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  1. It only makes sense to create a new server cluster. Who in their right mind would pay $60 for a game then join an existing server where everyone else got a huge head start in creating a massive impenetrable base where you have no chance? Whether those people come to your new cluster or not is irrelevant you are still on equal footing in regards to starting on a beach at level 1 with no option of people bringing over all their high level dino's and gear they have spent the last year or so accumulating.
  2. Raft exploit fixed

    I'm guessing they saw that people were pissed and brought them back. Boats have never been a huge problem, and were just cool. Those who don't think boats are easy to destroy are just not paying attention. Even xxOneWingxx says in one of his videos don't get too attached to your boats as people may destroy them at some point...
  3. Raft exploit fixed

    As I had hoped. They just fixed this folks, it's no longer an issue. Thanks WC!!!
  4. The GT for the server is DragonArk. You can join anytime and check it out. We use Discord so shoot me a PM and I'll get you an invite to our site. My GT is Allyandthecat fyi and I'm not the admin.
  5. Raft exploit fixed

    agreed, building under the boat was an exploit but expanding the size of the boat on water was not. To me this is the crime that's been committed with keeping boats from being able to be made into cool and useful vessels vs these little square tall things they can be now...
  6. Raft exploit fixed

    TBH I haven't yet tried this on official since I don't play much official anymore but I'd be curious to try it myself. I'm also just going by what xOneWingx is saying since this is what he does for a living...
  7. Raft exploit fixed

    With this logic I'd have 2 questions. First, why allow 88 pieces on a boat if you aren't meant to use them all? 2nd why extend that limit an additional 50 pieces for the motor boat if you plan on making it a tiny raft? No my hope is that they attempted to fix the adding pieces into the depths of the ocean and just screwed it up and a patch is now forthcoming...
  8. Raft exploit fixed

    No way to know the answer to the first question without actually trying it. I didn't realize this was still an issue though. As far as the Species X and if this is a glitch you've been experiencing best to open a ticket.
  9. Raft exploit fixed

    actually this isn't really true at all. Putting species X on your boats slows the Leeds down so much that you won't have any problems outrunning them. Especially in the motor boat which is significantly faster than the standard raft...
  10. Raft exploit fixed

    Yep so now the speedboat isn't really worth building, way too expensive. Plus they added the ability to add 50 more pieces to the speedboat and for what? So it can be a mobile tower???
  11. Raft exploit fixed

    I'm sure that would be great, but how is the ability to extend a raft with foundations longer than the now current 3x3 model a PVP exploit exactly?
  12. official server. motorboat questions.

    No health and speed are the same, but you can no longer build one outside the 3x3 foundation limit so if you are looking to make one that's actually useful forget it...
  13. Raft exploit fixed

    There were exploits, but the fix is to make rafts unable to climb out of their set 3x3 foundations? That makes no sense at all...