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  1. It oftern seems that those with faster computers are able to connect faster and 'get lucky' to grab a space. While those that see a 69/70 try and fail after waiting so long, only for the faster one to join. If there was a clear waiting queue and your spot was saved, it would be fairer and more transparent to those who are still trying to enter.
  2. server queue for 70/70 servers There should be server queues for when servers are 70/70. It gives everyone equal opportunity to join the game. It will allow players to see how many is ahead of them so they know when their near to getting into the game, instead of getting fed up on refreshing.
  3. I change my mind.... bikini skins are great but wheres all the taming boosts?! You changed it to only breeding boosts when theres new colored dinos everywhere.. Raising dinos is fun and all but its overkill with every event, it would be nice to get some new colored dinos from one event to breed with. The constant raising events will take away some of the fun and hype of the Love Event and Extra Life Event.
  4. They could lower the range of the parasaurs detection to be lower, forcing you to fly closer the bases, getting within range of hidden turrets. It doesn't stop players from being able to find hidden bases but makes it much harder to pin point. It would be helpful to be able to lower it even more my options.
  5. Let there be event items that can last past the event, the fairy christmas lights, halloween coffins and love event decorations. More decorations in general, a spooky halloween throne, a love bed, halloween skull trophies, dino bone furniture and so on. So players can customise their bases. Yes this is more of a pve thing but for the pvp players you could make love event pink handcuffs, candycane cages maybe be able to behead dead players bodies, so you can stick their heads on the wall like a trophy.. just throw bunny ears or christmas hat on them..
  6. Release servers that players can't build on but can hunt for dinos on. Adding camping tents with storage and beds inside just for events. Alot of servers like Rag are always tame capped during event's, stopping players from being able to go out and search for tames. Having unbuildable servers forces players to tame without traps. Having a server full of wild dinos, untamed and unexplored land will feel more dangerous with just a camping tent filled with your kibbles, naro's, cryopods and such. Forcing players to think about where they place their tents and offer unique challenges on tamin
  7. Thank you for getting server 89 back up but i can no longer see the point in playing the game. Months of hard work went into getting them eggs, that i can't get more of. I understand it would have been more effort to do a rollback but after taking the server down for 24 hours without warning, it might have been nice that the players weren't then punished further with lost dinos. It would have caused no issuses with other players on the server as the server was already down. It's a shame as i loved the game but you literally just killed all the passion i had for it. 

    1. Santos935


      Can you also get server 502 up for ps4


    2. survivethelagg


      501 is still down to. It BS!

  8. any chance that server 89 could get a 1day reroll please, i had eggs down incubating as well as mutated babies i worked very hard to get with trades, all will be lost. we waited all day for the server to come back up, i only think its fair that we all get a chance to get the day and babies back. since the server was offline it shouldnt effect anybody negatively. please show a little kindness.  

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