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  1. I heard that cedric may say something about genesis this week on twitter. owo
  2. I think I can help both of you out. It is a really easy thing to fix but I have to go over something first. This would only work if your ps4 database did not upload the file that deleted your skins. Unless if you know a way to download previous save data that have been removed due to the broken files uploading. So what you want to do is hit options on ark, go to upload/download savedata, then download your previous configuration file and your local profile. I hope this helps you both out. Sincerely, ArrangedFire90 (A dude that got arks platinum trophy on ps4 a week ago XD)
  3. Ascending From Aberration Makes You Leave The Game and it resets everything So I did the command that gives you a portal in your inventory (Hard Rockwell) and it sent me into the boss fight like normal. Then i admin gunned rockwell which put him down at 1 hp then i did the same to the tentacles which 1 shot them. When rockwell went down i punched him once and he died then bla bla bal cutscene and then credits seems normal right. Well, when i hit end it kicks me out of the game. I log back in and it made me create a new character instead of downloading it my character didn't even show up in my downloads so i made a new character. When i spawned i lost all of my explore notes and all my settings and skins reset so i lost like all the work i did on getting the explore notes. Luckily I had a backup of my Profile and configuration so i got all my data back. The reason why i was killing rockwell like that is because am trying to unlock all the skins in the game so i respawn with em and im like only missing the one he gives me. This was all done in single player.
  4. Same thing happened to me but on unofficial but its most likely to make it so levels are balanced with the new pets
  5. What's Your Favorite Thing To Do In ARK Today? Mine is trying to build up on ps4 official. I keep on getting wiped. XD
  6. Hey just to let you know I got a verbal warning from posting this kind of stuff here so i highly recommend you make a tribe for this to recruit people so you wont get a little warning like I did. Thanks for your time fellow PS4 ark player!
  7. I can see why your upset and i fully understand but what i suggest doing is messaging an ark dev on twitter i have done it before and they usually fix the issue in the next update or two
  8. What happened to you with PR bc you should NOT be level 84 if you use to be with em
  9. Tribe If anyone is still looking for a tribe go here but you need to be 14+ and have a mic.
  10. Hey bro your building on my old extinction lol how is it over there bc im going to use it as my extinction as well lol
  11. About the tribe I took a break from official and now i'm back but we only got 1 problem and that is most people that join the tribe there usually insiders so that's why i went dark from everyone here but what do you guys think I should do about the tribe and ways to make it so insiders don't join since i'm probably to to start the tribe back up. Any questions message me on psn: ArrangedFire90
  12. Dodo Wyvern I'm wondering if anyone knows how to use the poison ball on it on ps4 R2 - Bite L2 - Lightning R3 - Fire ? - Poison Ball
  13. How to fix the dedicated server issue with the event update What you will need to do to fix this glitch this structure glitch is restart the server/cluster from the website of your server/cluster and if that doesn't work message me and let me know I think I know a few other ways to fix it.
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