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  1. Not really since it's the higher level kibbles with the same benefits of the lower kibbles and not the other way around. I think assuming they are correct that this was an interesting decision by WC.
  2. Melcreif

    The Body Count

    Sad to say I don't really have a good story by your merits, but I'll tell mine anyways 🙂. I've been playing Ark since almost the beginning on Xbox. When I was first introduced to the game by my brother I was amazed that something like this exists and I really hadn't even scratched the surface of what Ark is. My brother, myself, my son, and some good friends thought this game looked amazing and wanted to play together. Back in the beginning this dream proved impossible because every PVP server was packed at the 70 max or at the least around 68 or 69. We wanted to play together so bad so we decided to buy a spare Xbox and set it up as a dedicated server. Back at that time the idea of admin griefiing never even crossed our minds. Our thought was let's setup a server, and advertise to get some folks to come play with us! We setup our base on Herb Island and some other big tribes setup elsewhere on the Island. It was fun, but I discovered that I'm just more of a solo player so I set off on my own. Another tribe in the area eventually found my base and would stop by to say hi. These guys seemed nice, but they were definitely more ruthless than they appeared. One day they stopped at my base while I was there and started attemting to break down my door with a hatchet. I didn't realize at the time how hard that is to do LOL. I was scared in the little hut not sure what to do! Eventually they gave up, but came back later and blew into my base and took everything I had. Later they just started being more and more agressive, picking me off my pteri's and just basically griefing me. I reached out to my old tribe the admins and asked for help. They had a bunch of rockets, C4, etc just waiting to be used so I joined up with them and visited this griefing tribes base while they were offline and killed and destroyed everything. We were admin of course, but the idea of spawning things in or using admin commands never even occured to us so the wiping was completely legit. Let's just say these guys were sooooo salty! They'd message my brother calling him names and were just not good sports about it at all. Needless to say my brother blocked them from returning to the server, and this was pretty much the moment that our server started to disolve and was eventally decomissioned. It was crazy and fun though while it lasted!
  3. Oh, well that's interesting. I didn't realize they were actually allowing this situation for imprinting too. Thanks!
  4. I don't disagree except in my situation where space is a luxury. I'd rather give up a few owl eggs for kibble to tame a pteri instead of trying to make room for say a bunch of scorpions 🙂
  5. Have you tried it to confirm it actually works?
  6. This is supposed to work according to the Patch notes, but I've never tried it. For example is it just as efficient to tame a Pteri with Superior Kibble as it is with Regular Kibble?
  7. Melcreif

    Ark isn’t dead

    I think the turrets are part of your problem tbh. When I create a base I start super small and hidden and typically just build in stone. I'll use that small hidden base to start building up. It's also ok IMO to start making grenades right away and take away from the other Bobs who need to learn not to build on the beach LOL. If you don't do it someone else will anyways and the resources you get from them are helpful. If this kind of strategy won't work for your current location then I'd just recommend moving to a different server and trying it there instead. Believe me I'm doing this right now actually and my base hasn't been found for about 3 weeks so I know it works.
  8. Melcreif

    Tapejara Wyvern Egg method tips

    Agreed, lightening against your Tappy would be evil LOL
  9. Melcreif

    Ark isn’t dead

    I get it, being griefed stucks! Still, just gotta do a better job of hiding and plan how to respond. I was recently wiped by the Alpha on my cluster for no good reason so I took a couple of weeks off to play some Division 2 and now I'm back with plans of doing things differently this time! It's fun to start over IMO and it's also fun to think of ways to play differently than you did last time. Instead of all that grinding for example a friend and I raided a few small bases and let someone else grind out our gear 😎. Not the way I would have done things before because I've been that guy who's been raided and it sucked. But also if you think about it we're doing them a favor! You wanna build a little stone/wood base and place it out in the open with no defenses aren't you just asking for someone to raid you? LOL
  10. Melcreif

    ark xbox I would like to thank ark

    Dude, I think you need a vacation
  11. Melcreif

    Anyone tested turrets with the new patch?

    ah, don't know how that'd work if the turrets are up high. Of course I guess same strategy as C4 bombers running up to the base and attaching and exploding C4 on the wall to get in.
  12. Melcreif

    tame oviraptor

    What are you using? Typically a low level CB works just fine I never have issues killing them and it just takes a few arrows.
  13. Melcreif

    Tamed creature, no tribe?

    You could b You could be right. Maybe they weren't in a tribe. I'd think they'd say owned by Bob or something like that? Who knows. Good test I guess LOL.
  14. Melcreif

    Anyone tested turrets with the new patch?

    What is rocket running exactly? I've heard people talk about it but I have no idea what that is!