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  1. Where normal nametags are starting to be invisible, the ICE TITAN still shows its healthbar AND nametag... I'd almost miss it, its really small..... LIkely convinient in MP, but SP pretty useless.
  2. It seems Wildcard wants to frustrate people with Extinction, and intentionally pretends to fix the game while actually break more, and not fix the game at all just to get people that bought it, move on to Atlast and VOILA, they got your money, and cash in on another game which will have the same issue....GG well played!
  3. Jezus christ, what a mess....it makes sense but, what's this Ark: 90% workarounds, 10% play as intended? However...I beleve this happening to areas in the city aswell though...
  4. NO PC patch for: - Invisible eggs - invisible structures - missing lootdrops - BOLA's not working - Flyers drop like bricks when out of stammina (not announced as feature). - Etc. etc. etc. Those are basic features, FIX IT! At least we got Atlas.....................GG wildcard gg, smart move.
  5. You want to talk realism? So meshing is also a FEATURE because IRL you can dig into the ground....you're talking COW-FECES mister!
  6. Yes, therefore it's not a stroke of badluck, its bugged.
  7. I know, but this needs to be fixed. Enough workarounds already...this game is 50% if not more workarounds than actually play as "intended".
  8. No, im playing on Singleplayer, perhaps its related. Its very consistent, its bugged.
  9. Extinction BROKE the "landing while out of stamina". At first You just HUNG in mid-air. Then Wildcard semi-fixed it by making them land most of the time. After Extinction, when out of stamina, you almost immediately DROP like a BRICK, to your death.... PLEASE fix, thank you for spending your time on Ark and not on Atlas!
  10. Impossible, as the corpse flies away upon death like its on the moon with jets, and before it lands or i can reach it its gone....
  11. So I tried to kill one of these to test if I could harvest them (for biotoxin), however, when trying to get to the corpse, it VANISHES after a few seconds barely any time to get to it!! I know Wildcard says "F-YOU" we are working on Atlas, but hey, if you have some spare time.....fix this please thanks.
  12. HOW? Everytime I kill a REAPER, its body VANISHES into thin air!!
  13. Man, these changes (Extinction) and bugs mess with my head....
  14. They give Biotoxin for sure?! That will be amazing.
  15. I just crafted Shotgun Ammo, it crafted 1 at a time, I could have SWORN the smithy crafted TWO! at a time before...... Am i going nuts, or did Wildcard Ninja raptored us?
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