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  1. We've yet to see any of these crazy Chinese on our server. Not trying to invite them of course but funny.
  2. Good tips. One I'd add for stashing stuff is use Mortar and Pistols. They are super small and easy to hide yet each one can hold 9 stacks of something...
  3. Never done a boss battle, if you don't kill a boss before the time runs out you lose all your dino's? Also if you are shooting and not riding a rex does it really matter if it's been imprinted?
  4. Yeah I finally had to unfollow this thread, it's gotten ridiculous...
  5. Here's what I did, and what I see folks doing. Join a PVP server and start chatting in the global chat immediately. Just tell folks who you are. "Hey guys I'm kinda new but this seems like a really cool game. I'd like to build up and not mess with folks but just have fun, trade, help other tribes when needed, etc. Anyone cool with me doing this and maybe give me a hand?" If you get no response or negative response then it's probably time to move on. There are hundreds of servers and they aren't all bad believe me. The folks that have the hardest time are the ones that are silent and keep to themselves unfortunately...
  6. I think you might have missed my comment that the Mega seems to be practically un-gettable :-). I'm wondering if folks on the trading site might be selling it? Could get a mint LOL
  7. If you have plants, guns, traps, etc inside your base that makes this whole pteri practice a whole lot harder. Couple that with setting up an alarm system to send you an email when your getting attacked and you can get these guys and end the threat.
  8. Interesting idea. Kinda like a chest outside for things like wood, stone, etc. I like it!
  9. The Therizino is an interesting topic. I tried taming a level 75 during the Vday event, but while it was taming I tried merging tribes with someone else, the merge didn't take and tames started killing each other including being attacked by plant X. Anyways long story... Ii was going to use a box of chocolates during that tame but then later on my base was attacked and both boxes of chocolates were stolen. Never did get that Therizino. Since then I've been informed by my tribe leader that he doesn't want anyone bringing in tames less than level 135. Well getting Megalosaurus's doesn't seem realistic due to the issues with actually getting them. I can't imagine during a normal weekend trying to tame one of these guys with berries. That's a 9 1/2 hour job!!! Dude!!!!
  10. Yeah they are stone behemoth gateways. For the size of area I'm covering with 27 total gateways that would be a whopping 97,200 ingots. Maybe at some point but not right now LOL.
  11. This one is great, thanks! I can see where you'd want to start with thatch/wood and replace with stone/metal. Excited to get started on it!
  12. Once you've tamed that sucker you'll want to stick him in a cage and make sure he's on wandering so he'll produce fertilizer once you've put feces in his inventory. If you don't keep him in a cage he will escape and get himself killed...
  13. Feed them large feces, it works for fastest. Best thing to do is make a fertilizer bin and fill it with large feces. If you have large dino's great, otherwise just follow brontos around till you have enough to fill the bin. You do it that way so the feces doesn't all expire in your inventory.
  14. Yes I think you're right, although I don't know if this works with Xbox and PS4 yet. Never tried it. Now you've given me some homework
  15. Are you planning some sort of notification system, maybe an app that would notify you when your base/dino's are under attack while you are offline?