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  1. Creature Idea- A Bull Named Moschel inspired by the Latvian God of Dairy - it wants Gift parcels of milk !! tamed through domestication - domestication taming is both passive and aggressive - needs to be in a pin - grass fed - as passive taming meter goes up one has to ride the Bull outside of the pin - similar to the Equus yet will cause damage to player while riding/taming - the pin is a crafted/engram - half meter in pin other half ridden the effectiveness of the bull (Male and Female) Male - can pull a wagon - requires 3 engrams - first is wheel (wheelbarrow) - second engram reigns - third the wagon - mid size 2x2 platform - 2 walls high Female - can produce milk and a prerequisite in pinning a male - mate attraction mid game tame - smallest platform saddle in game bonus feature - has RTS like point and click travel - players direct travel while not being saddle on creature pro - enables mobility - survival is rooted in mobility - can craft on wagon - smithy forge mortar pestle etc while traveling - solo player cons - not having direct control over it - non traditional saddle control wagon takes water damage - fording through water lowers durability of wagon and will cause it to break bonus pro/con 2 Bulls can pull one wagon - M/F greater range of RTS like travel, M/M greater mobility speed, either or increase durability of wagon. the wheel barrow is a required engram- enables a solo/single player/character to place items to reduce player weight - drains stamina the Bulls -M/F both have trade offs on being useful in attack/defense situations - mate boost - males melee increase - females health increase downside - can be cornered - players attacking the wagon/creatures can cause the reigns to break - stranding the wagon in place - causes the bull(s) to flee for a duration - only specific creatures can cause it to happen male - horns can be used to make swamp fever cure female - milk can be used to lower taming duration of certain creatures plus - Equus can be wagon saddled - requires 4 per wagon - boost speed - lowers durability - Equus can be saddled independent off of wagon yet strands it in place - quick escape bull can be mated - mutations - bulls unclaimed while attached to wagon will remain attached yet player loses control over where the wagon goes Second creature - A Ram not much though put into it similar to bull but without the wagon Third creature - a skin walker - able to temporally transform from a hominid to other various creatures of the Ark - has cool down dependent on transformed creature - naturally cloaked as a hominid
  2. Only way to fix fix the game, would be to do that. Re release could prevent lose of progress and enable continued expansion. Jesse's conundrum ^^^
  3. Spirit animals (Confirmed) FE4 New UI (Confirmed) TLC HLNA update - hex/breeding/teleport/transpond (not confrimed- yet) Bio hybrid creatures - Underwater panther (not confirmed - yet) Non player built claimable structures ( not confirmed - yet) One map - all canon arks - sort of (not confirmed - yet) Settlement management (please)
  4. Is WC suggesting that one can generate a magnetosphere using the braking force of two planetary size rotors? I mean how else does the earth get an atmosphere? Reseed brings back biology- genesis 1&2 fill the technological void of questions left at the end of Extinction - prospectably (gen 1 &2) core features of Ark Life Evolved (after survival there is life - survival and life can be used interchangeably to explain similar trains of thought though Philosophically differ in there affect/effect on the interpretation of stimuli. Ark: Life Evolved makes for a more fitting title than Ark 2 - life has survived - hence end game play/cutscene showing us transitioning from surviving the Arks to thus Living on Earth, yet the ark(s) would be on earth at such time, they alone could not stabilize earth having only brought biology and element & ele spore elimination tech...... or serve as pieces to even larger apparatus- hence why Genesis and not Ark 2 -2018, Enter 2020- the "space station" as seen in the ocean biome gen1 at night is what we are seeing right now in this image WC Blessed us with, the thing is what we see in game currently could not be that size and not be larger than the earth - the image above along with the description deals alot in field of depth - the character and enforcer mounted astro are there solely to show off a "tek saddle" and to help distort the true size of what we can already see in game.... this is not retconning the story though more so adding details to an otherwise huge plot hole - how does life on earth survive cosmic radiation if there is no rotation to generate a magnetosphere - the arks land on high geomagnetic flux zones - possibly explains how element comes to be - thus serving as "anchors" one disc spins in one direction spinning the earth while the other spins the other way, the one( purple - simulating rockwell on earth) detaches from earth (purple gripping earth is emblematic of Rockwell) thus causing the planet to spin then the brakes are applied - magnetosphere-ozone etc is back. Plot hole fixed - Ark 1 over though the story is not thus what merits no numeral addition "2" to a "sequel" that isn't a sequal - thus Jesse's conundrum of where does ark go from here- how do people continue progress with needing a second and separate build to support it. Bravo WC, heres to the next 5 years, cant wait to "clock in" for 24hr ExtraLife.
  5. awesome, now you need to add an Atlatl given they were used by paleo indians to hunt megafauna like the mammoth where which a bow is least effective - spears were interpersonal defense and the atlatl was the actual hunting tool. De Soto and his men were more fearful of the red man's "spear throwing sticks" aka atlatl then the bow.....it is mentioned by de soto that atlatl arrows would/could/did pierce plate/sheet armor - Flak armor, ultimately causing the Spanish to forgo venturing further into the americas and turning for home...... as a proud descendant of Chief Monack, Principal chief of the Monacan Nation - who in 1494 was told by an oracle from Fort Ancient - Ohio hopewell - mound builders - "to seek the door way between the mountains" - Natural Bridge Va in response to Spanish diseases sweeping the country much like covid today and the world, if not for the oracle effectively telling Chief Monack to Quarantine - social distance from the main stock - there would be nor I and or any Monacan today...... Mishipeshu ( underwater panther) Lives
  6. " if our ancestors came back and asked us who we are, would we be to far gone to recognize them through the stars and the stripes of the flag, living our lives this way, if our ancestors came back would we fight them today" https://youtu.be/CAJ9O2hUXOU
  7. Flak cannon, so it shoots iron ingots, im wondering what the conversion is of fuel to thrust ratio and what resource it might use, seeing that it suggest this will be a mobile motar and pestle I presume it will break down ele into dust to fuel the jet or ele to a special dust that needs to be combined with gas to make jetfuel. Which leads me to think this is where stamina comes into play, without stamina it shouldn't be able to fly but glide, it would seem it cant glide without the jet so...to replenish stam will it have to grind ele into dust. Will the jet and creature have two separate deposits, like can access the creature mounted but not the jet, cant grind anything in flight, have to exit off the saddle to move dust from creature inventory to jet inventory? I presume the jet will last for a duration yet its effect will persist similar to the Griffin and snowowl gliding after a dive bomb except this will travel faster than the two. Highly doubt it can pick anything up so no scramjet picking. I also pursume the best way to combat one would be to target the jet and not the creature given the jet could more or less act as high density explosion, can we fly this into someone's base detonating c4 to explode the jet engine as if it were 30×c4. This then has me thinking why cant flyers carry objects like oil jars boulders large spear like pikes. I'd love to do a bombing run of prim spears from a pt Lymantra needs a photoluminece tlc and produce a substance that can be compined with paint, apply that to projectiles. Upon hitting ones target a color light flashes in place of generic explosion. To excited, cant stop thinking, pondering the what ifs
  8. The structure decay seemed integral to how the map flowed with the clan system. The clan system being the end to people asking and or searching for a tribe everyone starts in a clan, every player in the clan can contribute to it resources and tames -charity (increases clan reputation) The regions one spawns has fixed locations where which when one contributes to the clan the places upgrade as if they were an alliance base These locations are ideal capture and control points which is why structure decay would need to be ramped up, being that not all regions would be equal nor be composed of the same biomes capturing these places would be key for one clan to dominate the map. Because these locations essentially can be leveled actual player base construction would be disabled in very close proximity yet defending these locations with player built structures and contraptions (turret walls, pressure plates, tames , players themselves) would be achievable if the clan pulls together. farms, smithing villages etc basically what is contributed, donating crops builds the farm, growing crops at the farm has increase rates, donating directly from the farm back into the clan upgrades the farm, more increases in production, higher priority target. Nomadic spawn means you have no ties to any clan but doesnt exclude you from gaining reputation in one. Now say as one clan gains more and more territory of the map this increases all players accessibility to higher tier loot given that if an enemy clan, tribe, alliance, solo player(s) is to attack and succeed in looting these fixed locations, Instead of only getting what location produces as it seems logical for that to be the player is also given loot as if it were a supply drop bps,already crafted consumables, saddles etc. Once a clan dominates a map a riff/glitch is created in the simulation where which element and tek become available, supplying the server with the best means of declaring and lush waging war on another server. Player reputation dictates who gains an invite to the war. This enables those players to become nomads on another server (same map) and they can go on and pursue taking over that server but cant go back to the prior. There would be a cap to how much of things can be taken (definitely will require community input after launch) though once right these players would have with them what should be neccessary to take over that server if what all is taken can help them do it and they plan correctly with skill determination and luck all in their favor but still. Not easy Players who's clan is wiped (territory controlled by others) lose clan affiliation become nomads, reputation reset. They as tribes and solos still persist yet have to start over in the clan system. Neglect in upkeep reduces clan rank/level/tier, of fixed locations, if to much is left to neglect, like those who's clan lost all territory also become nomads. I mean all of this did essentially happen per the story so shouldn't we get to do it two.
  9. (Not appropriate place I know) I was given a vision Tames that can "mount" other tames. Specific tame for specific tame. Having a creature(s) mounted onto another would block player from riding. Some creatures with mounted creatures could not be picked up. Yes micros were first in this vision though knowing full well they would be way to OP to have say 5 or so mounted as opposed to the player. Some tames that other tames could mount needed a specialized saddle specifically for certain creatures (wagon) Oh this was genesis part 2 I might add and had heavy emphasis on prim+integration. Flyers were disable, thus why certain creatures could mount others and why some medium size creatures could pull a wagon (very small platform saddle) Structure decay was increased as to promote mobile warfair Spawn locations were dictated by which clan one joined (territory regions) reputation was introduced -mission focused on supplying the "clan" mats and particular level dermis to enable access to non prim+ items (element tek) resources for such equipment increased 5× the environment lush though brutal. Certain Build regions did not have increased structure decay though areas were only accessible after certain parameters are met and only available to place structures on certain days. To change clans required mutiny, a week of solo play - non transferable reputation - 50% level reduction~ mindwiped after reduction The map the biggest yet Part 2 Delayed until April - thanks Corona It was a glorious vision, will probably never happen.
  10. Is that a dimorphadon or one of those new 3 Petra species discovered in the Sahara?
  11. Changing my initial guess of a peacock and going with "the Navajo warrior"
  12. Cedric what you got against old people (real world dinosaurs) lol But on a real note, "resplendent", "real world dinosaur " Real world - not mythological or alive today Resplendent- colorful (in reference to the map and or creature) .....I'd give a guess but if right and has negative fanfair it "MAY" be changed
  13. community crunch 204- 11/07/19 called it lol been saying it since the first genesis trailer. Without an idea of what the map looks like or is constructed, indeed anything is possible. I question how/in which way will we make it to the liner biome, it seems improbable that we'll freely transverse there as we do through any other biome and is my thinking that maybe there isn't a "map" rather than a course and what I mean by that is if the lunar biome is apart of genesis part 1 and not part 2 it would be an unattainable destination without some form terminal, that or the sky box is gonna be seemlessly unlimited in altitude. But with genesis being a simulation of sorts and the trailer showing HLNA teleporting us from location to the next - it's highly probable that missions will dictate the biome we travel to and aswell dictate when and how we can travel to and from. Maybe once enough missions have been completed we'll have free access to the map where as at the start of our journey in genesis it will be fairly limited to a region specific start. Idk if all the teasers during the extra life event were different maps or simulation renderings of specific parts of other maps. It would be something to be bouncing back and forth between maps/servers without actually leaving one - a simulation can make that happen.
  14. Nothing we have seen as pertaining to genesis and these mysterious mysteries was stated to be of part 1 or of part 2, so it IS a mystery as to when they are coming to the game. January 2020 or December 2020 is the true mystery. I'm interested to find out how we'll transverse from the lunar biome ( biome - a portion of a map - not A map exclusively). Which seems to suggest genesis will have a huge sky box hence why the Astrocedus is able to do warp speed. Which would thus also suggest getting to the lunar biome is going to be just as difficult as being there. Do you have the "Will Power" to climb such altitude fellow Ark-ians
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