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  1. It was designed as a PvP game not the other way around.
  2. World of Warcraft is one of my favorite games of all time, but that live action movie....just crap, it doesn't matter how much lore or fantastic settings they already have its all about a comprehensive script that the fans will actually like but at the same time be interesting enough to garner views from non fans. Seems like a dumb idea, release the animated show first if it receives a good review then look into a live action.
  3. In my experience the hit box stays the same size as the original heads. If your sniping in this game always aim for the center of the chin and take off the crosshairs for accuracy. In PvP I'm the first to die by Bola so I've spent a lot of time with ascendant longnecks sniping clowns, big heads forhead shots always miss.
  4. Just dev wipe everything that they have on the first grievance, If there was a chance that they could lose everything they have built and tamed would they still build on spawns, probably not. Wildcard should govern this on PvE the same way that they do it on PvP, if people can't be bothered to read the rules and game with common sense then it is their own fault.
  5. Test it yourself,not very hard to kill yourself then spawn into the problem location. This is one of the main reasons I don't play PvE do to all the blocked spawn points and how the Devs seem to give PvE players a chance to correct the issue that can take weeks or months but on PvP it's an automatic map wide Dev wipe sometimes within a few hours. Back in no tek no tame on legacy we got a full map wide dev wipe on our tribe for blocking spawns about 3 hours after the player bragged about placing in a ticket.
  6. Sorry but the hit box stays the same size as the original head, so a smaller head has a bigger hit box then the big head.
  7. Turtles are super easy to breed, they are the disposable tanks, breed up 50 or so then start chucking them at the death wall turtles also to less damage from tek turrets so....
  8. The hit box stays the same size, based on my experience bigger heads are harder to get a head shot on hence why all my characters have massive heads plus who doesn't like big heads lol
  9. Wildcard should have closed those down years ago, my guess is that all the silly photo shoots that the devs create for special events are done on one of the legacy servers hence why they refuse to shut them down.
  10. Fascinating I didn't know that covid 19 had been ongoing since 2015 and every dlc and expansion has been affected.
  11. Then explain why any other game company can keep their stated release dates, if what your saying is true then this would be industry standard.
  12. Because they are dumb, why not try and get your product through certification before the stated release date? They never learn good luck on Ark2 when you release in late 2024.
  13. They already have the pointless oil jars, they will probably be just a reskin of those useless things. I'm wondering if they are going to knee cap gen2 just like they did to Abberation, I sure hope so to have another beautiful looking Dlc but you can only use a small percentage of tames.
  14. Don't hype it too much, we all know that it will be released after the summer bash event lol.
  15. Given the launch of next-generation of consoles in October will ark be backwards compatible? Will it be playable on either Ps5 or Xbox scarlet without having to repurchase the game?
  16. So according to your BS wildcard will have a ten day window to release in winter 2020 given the first day of winter is December 21st. Also that they announced part 1 and 2 and began charging for genesis back in fall of 2019, would leave you to believe that part 1 was complete and part 2 was nearly finished. Honestly if you couldn't give out any new information you could have just kept quiet. You are on here to keep the forum running and to keep potty language off not to start pissing matches with patrons of this site.
  17. Lol so when is Genesis Part 2 going to be released or how about some new information on it? Will we get it before the next generation of consoles come out which is starting in October of this year? You clowns have not mentioned Part 2 since you failed to make the Part 1 deadline last year. This is the number one reason to wait before you buy, thrilled i didn't buy it lol, looking forward to playing crystal isle on console this winter because I can only assume that's when it will launch on consoles lol.
  18. So is there a new map or what? Is it set up like extinction or do you load into a dos like white room similar to the matrix. Is there a sandbox map like all the other maps?
  19. It's been delayed till Mid March, didn't that compy stop by with that memo
  20. Happy that I didn't buy it.....yet But where is the information, it's the delayed launch day and still little to no information on what it is. Give the community a hint or 2, like "we are sorry for the delay but soon enough you will be exploring on our biggest map yet, a whopping 90 km".
  21. Put in a support ticket. Nobody can help you here.
  22. So you have roughly 14100hrs combined,now do you play all the systems at the same time or individually? Even then if you play PvE on 2 machines at the same time for an hour that's still just an hour, not 2. Me I am kinda embarrassed to admit that I have close to 10000hrs since early access on ps4. All on PvP official.
  23. I'm back and got a math dubie. So ark has been out for roughly 39420 hours your claim of 35000 leaves you with 4420 hours of spare time over the past 4.5 years. Given that a 40hr work week for 50 weeks (leaving out 2.25 weeks for vacation) equals 2000hrs, your claimed game time of 7000hrs a year. Remember there are only 8760hrs in a year so your only 240hrs over just in game and work, no sleeping or eating or screwing over the past 4.5 years included. I assumed meth because it is one of the only stimulants that will allow you to preform your totally bogus routine.
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