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  1. Thanks guys! Yep makes sense since this is a dedicated server with very little traffic. Nobody has ever taken the eggs out before so the old ones just sit there ready to spoil. Problem solved!
  2. The first time I picked up a lightening Wyvern egg and I tried to escape but got killed by a high level lightening. When I went back for my body I got everything but the egg. I figured maybe the Wyvern took it back? But now I just went a 2nd time and this time got away successfully. But when I get out and check my inventory no egg! I'm on an Xbox dedicated server FYI. Anyone else ever see this before?
  3. My experience is posts here come to die...
  4. How is this a bug report? LOL
  5. My dedicated server closed down and will reopen as soon as these servers are available to rent. Why is it it's 1/2 way through September and we basically have NO NEWS!!! What's the scoop people???
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Yeah try it in single player, it's great! It's actually the first time I've ever taken the time to try a theory in single player first! It got to the point where it was pretty easy. Just fly in the small hole facing the beach and then move through there making sure there aren't any Wyvern. You can even land a few times first to make sure you have plenty of stamina. Once a Wyvern actually spotted me I'd fly back the way I came and then there's a little rock formation down on the beach with a small hole you can climb into where the Wyvern can't reach. It's about perfect :-)
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    First I played for about 3 hours on single player to fine tune my route for gaining Wyvern eggs from the Scar on Rag. Took a bit but I think I've got it. Then jumped on my official server for about an hour and mustered together the materials to make an ascendant pteri saddle for maximum protection against wild Wyvern. Tonight I make my first live run into the Scar, wish me luck!
  8. This is what I'm being told by my tribe mates. Can anyone confirm and maybe share where they got the info?
  9. Nope admin won't allow building into the environment. Too bad, I liked it otherwise...
  10. There must be a reason, but I'm not about to read their minds on the subject. I'm sure glad that I stopped playing on official servers back in March and started playing dedicated. If I do get back into it it's certainly not going to be on a lagacy server LOL.
  11. I played on XBOX Official server NA372 back around February of 2016, and left for good in March 2017. It was alot of fun, I learned alot about the nature of people, was tricked, lied to, helped out incredibly by very cool people (couldn't leave that part out), joined an alpha tribe as a sub-alpha tribe (due to dino count which I imagine is totally nuts now with the new platform count thing), learned the hard away about the nightmares of merging tribes, LOL. I have to say it was lots of fun, frustrating, boring, exciting, you name it! For most of my time I was basically just a solo tribe who started with nothing, and built myself up to a modest base that nobody messed with due to it being kinda out of the way with decent defenses. It did get wiped after I became sub-alpha which was probably because I took on the Alpha's name and suddenly became an easy target. Then I got the chance to live in a huge base and learn how to manage it again as a solo player (not fun)... I didn't see NA372 on the list so I'm assuming they aren't going away, but I can imagine they are going to get a boatload of folks migrating over. We typically had around 30 people on at any given time, and as low as 10 - 15 so I'm kinda surprised it didn't make it on the list. I'm really looking forward to starting again here in a few days on Ragnarok, but not sure if I'll play official again or not. I've been enjoying playing on a dedicated server, but they definately have a limited life cycle as admin's get bored and tired of the issues that plague dedi's. I'm anxious to try out the new rented servers and see if it eliminates the issues we have now with coruption, although I am disappointed we can't setup our on PC server instead of having to rent one... Curious to hear about other folks that aren't caught up in the whole legacy thing, hear your tales of playing official, dedicated, anxious to try Rag...
  12. So I don't usually side with the devs on things like this, but I gotta say when they tell us Legacy servers will get the same fixes, then decide that just maybe it doesn't make sense in certain circumstances later and therefore use the works: "Not applicable to legacy severs", (paraphrasing here) I'm going to take a wild guess and say they probably decided for this specific circumstance it didn't make sense to add this to legacy servers. So to call them lairs when they put it right there is just a bit much...
  13. I just joined today and so far it's great. Seems to be a few people playing. I haven't actually talked to anyone yet but I have my fingers crossed. I like the rates, and I messaged the admin asking him to allow building into the environment....
  14. just joined and sent you a message to your PooFlavin gt.

    sadly not able to join. I tried multiple times...