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  1. Empty servers?

    There are also a ton of really good Dedicated Servers currently being hosted by NItrado (same service WC uses for official). For example: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/274244-boosted-xbox-nitrado-dedicated-cluster-server-ragnarokthe-center-pvp/
  2. Piller Issues

    Welcome to official PVE. Enjoy your stay...
  3. Nope I have no concerns about the number of turrets I can deploy in an area. To me this patch is a non-issue on the negative side. On the positive side I like the fact that they now pack a bigger punch per turret deployed. Also I saw a video a guy posted on FB where he tested the new system and determine the folks crying just don't have their bases defenses setup properly...
  4. The point of playing ark

    To build a base that would ultimately be very difficult to raid. To have cool high end mastercraft and ascendant items that are powerful. To have the ability to beat bosses with a high level dino army. To hang with new and old friends is a hostile world where working together isn't just fun but necessary.
  5. Ok here they are: Player is weight 3 health 1.5 fortitude 3. Rest is standard Dino tamed and add dino tamed are weight 3 health 1.5 stamina 1.5. rest is standard
  6. Kibble as Mechanic

    So this might seem a little harsh to those who have affection for their dinos, but what if there was more benefit to putting a tamed dino down other than freeing up space and a bit of hide and meat? Not sure what this would look like but if done right could solve the whole way to many tames issue if there was actual benefit to thinning the herd...
  7. So I looked in the settings the admin gave us but it wasn't easy to see. I'll PM him and see what I can find out. I know he boosted stamina gain a bit as well as weight but that could be it.
  8. Hey All, I wanted to invite folks to our XBOX Nitrado Server cluster on Ragnarok and The Center! Short and sweet folks, here are the particulars you'll want to know The name of the servers are DragonArk ½ and DragonArk 2/2 Some of the features include: Allow anyone to Imprint / cuddle enabled Allow structure glitching (cool when building in caves and such) Multifloor for platform saddles is enabled 2.5 taming, XP, Harvesting Supply drops boosted to 2.0 Egg Hatch baby mature 10x Cave damage reduced to x2 instead of x6 on official Speed is increased by x4 This is a password protected server to protect against TROLLS. PM me for the password. Also note that joining our Discord is required so I'll send you an invite to Discord as well. Ragnarok has 32 slots while the Center has 20. We just added the Center today 11/17/17 so it will have no established inhabitants. Ragnarok has been up for about 2 weeks so some established tribes, but no massive metal bases or anything like that just yet. All I've seen right now is stone bases here and there. We will also be switching The Center over to Aberation when it comes out. Don't plan on buying Aberation? No problem we'll still have Ragnarok so buying Aberation is optional.
  9. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    I find this comment pretty insulting actually. I don't see where most fans of a game, (or anything for that matter) are considering themselves "entitled" when they ask for details about what's coming next. Why do you think coaches do press conferences in sports for example? Because the people want to know, and in order to keep the people happy they tell them what's going on. It's not an entitlement thing, it's called PR...
  10. Dye making secrets?

    I'm not sure if there is a good answer for you, but if you think about it none of the ingredients are hard to come by. If you have a good berry gatherer, Trike, Stego, Theri, Bronto then having gallons of berries to do the job shouldn't be an issue. Same goes for charcoal and fiber. Sure you get too many of the colors you aren't looking for but no one says you have to keep them...
  11. Your luckiest moments

    I remember my first high level Pteri, his name was Flappy. I used him constantly. One day I logged in only to see my base had been raided. Some dino's had bee killed, a few scattered but I was able to retrieve them. But sadly no sign of Flappy. He hadn't been killed, but I looked everywhere and nothing. Finally I accepted his fate and began to move on. I was voice chatting with this other tribe on our server and this random guy I didn't even know said hey I saw your bird! Sure enough he took me up into the sky between the mainland and Carno Island, almost as high as you can go and he was just hovering there. I have no idea how he found him, but was so glad he did! That was a truly great day! About a month later I was in my old base just working on some stuff, not the base I do most of my work but the old one that had been raided so many times that it just no longer made sense to keep anything more valuable there than a trike, and some scoripions and dilo's. I opened the dino gate to head back home for the night and 3-4 guys met me at the door with shotguns and explosives. They Bolo'd flappy so I jumped on the trike and managed to knock the guy back. Then jumped back on flappy but instead of getting out of there I decided to see if I could figure out a way to thwart their plans. Big mistake. They ended up killing me. then after that finished off Flappy for good. I play Dedicated now, and we just opened up our server on Nitrado. We're on Ragnarok and I tamed a Pteri before anything else. Of course I named him Flappy...
  12. Most OP weapon/tool in ark

    Funny most folks will mention a weapon but I like the fact you said Spyglass. It's definitely the first non-weapon, non-tool item I like to get. No question it makes everything better being able to see the level from a distance, call your bird when you got too close to the water, etc...
  13. Am I more suited for PvE?

    So a few of answers here might help. 1. PVE No, I wouldn't recommend it for you. The frustrations for someone who is used to the benefits of PVP are too great to overcome IMO 2. PVP on official. It can be done as a solo player, and there is fun to be had but this depends greatly on the server community there. Some servers for the most part have large tribes that will leave the smaller tribes alone, and even add them to a list of tribes that are aloud to live basically. I was in a server like this back on Legacy for a year and it was great. The rub of course is finding that server. Some you will build up and they will wipe you just because they are offended by you being allowed to live... Instead of joining some other big tribe where you don't really know the others I'd recommend starting small. Maybe you have a friend who plays, or you can talk into playing. Or maybe there is another solo guy out there who feels and acts like you. The 2 of you might be able to join forces and get twice the amount done! 3. Play on Unofficial Dedicated Server. This is what I started on before going to official. This is also where I play now after leaving official. There are some great servers out there, and with Nitrado in the mix to let people rent servers instead of hosting on an Xbox this seems to be a great option and more stable. The challenge with the Xbox hosted servers was they would eventually become corrupted and you'd have to start over. I've started over several times on these Xbox hosted servers so I can't really recommend those. The reason why I say Unofficial is you will find that this is where alot of folks like you and me have migrated to. It's true! I've seen more people on unofficial who just want to do their own thing and it's a more laid back environment than the official servers are. That doesn't mean PVP can't and doesn't happen, but your odds of finding a server to your liking is greater here.