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  1. Nothing we have seen as pertaining to genesis and these mysterious mysteries was stated to be of part 1 or of part 2, so it IS a mystery as to when they are coming to the game. January 2020 or December 2020 is the true mystery. I'm interested to find out how we'll transverse from the lunar biome ( biome - a portion of a map - not A map exclusively). Which seems to suggest genesis will have a huge sky box hence why the Astrocedus is able to do warp speed. Which would thus also suggest getting to the lunar biome is going to be just as difficult as being there. Do you have the "Will Power" to climb such altitude fellow Ark-ians
  2. Without an idea of what the map looks like or is constructed, indeed anything is possible. I question how/in which way will we make it to the liner biome, it seems improbable that we'll freely transverse there as we do through any other biome and is my thinking that maybe there isn't a "map" rather than a course and what I mean by that is if the lunar biome is apart of genesis part 1 and not part 2 it would be an unattainable destination without some form terminal, that or the sky box is gonna be seemlessly unlimited in altitude. But with genesis being a simulation of sorts and the trailer showing HLNA teleporting us from location to the next - it's highly probable that missions will dictate the biome we travel to and aswell dictate when and how we can travel to and from. Maybe once enough missions have been completed we'll have free access to the map where as at the start of our journey in genesis it will be fairly limited to a region specific start. Idk if all the teasers during the extra life event were different maps or simulation renderings of specific parts of other maps. It would be something to be bouncing back and forth between maps/servers without actually leaving one - a simulation can make that happen.
  3. that was a good event last year and from what i remember you are correct.
  4. if the quetzal is on genesis i suspect it will be fairly difficult to tame which is the bases of my assumption that it wont be, if genesis is primarily water coupled with the idea the devs more or less stated the giant turtle will be a permanent tame....whos to say most of genesis will have much access to a sky for a quetzal to fly around in? imagine if you will having to submerge and surface in underground cave areas that do have a sky access yet are isolated in a way one can not fly to and from rather having to submerge under the water - under the mountains to access the next. think of the pearl cave on rag - thats one biome but the mountains surrounding it can not be flown over....sky box limitations
  5. tek carrier craft - like the item balloon but for tames, perplexing indeed given the expansive water biome would indicate the quetzal might not exist and thus the need for a means for aerial tame transportation..... i doubt (edit -we'll) be able to control it directly though we will have HLN-A to assist us towards our ultimate survival.
  6. whos to say character progress will even carry over? being that if as the devs say - genesis is a simulation? couple that with it being two parts.......it seems were are going to be assisted in part one with bob characters preparing us for "the arrival is soon" alluding to something is coming while also being told by homodues that "where we're going i can not follow, but i can grant you a fragment of myself to assist you towards your ultimate survival, is it strength?, Will power?, Apathy/Empathy? - the TASK" HLNA at 0:42 of the genesis trailer sounds as if she is saying "parallel universe, starting now", after teleportation/breaching " maybe not this one first" then send us through another teleportation/breach with hardly any effort. the A icon (ark logo) does appear highly tek yet if genesis is in fact a simulation (not doubting the devs) then none of what is simulated (part 1) would at first be real.... we are just data, for now - Genesis = ARK 1.5
  7. CALLED IT (on one of loaded crisis videos) undoubtedly it is a CASTING NET AND WLL FUNCTION LIKE A BOLA FOR WATER CREATURES..... The tek looking features is a bit perplexing - maybe the oxygen bubble for the giant turtle ?
  8. 3 ocular mechanisms - native vision - thermal - IR/Night 2 light's -high intensity and low intensity the native ocular mechanism - main 'eye' has shielding which is mostly found in marine biology than terrestrial. the forward protrusions top and bottom coupled with the gill like shell (unknown propulsion system) seem to provide zero turn radius if a tek marine lifeform but not for a terrestrial bound lifeform. Tek Bivalvia maybe? if even a life form other wise i deffer back to my other comment. question? why hasnt a franken fish been added? they can traverse land and are carnivorous..... every marine lifeform in the game is strictly marine except for a few reptiles, fine time to add a fish that can chase you up,onto and well beyond the beaches.
  9. The people are the state, well in the case of United States that is, the governing body governs by consent when their is no such consent it is ultimately up to the people to resist such tyranny, what you suggest can only be by liberty, who's liberty? - the people's ie the individual. So while the Constitution does offer a way to amendment the rights and guarantee there of of such rights through a convention of the states (2/3 majority) it is still up to the people ie the individual to consent to such governance. How does one suppose a free people alter or abolish the government when if only the government has weapons? Sure a AR-15, Ak whatever isn't much but all laws that regulated or outright banned any and all forms of armaments the military has away from the people is a usurpation of rights. Do you trust trump? What about any of these other candidates? Did you trust Obama? What about bush jr and senior? Clinton? Etc etc what about local law enforcement , federal alphabet agencies? Etc etc We all can find reason to unite , daily not a single right enumerated in the bill of rights does not go without being usurped in one form or the next. But back to the nature of a conscious mind - if you ban outlaw destroy whatever that gives one more reason to innovative around such. The subject of argument should not be on what rights should be usurped or what items should and should not be banned though rather how the people can unite through their differences, who WE even when something isn't effecting us (BLM) can and should find reason to not only listen but strive to make else persons blight our own thus enabling a better place for all of us. Again we can agree or disagree, that's fine, however we don't need to agree to disagree - that has solved nothing, they say tribalism is on the rise yet WE THE PEOPLE are ONE tribe. Same goes for all of humanity. Find reason to come together around a central idea - Freedom, I do not seek to impose my will on you nor my opinion, I'm offering kinship, if when a time comes our government (assuming you're an American) becomes to tyrannical and the people must do what is necessary to the security of a free state, if we are to ever so met, I'll kindly offer up arms for you to assist and or protect your own. If we are to follow the logic of only the state shall have arms and we were to carry that over into the game, I hope you are not a leader of a tribe cause.....well you wouldn't be open to allow tribemates the liberty to protect their own without your consent, I really hope your not in a tribe like that either.
  10. A craftable component to accompany HLN-A in assisting one towards their ultimate survival (strength,willpower,apathy), used to keep track of happenings in one location while in another, notification when eggs are about to hatch -timer, wild tame timer, places one has been, things done in said locations and...... notifications across servers. Exist like the the enforcer and scout yet once numerously created/built and left to oversee, Genesis - a new beginning, makes for new players to ease into ark where as old Canon maps exist as more distinct game play than genesis being a calibration of all previous maps and content combined. brilliant marketing strategy, introduce a map that contains all the features and benefits of prior paid dlc's into one place, enticing new players to purchase the older dlc's to get a more particular stylized game experience being that if such is so, each island-SC-Abb-ext being uniquely different with a host of different challenges to ones survival on each with genesis being an all in one. In short, A creature/mechanism that can communicate with HLN-A and the player across each map to assist in different functions of gameplay. The genesis trailer shows hlna teleport the player to one location "by mistake" then immediately teleport the player to a new location....the devs hinted at a like "story mode" with driven game play and guidance. This mysterious mystery most likely helps facilities that in some way...
  11. thats a bad analogy, criminals have guns to keep themselves safe while conducting criminal behavior which is of no difference of perception than a law abiding citizen having a firearm to keep themselves safe from those involved in criminal conduct. even when a 'bad person" uses a firearm to do bad things to others they are somewhat of a sound mind in their judgment to use what's perceived as being the most effective in completing their objective which is to use said firearm to shoot people thus giving others the perception that firearms are not safe. thats called duality/balance, good or bad and or vice versa is but ones perception or the perception of many yet the truth is but a common perception where as a fact is an indisputable truth no different than a opinion is to a belief of one as it is to many. firearms are safe even when used to commit "evil" (perceptional) or used by "good people" (perceptional) to thwart such "evil", it all depends on who you ask and how they perceive it, hitler and his followers thought they were doing good where as others thought differently where as others dont care about the subject. funny/odd how many people praise Wernher Von Braun for his work with NASA yet say next to nothing how he first worked for the Nazis/ Hitler. i guess understanding changes people more than time ever will. individuality is a sense of perception of oneself, understanding someone else as one understands oneself to be different, we can agree or disagree and be fine to talk again later my neechie.
  12. idk but looks like its a corrupted aberrant tek something Kissing bug?, Locus? lady bug? Cicada? i know its not crystal morph HLN-A or is it?
  13. Group whistle formations (QOL) adding to the ability to change whistle group orders it would be nice to be able to whistle group formations, some formations could consist of Line formation - all tames within the whistle group would form up side by side Block formation (empty) - all tames within the whistle group would form up in 4 lines to form a Block/Square outline Block formation (full) - all tames within the whistle group would form up in 4 lines to form a Block/Square including the center (not just outline) Circle formation (full) - like block formation full but a circle Circle formation (empty) - like block formation empty but a circle Triangle formation - staggers tames from one in the front to __ in the back to form a triangle some means would be needed for players to pre-position which tames are to be where in the so some form of formation creation station or platform could enable such organization. some restrictions would need to apply to account for creature sizes which could utilize the egg/kibble size to differentiate the allowable space to be filled where as more basic egg/kibble tames would fit in formations than extraordinary yet also would be limited to the predetermined formation. or limit it to natural pack creatures only. so say one completes the prerequisite structure requirement to create formations - on such structure there could be a pillar terminal liken to the tek teleport pad, using such terminal to switch between formations highlights/colors or creates a boundary line to which assist in organizing the tames into formation, setting all such tames into a group whistle order and locking the formation with the terminal, all tames could be cryo'd or set to follow yet not be in formation until whistled into formation but only the formation set - can not switch between formations once left the creation pad/area. the creation area may not be need if such organization can be done through ones implant interface - like how we can organize items in such menu - which could then mean one can change formations on the fly but may lead to issues with creatures getting stuck. this in theory may provide a more balance means to defend bases and as well used to raid bases - changing whistle group order causing the formation to break - goes back to basic whistle commands. this suggestion comes from noticing that many streamers and i myself not having a smooth (attack target) whistle causing many tames to get stuck behind others preventing those in the back to not be close enough to attack for having followed each tame in near single line fashion. i suggest this to QOL improvements for the reason of tames getting stuck behind others - tames having to "push" past others by chance.
  14. im not saying this is Ark Genesis but is this ark Genesis? date posted march 17th 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9avViov4Sk
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