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  1. What should we do ok like everyone that's joining is usually a insider and I have had enough of it. I want suggestions on what to do with all of you here.
  2. So Were going to do this So we have had many insiders since this tribe opened up so we came up with a plan Everyone that wants to join the tribe will be put on a separate server so we can get your trust then we will move you to the main server. So psn me if you want to join and we will set this up asap PSN: ArrangedFire90
  3. I understand the items but think out it if people can't transfer dust than most items with be useless and it's mostly blueprints that drop and only bosses on extinction drop items/blueprints. Also the element on every map means you need to fight more bosses on that map to get more element.
  4. I feel your pain and I feel it is also now harder to build up because of this. Tbh I agree with the dust but not the items and here us why. Remember there is no use for tek items without element to use it so if they disable element dust all together there with be mostly no use for people to transfer over tek items that need element so take the items that need element to run away from the list and you will see the number of items that will be useless without element.
  5. not sure how to delete tribes you make on here but I made 2 that I named RIP since I didn't need them anymore but I have no idea how to get rid of them
  6. Message me to get added PSN: ArrangedFire90
  7. ignore him he is a dirty liar. He insided my allies by lying on my old aberration Kind regards, ArrangedFire90 (Leader of Corrupted)
  8. Everyone that was told to not join this tribe by him and everything he told you IT IS A LIE. He insided my allies on my old aberration by lying to get in the tribe and inside all my allies. JUST IGNORE HIM HE WILL NEVER TELL THE TRUTH. Kind regards, ArragedFire90 (Leader of Corrupted)
  9. Yes I will be on tonight but not until 7 or 8 AST
  10. just message me at ArrangedFire90 on psn
  11. That's what I have been doing and the dinos are for right now and WILL be changed in the future.
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