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    Dave's not here, man.
  2. Some days it's the dinos or other players who ruin your day, sometimes it's the devs. Sometimes it's your hardware, software or connection. Ark is rough. Welcome aboard.
  3. Earthquakes mod. Entire bases randomly crumble to dust. Prison Mod. Ball gags (to prevent chat), fire hoses and toilet wine. Dino Stealer Mod. Tamed dinos can be cryo'd by other tribes if tranqed first. Player trackers. Tag enemy players like you do your dinos, use GPS to locate. Lockpicks mod. No C4 needed, just unlock their door and walk in.
  4. My ol' pappy used to say, "If you're bored, you ain't using your imagination."
  5. I object to all of these suggestions. I'm sick of them making this game easier for the weak and lazy.
  6. Another fantastic semantics debate, Ark fans. Well done.
  7. SMP

    The truth

    Sigh. I ain't getting paid for this, so I'll keep it brief. The "other game" would have bugs which aren't cost effective to fix. The "other game" would struggle with balance issues and exploits. The "other game" would try to please multiple types of players. The "other game" would try to allocate as much budget to communication and support while still trying to keep the lights on. The "other game" would face all of these challenges, and their forums would be full of the same types of complaints as this one.
  8. SMP

    The truth

    I feel bad. You missed the point by a mile and put all that hard work in. Sorry, man.
  9. SMP

    The truth

    Any competing game would be developed and managed by a company facing the exact challenges as Wildcard. We would have all of the same issues with that game, but the population would be split in half between the two games, leaving fewer players in each to interact with. Sounds like a good idea... but it ain't.
  10. Why wait for auto-decay? If you don't like their base, just destroy it.
  11. SMP

    The truth

    Feel free to send in a donation, but I'm not spending a dime on dev time to fix problems that don't affect me.
  12. SMP

    The truth

    I'd prefer to avoid mentioning specifics, but the main thing is to analyze what kind of advantage meshing gives and build in a way that minimizes that advantage. Think like the guy meshing you and try to imagine what would be annoying to have to deal with from his perspective. Fluid, electricity and raiders follow the path of least resistance, so build ditches to control their movement.
  13. SMP

    The truth

    Build right and you won't lose your shorts to meshing. WC will never fix it, it's up to us to help ourselves.
  14. Bug fixes = 2% reduction in customer complaints DLC = Paychecks for your employees
  15. You conversationalists are saints. I'd have just geared up for war and dropped the hammer on them.
  16. I don't like any of the holiday events. I'd be fine if they quit doing it altogether.
  17. ORP is a participation trophy. Want your stuff to be safe when you're not on, but don't want to take the time or effort to provide that safety yourself? No problem, ORP has you covered. It also offers the additional bonus of making me look at some quitter's abandoned piece of crap base for 12 days until I can finally raze it to the ground and make room for a new player.
  18. Somewhat agree. For one, ORP coddles the weak and should be removed IMO. Also, I've played on probably 8 different unofficials in the last 2 years and never once experienced problems with admins.
  19. I often do the same for the same reason, unless the base is close to one of my own. Then I leave the shattered wreckage to serve as a warning.
  20. Care to cite the research you've done into the PvP community's opinions? The polls you've conducted, focus groups you've solicited opinions from? Or is this just based on a few hours of surfing Reddit? I am part of the PvP community and have not lost faith in anything. I had relatively low expectations to start with, and understand the challenges of pleasing 100 different types of customer and the budget masters at the same time.
  21. I normally keep a parachute in my last slot. When I tame a Chalico, it's shortly followed by me leaping off the edge of a cliff while drinking a beer.
  22. Popcorning is for the unprepared. I got hit by a Forest Titan a month ago while online. By the time the Titan finished downloading, I already had some of my good stuff moved to a secret stash. By the time they'd penetrated the first layer of my defenses, the only thing left in the base was flint and hide, plus some disposable dinos. They were stopped short of the main building anyway, so I was able to just move stuff back in that evening instead of losing it all.
  23. As soon as I can stand the cold, I kill penguins for organic poly since I'm collecting meat at the same time. Later when I have better mining capabilities and dinos for meat runs, I switch to obsidian.
  24. I collect stolen dinos. I'd like to see some new ways we could do it. Maybe a special cryopod for catching tames, maybe balance it out with a long timer.
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