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  1. I was told on the Nitrado forums that some of the events work and some don't. so it's kinda random I guess. You would think someone would maybe test them and take them out if they are broken? Nobody knows. At least the new event should work, crossing my fingers!
  2. Anyone else tried setting this up on their Nitrado servers? FYI Running Xbox. You have the option to select different events that you want to use. I tried the Summer bash and it worked fine, changed it to Fear Evolved but I see no signs that this event is in efect. I restarted the server and did a dino wipe. Nothing, no skeletal dinos or anything.
  3. SO I've made custom drops and one of the drops is Rock Drake Eggs. They are all level one which is fine for taming Basiliks. The problem is when you throw one on the ground it disappears. Wondering if anyone else has tried this with success, or it's possible they just don't work on Crystal Isles.
  4. Thanks! From the article you shared, I think an Alpha Wyvern would be called a MegaWyvern since it refers to the Alpha Raptor as a MegaRaptor. So I'm thinking add something like this and see what happens: DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers=(DinoNameTag=MegaWyvern, SpawnWeightMultiplier=10.0, OverrideSpawnLimitPercentage=true, SpawnLimitPercentage=0.1)
  5. I'm running a dedicated Nitrado server, and I'm wondering if there is a command I can add to create more Alpha Spawns. Specifically for Wyverns but if there is one for all Alphas that would be great too.
  6. I'm wondering if there is a command to make spawns of Alpha Crystal Wyverns more common. We've had no luck getting them to spawn right now.
  7. Playing Unofficial right now on Xbox. I've played both official and unofficial over the years and never seen this issue before. Spamming stimberries always caused them to drop a ton of poop. Now he will only drop one at a time, sometimes 2 max. I just tried it again and yep same results. I even pumped up his food a ton after uncryoing him and spammed regular berries, then stims, messed around a bit. Nothing. it seems broken.
  8. Nope, brand new phiomia and he had full food. When I'd spam the stimberries the food wouldn't go down either like it used to. I remember having to be careful not to kill them with too many stimberries and always leveling food. I'll jump on here in a few and try it again though to see if it was a glitch or if this is a new thing.
  9. Did they nerf the Phiomia? Everyone has used Phiomia's to get a ton of poop for dung beetles by spamming Stimberries in them. It's been a thing forever. Now I'm seeing this method no longer works. When did this happen? Was it intentional?
  10. Yep happening to me too after the 21GB update. Man that was a big one too!!! I guess they'll need at least one more before this is fixed. I've never had the dashboard thing happen until this Summer Bash event.
  11. XBOX ARK dashboards everytime I play now I'm on an XBOX One X and I never DC where my friends do all the time. That has now changed. I will play and just be running along and screen goes black and then back to the dashboard. Anyone else experiencing this? Should I delete and reload Ark completely? I hate to do it but if it actually fixes it then worth it!
  12. Server Missing CrossArk1 Extinction Since Friday CrossArk1 Extinction has not been there, it's gone. If there is another place to find this info please let me know, I have my character there and currently can't play the game. Help!
  13. Metal spawns on Extinction. Did they change them? I just started playing on Extinction again after 6 months or so of taking a break. Did they move the metal spawns? There was a great spot right outside the Show Biome towards the desert and I went there today and there were hardly any. Did they change the spawns?
  14. Actually this post was created before Cryopods were able to be crafted in drops. Now hiding isn't nearly as hard...
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