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  1. I see it was posted 13 hours ago about the Xbox servers with connection issues, but my question is when will we have an update? This is killing me and everyone else in our server LOL. The strange thing is when looking at the server it shows 9 people online which seems odd...
  2. My Xbox server has been down since last night. I see under the current server outages it's listed there since 13 hours ago. How are we notified, or are we what the progress is?
  3. I've found 5 so far, all below the volcano in and around the snow.
  4. Let me see. I used my Therizino followed by my beaver to go out and farm wood, cutting down wood with the Therizino and transferring it to the beaver. Repeat until beaver is almost encumbered. Then I cooked the wood in the industrial grill to make charcoal, turned all that charcoal into gunpowder for bullets. Yep that's pretty much all I did last night other than install the 2GB update.
  5. Yep use the filter and type in the name of the items you want to transfer then transfer all.
  6. With the new Eels in the ocean and you get knocked off your Mos I'm going to bet you wish you had really good melee LOL
  7. Yep same as some others above, my Fort is set at 40 and I run around in Ascendant Riot pants, flak helmet, boots and gloves and no shirt at all LOL. I have no issues now no matter where I go with dieing from the elements. Not to mention the other benefits from Troodons, clubs, etc. I had a guy try to knock me out with a club the other day as well and 4-5 hits but couldn't get me out...
  8. Our tribe leader took it upon himself to use a mindwipe to max out his Oxygen and Stamina. Worked surprisingly well when you can out-swim these suckers
  9. You think that's lucky? Our first 2 Ovis got stuck in the spiked walls outside our Behemoth gates
  10. I was waiting on another tribe to trade for a box of chocolates and while I waited I flew around the snow near the volcano. Snagged 3 Ovis's...
  11. This! Dedicated servers IMO is the perfect place for PVE folks. I play PVP but my mom, brother-in-law and sister all play PVE. My sister is also getting disheartened by the PVE server they play on for similar issues including the massive amount of dino's, bases, pillars, etc that tends to pile up in an official PVE server. The fact that it's PVE also means there is nothing anyone can do about all of it! In a dedicated server you are less likely to have the amount of folks playing anyways which by it's own nature eliminates most of these issues. Now I've run my own dedicated server before, and at the time the biggest issue was the fact that the server software was very glitchy and crashed all the time. Therefore it's important to make sure you are playing on a server that is up at least 95% of the time. It can be quite frustrating if you want to play but the server is down...
  12. If you don't have Kibble your better off either waiting or going with a super low one. Id just wait...
  13. Wow, I'm shocked how many comments this post has now LOL. I'd say early on Melee is important but later in the game it's not. The good thing is later in the game you also have the ability to create a Mind Wipe tonic which kinda makes this whole debate pointless LOL
  14. I think the system in place is the system in place and I wouldn't change it. I kinda like the enormous commitment to it along with the infrequent events that bring people into the fold who typically don't have time. Those times are there so folks with no time can enjoy breeding too.
  15. Yeah I'll rarely use her for berries. The guy who helped me grab her and bring her to the taming pen had one that he brought over to show me. In just a few minutes he had over 50K fiber that he dropped. When I tried to pick it up I was Over Encumbered and it took me forever to drop enough so I could move again. These things are insane...