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  1. Just started playing on one with some friends. They are interesting because you have all 5 maps at your disposal, but can't be raided by some other server then never hear or see from those folks again. This way it's a big world but not too big. Since we have the option of transferring from map to map we've decided to start first on the island because we are most familiar with it, but then transferred over to the Center because Crystal is much easier to get and we could then get some water jars and spyglasses early game. Also dino levels tend to be lower on the Island vs Rag or the Center for example so at some point I'd imagine we will be going to those places for higher level dinos. What other ways are folks utilizing the different maps for that they'd like to share?
  2. Their interesting. Just started playing on one. I kinda like the idea that it's a bigger world but not too big. Also it doesn't seem like they are as densely populated.
  3. Beds not showing up most of the time

    thanks for the reply. No the raft is currently sitting near Stonehenge on the Island so not near the edge at all.
  4. I just started playing official again for some reason LOL. I've made a raft with 3 beds on it. Most of the time but not all the time the beds don't show up as options to spawn there after I die or transfer over. Playing on a CrossArk Server, The Island.
  5. Wyvern advice needed!

    LOL yeah so other folks are using it for the same reason! Makes sense!
  6. Quality Chitin vs Primitive Flak

    How long have you played Ark? LOL Usually when my armor is going it's because I'm in some serious crap sandwich situations LOL
  7. Quality Chitin vs Primitive Flak

    If your in the middle of a hairy situation no real time to repair on the fly...
  8. Wyvern advice needed!

    The idea with the trap is only to get one female, and preferably a low level. In that area they are fairly spread out so it's pretty easy to just agro one low level female and lead it in...
  9. How did you die last?

    Built a milk trap near the Green Ob on Rag. Was tranqing a poison Wyvern when I suddenly found myself stuck in the floor of our little stone structure we hide in for protection. Then somehow the Wyvern glitched out of the trap and poisoned me to death...
  10. Make the Ocean relevant again!

    I like it!
  11. Wyvern advice needed!

    There is alot to answer here and Dreadhaught is right try Youtube. Except for one thing that you won't find there easily which I'll share. When making a trap for Wyvern milk if you're on Ragnarok a much easier trap can be built in the Wyvern area by Green Ob as opposed to creating one near the Skar in the highlands. Try searching for it on Youtube and good luck finding it, I know I've looked! There are a few caves near that area where you can fly through one end and out the other. On one end of the cave put in some pillars just wide enough where you have no problem flying in with your Griffin or Pteri, but the Wyvern will be trapped on the other end. Then you can just kinda tranq her out of reach of her Fire, poison or Lightening. Typically it only takes a dozen shots or so and she's down where you can run up and get her milk. Works great and much simpler than all those Wyvern traps you'll find on Youtube...
  12. Make the Ocean relevant again!

    No they fixed most of that. Just tamed an angler last weekend using a couple of Megaladons and we were attacked by Eels. Now instead of getting knocked off our mount and getting wrecked the charge attack just caused our sharks to do less damage when being shocked.
  13. I love the oceans in Ark, it's one of the coolest features IMO, but other than getting an Angler for gathering pearls what other good reason is there to take to the oceans? On Ragnarok is a great example. Oil? Nope, easier to just use an oil rig. Crystal? Nope, lots of places easier to get crystal than in the ocean. Deep sea drops? Nope, there are so many places you have to look to find these and with only 2 spawned at a time it's way easier to just go after the ones in the desert. Thoughts on how they could make the ocean better, and make it a vital place to have a presence in Ark?
  14. Command to destroy wild wyvern eggs

    Great Idea, all for it!
  15. Baby Wyvern’s complete help

    2 suggestions: 1. Check around green Ob at the other Wyvern area. There are some caves you can fly through and add pillars so the Wyvern gets stuck when chasing you. You can then shoot her from the other side of the pillars to get Milk 2. Use a Daeodon for when the baby runs out of food. They Daeodon will heal the Wyvern and keep it from dying. Not my favorite tactic but it does work if you are diligent in keeping the Daeodon with lots of food.