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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Is it possible to start from scratch

    First off welcome to Ark, I hope you enjoy your stay :-)... As far as things getting destroyed within 12 hours, I'm assuming you are playing on an official PVP server is that correct? You don't mention that anywhere so just guessing by your experience so far. Official PVP can be rough for noobs, and if that's where you want to play I'd highly suggest building in the most hidden places possible. Other options surely exist as well. They include joining an already established tribe on the server, scouting out other servers that might let noobs build up, and playing on a non-official player dedicated server. As far as your dino's running off to fight other dinos, this is what setting them on neutral does. If you, one of your other dinos, or even one of your structures gets attacked they will run to defend it/you. If you don't want this to happen make sure to set them on passive instead. Happy Arking!!!
  2. Best way to solo tame carnivores

    Watch the videos by XOneWingX He's the master at boat builds...
  3. Best way to solo tame carnivores

    Yep I'm with @Boshek77 taming raft is the way to go. You can take it to the dino of choice. I've used mine most recently on Rag to tame a couple of high level Thylos. Works perfect!
  4. Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    Ok great. I wasn't sure if the bears there were high level or not so I'll check it out. I usually go in through the fly entrance so haven't been that other way in forever. Thanks!
  5. Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    Ok yeah I'm familiar with that access as well. Would it make more sense to take an ank that route with the danger of all those high level bears? I guess I could take a Thylo as well for escort just in case...
  6. Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    Ah that's right, the Bear Ice cave where you get the loot drops. I forgot there is tons of crystal there. Hmm Never thought of taking an ank there though. Would need to clear the bears out first I think...
  7. Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    Ok makes sense thank you. We'll just work on gathering that 2000 crystal which will be the hardest part. We are on Rag so is there a good place to drop an Ank and have him go to work or do we pretty much need to circle the map?
  8. Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    Unfortunately you can't demolish a raft and get the mats back. It just destroys it...
  9. Trying to level up quickly to get to level 80. I've been mass producing rafts while taking a broth of enlightenment. It's great but a bummer to thow away all those rafts. Wondering if we make a grinder can we grind those rafts? I'm asking since there isn't any other way to get back any of the resources once they are created.
  10. Just moved into the wood age. We've also added metal tools. No flak yet no flyer saddles yet.
  11. We have setup a new Ragnarok server with a different twist. Typically when playing Ark most folks don't even bother making for example thatch structures, let alone really mess with some of the early game tools and weapons like Bows, boomerangs, rope ladders, slingshots, etc. We've decided to create a new server where not only will you use these things, but they are essential. That's because we are going to go through Ages in this server. The first Age you will only be able to build thatch structures, and tame stone weapons. This means that you and your foes won't be able to have that race to see who gets turrets up, makes C4, tames Griffins and raises Wyverns, etc. Instead you'll find out how to strategize against each other using just the limited tools you have, and your brain! There isn't a Smithy or Forge, so no in the beginning you can't just tame a bunch of Rex's and chomp on your neighbor. Well you can tame them, but where's the Smithy to make saddles? So maybe you tame an Army of Rex's and then lead them in battle on the back of a Raptor? The next stage will be wood, followed by stone. At some point here we'll add in the Smith, Forge, guns, explosives, etc. But they will all come into play when it makes sense. Sound fun? Sound like a challenge? Some of the basic info for the server includes: Server Name: Kingdom of Clom Number of current tribes: 4 small ones all in thatch Total concurrent slots on the server: 10 (will be going to 20 soon, but for now 10 is great) Taming 3X Harvesting 3X Hatching 6X Maturing 6X Per level Multipliers: Tames: Weight 2x, Stamina 3x Player: Weight 3X, Stamina 3X, Fort 3X XP 1x
  12. Hey Everyone, changes are happening for the good with the server! Check out the latest 1/25/18 Update in the description above.
  13. Interesting Era idea

    Yeah I know he's looking at doing the loot drops as well. We played a bit last night and it was interesting only being able to build in thatch and figure out ways to make your base dependable with that limitation. One guy built up on the land bridge at Viking bay and used rope ladders to the effect where it's virtually impossible to reach his base without fliers which nobody of course has yet. The Pteri and Argen saddles aren't added to the Engrams list yet but of course they are a level 35 Engram and nobody is close to that. My thought was go for taming a Griffin early game could be a huge advantage and no need for a saddle. This could be fun but we've got a ways to go i think to get it all ironed out!
  14. Interesting Era idea

    So we actually went with your first idea and have removed the tier items we don't want available yet. The only challenge with this approach though is by design you can't really remove Engrams on the Nitrado site, but instead you have to start from zero and add in the ones you do want. It's fairly cumbersome and slow but he's added in most of the basics and will add to that over time. Thanks for the great idea, we're enjoying it so far! The other interesting little glitch is those loot boxes that spawn on the beaches. They do have metal tools and weapons in them and they can be used for a bit but eventually disappear from your inventory which is an odd bug!
  15. Interesting Era idea

    Hmmm interesting idea and don't be sorry because it's exactly why I pose the question to see how others liked the stages idea. Yours is interesting and id love to hear other ideas!