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Remove detection ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried by a flyer



The Parasaur and the find the hidden base meta

Curious what folks think about this new meta where tribes carry a Parasaur around to find small hidden bases for raiding purposes.  In the past some folks, myself included would enjoy the idea of creating a small hidden base somewhere in order to allow them the time to stockpile supplies where at some point they may or may not build up somewhere when their ready.  This new Meta almost completely eliminates the ability to do this.  Instead we are forced to go out and attempt to acquire cryopods instead, and we must also kill ourselves or at the very least log off somewhere outside our bases.  Is this what the devs envisioned when adding these new abilities to the Parasaur?  Is it possible this was an unforeseen side ability where the real intent was to warn a tribe of a potential intruder instead and therefore being more defensive instead of offensive?  What do you folks who play PVP think about this and whether or not we should request WC to remove detection ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried by a flyer.

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On 7/9/2019 at 12:00 PM, AcyanidePancake said:

imma have to say that it depends on the servers player count the map and the size and probably the toxicity level of the people ?. but in all reality they really should disable the ability to pick up parasaurs all together i think, if you cant pick it up with a flyer then you cant fly around cheating in a sense.

another thing is that they would have to disable it for all dinos with a platform saddle not just the quetz. take extinction for example 

imagination someone with the frost or tree titan wandering the map with a parasaur on its back looking for a base to Unicorn. it would be so broken cuz the titans are op as fudge same with a titanosaur.

however there is nothing stopping someone from just riding the parasaur everywhere. riding the parasaur around without the aid of a platform dino or flyer cant really be argued with. its within fair bounds

Toxic?  It depends on the toxicity level of the people?  Do you even play PvP?  ALL PvPers are toxic.  That is the whole point it seems.  I stopped playing PvP altogether once this came out.  With only 1-2 hours a day 6 days a week to play as a solo player it was impossible to stay alive for more than 3 days.  Most of the time I was found and dead/raided before the first 24 hours was up.  I agree whole-heartedly the Parasaurs detection ability needs to be fine-tuned so it turns off automatically when the Parasaur is moving in any way at all.  Simple, easy, logical and fair.

Anyone can ride around on a Parasaur and trigger the ability to scout the way ahead for hidden or unseen creatures/tames.  But, they must stop for at least 1 second for it to be available to trigger.  This is not too much for direct use by a normal rider, but will keep it from being abused in any way.  Also, the detection ping should immediately disappear if turret is turned off in any way (manually or automatically).  This also will help with overall abuse options.  A low level, will never fight you back, early game tame should not be this massively OP throughout the game.

Sitting still in turret mode at a base for detection purposes, no problem.  But, moving will need finesse and limited strategy.

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18 minutes ago, ThePryBar said:

So let me get this straight you are against this ability and you don't think that it should be a thing yet you actively engage in doing it. That's like saying that you hate meshing and think that it should be fixed but until it is you continue to mesh yourself.


It's called balance. An animal that can hide needs an animal that can uncover it. 

Comparing meshing with carrying a Parasaur around to find hidden bases isn't comparable, try again.  

Nobody is suggested that the Parasaurs ability should be removed, only that it's currently way to easy to find hidden bases and creatures.  One thing that drew me to this game was how you could make a hidden base in the woods and it could be hard for someone to find it.  If you have even a dodo at your base this tactic is over.

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The Parasaur ability removes a players ability to hide. More specifically, people who have lives and can’t play 8 hours a day consistently.  It allows players to be LAZY and search an entire map in 30 minutes, while carrying it with a wyvern. It removed any kind of normal recon or gameplay that required people to ACTUALLY SEARCH For bases. Solos or duos can’t even raise dinos (leave them out to grow)  or sleep in their own beds without some fly over LAZY player finding what they can’t see. Simply put. It’s pure BS and ruins the game for many who can’t eat, sleep, and breath ark everyday. The only dino that should be able to find hidden creatures or people should be the rock drake. And it should only raise its feathers as an indication something is near and not reveal its EXACT location. That way it helps you find hidden creatures but you still have to put in effort and not have it done for you. 

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On 9/4/2021 at 4:49 PM, Darconio said:

Yes.. Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the woods.. flying parasaurs... You can carry parasaurs set on alarm mode with any flying critter...  You can find anyone in their base.. just grab your parasaur and fly around. 

The online version of this game is guilds picking their butts killing newbs.. no competition and a lot lame.

I dont think anyone cares that it destroyed the online  game for actual gamers.

If you want to play online.. join a guild on day one.    Never think you can have a secret base like in the old videos... not possible now.  Breeding online.. fat chance solo.

A solo player should have at least some fighting chances.. and secret bases might improve the game.

I bet most players would prefer secret bases over gun defenses if solo.  Too bad its not possible anymore.

Actually this was an interesting conversation, but it's become more obsolete thanks to how easy it is now to get cryopods. We have a hidden base that has been safe for awhile, any creatures we've tamed are all in cryo and we make sure to kill ourselves after each play session. Nobody will be finding our base with Parasaurs.

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There is ZERO (0) point in trying to hide a base in ARK.   Removed 100% of the potential fun.
Sadly I moved from solo play to online play thinking that secret locations I had discovered in solo play would be applicable in online.   I put much effort into thinking of places to conceal my bases... and was prepared to take over a server.

I shall not make the mistake of purchasing any other games ARK related.

My plan was to have a secret base where I could breed dinos in online play. .. as a solo player.  

In solo I built a raft gunship and had some very nice base locations.. a bit swampy.. but very good.  I know all the swamp river routes and can go from south rivers to the northern outlets by river rafts alone.   blindfolded.

It was bad enough I had to deal with dinos that didnt even exist on my server...  All any group had to do was fly around on a dragon with a parasaur (whatever they're called)... This stopped me from playing any expansions also..

I LOVED THE FIRST ARK  SOLO GAME... 100%... but I only played it to learn how it worked so I could compete online... someday..

If the parasaur flying base detection didnt exist I'd have given this game a 5 star rating.

I am no slouch player on solo.  I breeded some very colorful dinos.  I watched a dozen phlinger foo videos... I was decent at the solo game.

My plan going into ark online was simple... create through much hard work, diligence and effort... (Fun)... a Dimorphodon grow op.  

I did try to have a fake base near my secret bases... so every time someone flew past with a parasuar in its clutches.. the alarm would give me a minute to move to my fake base and accept my imminent demise... letting my truer base remain secret.

Plus the bases needed replacing... you should let the bases remain as long as the players have logged on in the past few days/weeks...

I was willing to give it ago against some of the guilds... or whatever online calls them... I generally began to hate the game after I realized the potential for fun was lost due to incompetence from the games producers.  KUDOS for making ark SOLO a tad fun.. but I'm an online gamer..

I mastered rafts and caught at least half the breeds on my server in traps, etc.

Online has no point.    You might as well be a BOB.. for there is no place to hide...

Do servers exist without this OP parasaur ability?   Maybe?   I dont care anymore.. I stopped playing the game well over a year ago.   I heard of an ARK 2 in the works.. and thought Id let them know why I'd never buy it.

Not that the DEVs care about the user experience.. I mean.. they did sell me the original game... (My mistake.  I take responsibility).

This game likely has lost many players who thought they could build a base under a tree canopy without a stupid level 1 parasaur ruining their entire operation.

I realized online breeding would be 100% impossible.. unless part of the strongest guild.. and whats the fun of that.. and whats the fun for them if there is no competition.

join the biggest guild and fly around with a parasuar grieving newbs.  PERIOD.   That is the only fun youre allowed in this game.

Tame a few low level dimorphodons to attack any on dragons you can lure out to sea... might be fun for a few plays... but this game was obviously hopeless and seemingly beyond repair... Not while a low level parasaur can detect your nursery or base you had hoped was secret... Ive seen hundreds of videos talk about good secret locations.. They are all BULL.    No base can be kept secret.    You can hide stuff offline if you get cryopods or something similar (I gave up on game before I got a cryopod... I am not stupid enough to play a game that is pointless).

Those reading obviously still play and probably love the parasaurs so they can root out competitors before they get a foothold.. but no solo player can be anything but a build on beach fodder...

This game had the potential for online greatness... greatness... greatness.. but it is a shell of what it could have been.   But... a pathetic grief fest is all it is and ever will be.

Sorry if this seems harsh... I am honestly telling why I (a very experienced solo player.  I know more about breeding and building than most here).   FOUND THE ONLINE VERSION to be complete and utter poop... not even good as fertilizer.

I am a skileld player... I built storage in underwater areas of rafts.   I had bases that were disguised as raft capture pens.   I had obvious secondary bases to run to when parasaurs flew overhead... I have bred many dinos for their ability increased (and understand the mechanics of).   I played solo for over a month.. preparing for online.

I am not a dumb player... or anti social.. In world of warcraft I ran a level 25 guild with 999 maximum members (albeit some were alts). "Clan of the elders".

Maybe this game has removed that parasaur ability since I last played.. I dont know.   Dont really care... but I thought it worth signing up for this forum just to tell the devs why their online game sucks... boiled down to one word.. "Parasaurs" - overpowered flying parasaurs.

How a stupid parasaur ruined ark online... (true story.. not that anyone cares)


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1 hour ago, Joebl0w13 said:

Brings up a good point. And normally I would think, sure, you're risking riding a really weak dino around it's almost a decent trade-off.

Then again, if the mechanic was intended that it was for guarding over bases, just disable it unless the dino is not moving at all.

you could but that brings up my second point that people would put it on a platform Dino. the parasaur isnt technically moving only the parcer or quetz (depending of course) therefore it could still detect bases and purlos/reapers while on the move.

and while this may or may not be a common thing it is worth mentioning that if you cryopod a parasaur and go to a location you think may be within range of enemy territory and just explore.you might find something if not then pack it up and rinse and repeat. it is still abusable but maybe not as commonplace.

and maybe put the parasaur on a raft but that would only help next to rivers thankfully evin if the parasaurs sense ability is fairly large in size.

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7 minutes ago, AcyanidePancake said:

you could but that brings up my second point that people would put it on a platform Dino. the parasaur isnt technically moving only the parcer or quetz (depending of course) therefore it could still detect bases and purlos/reapers while on the move.

and while this may or may not be a common thing it is worth mentioning that if you cryopod a parasaur and go to a location you think may be within range of enemy territory and just explore.you might find something if not then pack it up and rinse and repeat. it is still abusable but maybe not as commonplace.

and maybe put the parasaur on a raft but that would only help next to rivers thankfully evin if the parasaurs sense ability is fairly large in size.

I'd be fine with that and I don't think it'd be used nearly as much as it is now.  The amount of work to either use a very slow Quetzal and possibly get it shot down might be too much for most folks, or any other method vs using an Argie or Wyvern would be acceptable to me.  Right now the current method of pick it up with an Argie or Wyvern really hurts the game.

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Changes to Parasaur turret mode

I believe the parasaur turret modes need to be updated. the ability is too overpowered against solo/duo players. trying to survive as a solo is already a challenge itself yet unless you have sufficient turrets or cryopods its nearly impossible to last as the new meta is simply people flying around with a parasaur in order to find all your hidden bases and tames. 

i think this needs to be addressed either by not allowing turret mode to detect offline players or tames, or simply instead making it the way it is intended. can only detect players or tames in range of your own base. not anywhere on the map. 

Either way i hope this gets fixed as im sick of players constantly killing helpless solos hiding in ultra hidden bases purely because they are able to use one of the easiest tames on ark. 

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To any concerned about detection. Kill yourself. And what I mean is suicide your character after each play session and don't re spawn until the next. As for your tames, while still building up use only high value expendable tames like Parasaurs and Dimporphodons. Kill them at the end of a play session (you and your tames can't be detected if not there to detect). Or station them at a resource gathering camp that is not actually your base (your base is where your main spawn is and where you keep your most valuable items).

If you play frequently enough with long enough play sessions, another tame/valuable item option is sticking them into ARK Data. It only preserves for 24 hours and tames have a 12 hour cooldown after download before you can upload them again. But you can keep things 100% safe in a loot beam. The most dangerous part of it is the point of uploading and downloading (as you're vulnerable to attack).

Later down the line cryopods are a great way to hide tames and conserve space. It's a fairly low level engram (51) that any player at that level should have the resources to easily make a lot of them.

One more thing you can do is not talk in global. You may not realize but generally speaking talking in global gives away a lot of information about where your base is and makes people generally curious about where your located and what you have going on with your setup. It's attention that you don't need in those first few days. If you feel the need to talk in global be very cautious. a good general rule is to not tell anyone anything that you don't need them to know.

Asking a question not covered in the games documentation is fine. Getting someone's steam or discord info so you can talk to them more privately is fine. Talking about what your taming or the troubles your having is not. That tells people a lot more than you think.

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