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  1. Checked out a spot where I saw a guy last night sitting out by a transfer station with his giga and Wyvern. He left a turret there with dead batteries and about 1000 bullets in it for me to take. How nice of him!
  2. Wow, that's nuts. WC must really hate us now LOL. thanks for the info!
  3. I'm guessing only the person who has completed all the missions needs to have beaten them all. Everyone else in his tribe can join the fight without beating them. Can someone confirm that's the case?
  4. Actually this was an interesting conversation, but it's become more obsolete thanks to how easy it is now to get cryopods. We have a hidden base that has been safe for awhile, any creatures we've tamed are all in cryo and we make sure to kill ourselves after each play session. Nobody will be finding our base with Parasaurs.
  5. What????? I've never head of that. Holy crap! Easy fix too. Just remove refertilizer from PVE, fixed.
  6. Try commenting on the actual youtube video. Might have been something changed in a patch.
  7. I got caught on some roots in the city in Extinction. Game froze. Boom restarted and dead losing all my inventory because of meshing. What the heck? Then on Gen2 I was looking for a hidden base trying to place a cliff platform and boom, dead and lost all inventory. Message was died due to anti-meshing. Seems this anti-meshing stuff is going too far in taking our inventory as well.
  8. I'm wondering if there is a command to make spawns of Alpha Crystal Wyverns more common. We've had no luck getting them to spawn right now.
  9. Actually this post was created before Cryopods were able to be crafted in drops. Now hiding isn't nearly as hard...
  10. Comparing meshing with carrying a Parasaur around to find hidden bases isn't comparable, try again. Nobody is suggested that the Parasaurs ability should be removed, only that it's currently way to easy to find hidden bases and creatures. One thing that drew me to this game was how you could make a hidden base in the woods and it could be hard for someone to find it. If you have even a dodo at your base this tactic is over.
  11. I'm simply stating that you can't relate to the subject, it actually doesn't seem to affect you, so why bother us with your dribble?
  12. Clearly this thread was not meant for you. You can go away now ?
  13. If you've actually followed the thread you'll note that folks have come up with very good ideas to counter the crazy bad mechanic that currently exists of flying around a Wyvern or Argie with a Parasaur looking for hidden bases. Yes, this is happening all the time thanks to Youtubers like HOD gaming for sharing this mechanic it's happening more and more. If folks are determined to find hidden creatures and bases let's not make it all so easy for them shall we? Most folks hide bases because they don't really have any good defenses up yet and choose to hide instead. It's a cool tactic that's
  14. Any chance this mode will be coming to console? I'd love to try it out!
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