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  1. Yes I currently have one open ticket for the game freezing when I sometimes open something like a chest. Now I DC all the time, everytime I start up the map I have to let it crash before I can actually access anything. This happens every time I log in. I don't have the same issue on my One X, but it happens everytime on the Series X. These issues on top of the random game freezes makes this map virtually unplayable now. Does anyone else have these issues? I am never one to complain about Ark in the forums, but holy crap this is rough.
  2. Interesting. Well I made a chest full of war maps and I'm testing it now. Once I run out I'll do a similar test with ingots and see what I get.
  3. I know people were using War Maps awhile back to maximize quality loot with the Gachas. Are people still using War Maps or is there something cheap that's better?
  4. Nice they're gonna fix this, but it's really not that big a deal.
  5. No issues on my PVE official server at all. Lots of spawns.
  6. On official PVE no issues with dino spawns. Giga's are rare, but I think that's by design. I just tamed a level 50 yesterday. So far that's the best I could get but the competition is pretty high to find and tame the high level spawns.
  7. No I remember correctly. The thing is I'm pretty new to PVE. I've been playing PVP so long and just finally decided to try out PVE again after several years. The last time I messed with PVE you couldn't pick up tamed dinos. Glad they added it back for sure!
  8. I did test blood packs as well and while they will eat it, they still starve. Raw meat works best.
  9. No, I remember when folks used to complain about people dropping wilds into bases so WC disabled the ability to pickup wilds or tames. I guess at some point they fixed this for tames but I never got the memo LOL
  10. I'm pretty sure it's something you could also enable in SP, but then again, no need to play PVE on single player...
  11. This was disabled forever with folks picking up tamed dinos and dropping them in peoples bases, the good old days! When did they patch this so you can pickup tames???
  12. STOP. Desmodus is perfect just like it is. No nerfing!!! I don't think it's OP at all, but it is a great tame. For example, you can use it to go into the Wyvern den and attempt to get Lightening eggs but once you have the egg, boom they spot you! I tried doing this one time and nearly got out with the egg before I was killed. If they nerf the Desmodus this won't be possible at all since it's the only flyer able to go into that cave.
  13. I went there for a bit. I've tamed a level 85 Otter which I've added about 45 levels into Melee and had decent but not amazing fur. I was surviving fairly well. Also my fortitude is 20. With Fria Curry you should be fine for quite awhile. It's cold but not too bad.
  14. This might be true. need to test this on single player. I did try it in real time and also no bag but the hawk came back.
  15. Yeah they probably do. Raw meat is all I use for them now. Since then no issues.
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