the game, features, creatures, etc. etc. people lost characters, bases, etc. because the dome was broken? This is typical Wildcard, get content out, break the game. You don't realise what consequenses this has for the game, and its community? Just wondering, as you praise Wildcard for putting visuals above stability and balance....
  8. Yes they are buisy......working on NEW CONTENT, there are TONS of old bugs, glitches, etc. etc. that still exist since 2015, that can EASILY be changed and fixed. But they do NOT CARE. Yes they are buisy, but only on new content, which is easily done, and guess what the more they add on top of the current game, the harder it will get to dig out of what causes bugs and performance issues. The less you have the easier it is to overlook performance, lag, balance issues etc., all Wc does is add add add add, and not check if their current content actually works properly enough. They COPY+PASTE existing creatures, and change the design, and thats why you get bugged creatures because they DID NO FIX THE OLD ONES!
  9. Wildcard fixing since 2015, what could go wrong...... At this point, i wouldnt even want them to fix anything, 2 steps forward, 3 steps backwards.....loss of characters, loss of progress, los off faith... Uhm, ALL i need is BUGFIXES, PERFORMANCE FIXES, QOL, UPDATED ENGINE, UI OVERHAUL, and a new HARDDRIVE.....thank you Meanwhile the game in a horrible state, on consoles, pc, gambreaking bugs exist, lag, exploits, and there it comes "MYSTERIOUS MYSTERIES". who cares, how about you focus fully on fixing the game, instead going FULL new content...? Oh and Wildcard cannot seem to fix [][][][][][] [][][] [][][], yeah maximum effort.... 100.000 video games, only ONE in existence ever that has language issues, this must be rocketscience, or Wildcard does not give any poop about us....I don't know. I am so dissapointed, every time again.
  10. It seems Wildcard wants to frustrate people with Extinction, and intentionally pretends to fix the game while actually break more, and not fix the game at all just to get people that bought it, move on to Atlast and VOILA, they got your money, and cash in on another game which will have the same issue....GG well played!
  11. Jezus christ, what a mess....it makes sense but, what's this Ark: 90% workarounds, 10% play as intended? However...I beleve this happening to areas in the city aswell though...
  12. NO PC patch for: - Invisible eggs - invisible structures - missing lootdrops - BOLA's not working - Flyers drop like bricks when out of stammina (not announced as feature). - Etc. etc. etc. Those are basic features, FIX IT! At least we got Atlas.....................GG wildcard gg, smart move.
  13. Or ID Software, a group of a handfull amateur programmers who made one of the best engines in human history, so don't talk (refering to Wildcard/Chris) "not enough manpower, not enough money", its a bullpoop excuse, and eventually no one is to blame yeah right... Wildcard focusses on especially kids, or a generation that doesnt know about quality control yet, or a history of development of producs and especially games. Which is fine, however that takes responsibility, integrity,support, and most of all QUALITY, its like selling drugs to kids and say "but it makes them smile" so whats the deal?
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