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  1. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/insanity
  2. lol "growing consensus", huh? You got a poll goin' somewhere? If my intent was to irritate people, Joe here would have me banned in an hour. If folks can stifle their indignity long enough to make it past a little sarcasm, they'll see I'm usually trying to help by sharing some insight into how business works with those who don't yet have that experience, or to point out that the problem in question is a relatively easily avoided one.
  3. Let's be accurate here. When I'm reporting "no problems here", it's generally regarding complaints about the lack of support on official servers. In which case, it's an accurate statement. I never said I didn't have the problem with hatchlings starving. I've had it happen many times. The first time, I researched the issue and learned why it happens. The second, third and fourth time, I groaned and blamed myself because I know better. What I didn't do is hop on the forums and cry about how WC isn't giving me my money's worth for a toy that's cost me about $0.006 per hour so far.
  4. If my comments irritate you, perhaps it's because they hit a little too close to home? I'm assuming you have a similar mindset to the entitled and inexperienced players I'm unabashedly vocal in my criticisms towards. Never been a fan of trolling, burns too much gas. I'm more of a bait soaker, myself.
  5. Completely unacceptable. People have funneled $30 and thousands of hours of their life into building jerboa plantations, Wildcard should stop caring whether or not they can pay their bills and start providing the perfect experience we're all entitled to.
  6. This story gives me an idea. I'm going to start an alt tribe, recruit a bunch of people to start gathering stuff, then switch to my main and raid them.
  7. When I want a new server, I use arkservers.net. I search by keyword "wiped" cause I usually like to get in right after a restart (unless I'm in the mood to immediately start messing with established tribes). Then I sort the search results by population to make sure there will be plenty of people to "borrow" stuff from. Then I just look for the taming rates and map I like. Using this method, I haven't had any trouble finding acceptable servers to play on. There's always something I don't like, a bad food/water setting, ORP enabled, a little more lag, etc. but I don't expect to find a perfect one anyway.
  8. In my experience, the benefits of the tek dedicated storage in no way justify the hassles of using it. I was able to come up with a system that worked just fine. When I loot them, dedicated storage boxes go straight into the grinder.
  9. lol "a Tandy" Complaining about issues with official servers is like asking why the potholes in the bad neighborhood never get fixed. The folks who would get it fixed don't drive there.
  10. My admin wouldn't hassle you about your dinos. PM me if you want the details.
  11. Get rid of breeding and all dinos but parasaurs, and there's going to be that tribe that tames more high-level parasaurs than every one else. Make all parasaurs the same level and cap their numbers, there's going to be that tribe who respecs crafting and makes better saddles. Get rid of high-quality saddles and there's going to be that tribe who brings more players. Cap tribe size, and there's going to be that tribe who treats Ark like war instead of a game and shows no mercy. Give everyone the same dinos, the same saddles, the same point of view, and then we'll all be on equal footing (as we leave the game en masse).
  12. I voted no, but take it with a grain of salt. I'd prefer to see platform saddles removed altogether.
  13. Why does it matter? I can't think of a reason why this would have any impact on gameplay.
  14. Another good solution is to just grind gunpowder for a day and buy a quetzal. If anyone on your server is breeding them you'll probably get a much better bird anyway. Plus, most tribes/players don't need much more than 1-2 quetzs, good chance they have extras.
  15. Might take some practice, but once I figured out the solo grappling hook/argy method, quetz became one of the simplest tames. Considering no other dinos will mess with you that high in the air (unless you're taming over the wyvern trench or something), you really only need to worry about where the quetz is going to land and what else is down there.
  16. I'd estimate the value of the stuff I've been given by other players vs. the stuff I've had destroyed is about 100 to 1. Everyone loves to gripe about the "toxic community", but most players I've encountered are actually pretty generous with advice and stuff.
  17. How about the map just gets divided up into areas, each PvE player gets one area and no one else can even enter that space? How about letting PvE players just place metal nodes or drops in their own bases so they don't have to go anywhere dangerous? How about every PvE player gets their own personal GM to follow them around and take care of every problem for them?
  18. Posing as a foreign player is a great strategy, especially when you're incognito on your home server. Folks are so wound up about the chinese and block names, they never suspect the English-speaker from down the road is actually the one who smashed their base and took all their loot. Thumbs up to this thread for making that a little easier.
  19. Absolutely, flat out wrong. Players can choose their own destiny in either mode. The only difference is that PvP players do so while people are trying to kill us, instead of just picking Easy mode.
  20. If you want a playerbase, you're gonna want to put in more effort than this. You're competing against a lot of servers. I suggest providing details such as what map you play, what kind of settings and mods you're running, time zone, number of players, etc.
  21. Dear Ark, We need to break up. It's not me, it's you. You suck. You aren't the way that I want you to be, I don't want to be with you anymore, let's talk about all the reasons...
  22. Arg Anky Frog Basil Wolf I could survive with only these 5, and I probably don't even need the wolf.
  23. Except there are still trolls in PvE, as evidenced by weekly forum posts. As for wiping, I haven't been wiped in 2 years of playing PvP, and have plenty of time to do everything including bosses, even as a solo tribe. What else ya got?
  24. I can only speak for myself, but my bitterness towards PVE stems from the fact that they get all of the rewards with less of the risks. PVP players are above PVE players, because we face both the easy, programmed opponents and the more difficult human ones. One man's exploit is another man's common sense. That "one up" thing you're talking about has been driving the advancement of human civilization for quite a while now. Without it, we're playing with rocks, not virtual dinosaurs. No idea what #5 means.
  25. Already put in thousands of hours. Quit because I got tired of the devs coddling people who do dumb stuff and lose their stuff.
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