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  1. This is honestly one of the stupidest and most senseless things I've ever seen posted here "Why don’t you pull your hands out of your ass and write a program that will prohibit dishonest players from doing everything that they do and ban them" asking that of WC is like asking someone to... its incredibly difficult already to make a game like ark that gives the amount of freedom. its even harder to make sure that people don't abuse that freedom. if i told you to go listen to complaints from 10,000 people playing a game and figure out who was lying and cheating vs being honest and being victimized without getting a single one wrong, while im screaming in your ear that your not doing your job and you suck on top of your slow pace how would you feel?. like sh*t. the point is that programming is very difficult and it takes time and plenty of it to get things right and people always find a way around restrictions that other people put up in this never ending cycle. lets see you write some "program" to stop all this from happening with that entitled attitude of yours. tell me when you give up
  2. i agree but the issue there is that some clusters dont feature scorched or abb and so the only way to get thoes dinos is to have either rag for the scorched dinos and or an admin shop/ entire area in a map within said cluster that features said abb dinos. what the devs should ahve done is add 2 checkboxes one for abb and one for SE allowing for the spawn of thoes map creatures but they didnt so what can you do?
  3. i missed the stream since i was at work. really wanted to see it so is there any place i can go to watch a recording???
  4. while i respect the Greek mythology, dont forget theres also plenty to be gleaned from Egyptian, Norse, and roman mythologys etc. personally i think it would be cool to see a few addons like that.
  5. because Microsoft is a b*tch of a company and they fret over every microscopic string of data to cross there servers. its not wildcard that's stopping progress. its Microsoft with all of there restrictions on what can and cant be put on there consoles. steam doesnt have all of thoes restrictions so its easier to put stuff on pc than anything else
  6. you could but that brings up my second point that people would put it on a platform Dino. the parasaur isnt technically moving only the parcer or quetz (depending of course) therefore it could still detect bases and purlos/reapers while on the move. and while this may or may not be a common thing it is worth mentioning that if you cryopod a parasaur and go to a location you think may be within range of enemy territory and just explore.you might find something if not then pack it up and rinse and repeat. it is still abusable but maybe not as commonplace. and maybe put the parasaur on a raft but that would only help next to rivers thankfully evin if the parasaurs sense ability is fairly large in size.
  7. imma have to say that it depends on the servers player count the map and the size and probably the toxicity level of the people ?. but in all reality they really should disable the ability to pick up parasaurs all together i think, if you cant pick it up with a flyer then you cant fly around cheating in a sense. another thing is that they would have to disable it for all dinos with a platform saddle not just the quetz. take extinction for example imagination someone with the frost or tree titan wandering the map with a parasaur on its back looking for a base to Unicorn. it would be so broken cuz the titans are op as fudge same with a titanosaur. however there is nothing stopping someone from just riding the parasaur everywhere. riding the parasaur around without the aid of a platform dino or flyer cant really be argued with. its within fair bounds
  8. man i wanna make my own map so bad lol, i have the dev kit and have been messing around with it a bit. sadly one month isn't enough time to learn how it works AND make a map that would be any good. and as both a PC and Xbox owner with ark on both platforms i feel for the console players (including myself) because PC gets everything first and most of the time are the only people to get whatever it is. like honestly, as an aspiring mod maker it sucks to know that whatever your going to make isn't going to show up on Xbox. seriously what is so difficult about pulling a Bethesda and getting mod support for console? if Skyrim and fallout can get it. there is absolutely no reason ark can't ether. its just mental.
  9. What you are asking for is a gun that shoots through not only walls, but anything in line of sight? Gee that doesn't sound broken at all. well there is some viability to this. instead of a gun how about a turret? it is possible to add a system to any game and/ or any object (mesh included) that can figure out what side of a wall or object a player is standing on. considering that you have to be on the back end or under side of a mesh to actually be able to mesh. what if you create a configuration for a turret (or a new turret entirely i don't care what you use as long as its a low level object.) that allows a turret to shoot through a mesh (just disable turret / mesh collisions) provided that a character or dino is located behind or inside said mesh i.e if (from the POV of a mesher) i decide to mesh a base, clip into the terrain and go to the base, the turret would look at me and insta kill me ammo or not (because if you cheat you deserve immediate retribution without a chance to repent obviously) and thats that. however if i am outside of the wall (raiding the base like a good human being should NORMALLY) the turret acts like a normal turret with normal damage (or whatever the server has it set to) UNDERSTAND I AM NOT A MESHER of course this would only be a temporary fix and you would have to dedicate a lower level object for people starting the server or it would be unfair to them. and said object would have to search for meshers and nothing more as to keep it from being op in a sens that its a level 5 object acting like a turret outside of looking for meshers. i dont know if that makes sense but thats essentially the best of both worlds imo.
  10. lmao just join a leauge of legends voice channel. i guarantee you your vocabulary will expand thats for sure.
  11. if i had a nickle for every time i read someones negative comments about the game and how its going to trash i would have a gold plated yacht right now, and if i had a nickle for every time i had to tell someone that there insensitive child like complaints where unjustified because they didn't read the whole post i would have another gold plated yacht.
  12. woke up before school to check on giga imprints. me and my tribe missed one but am looking for 90+ if im lucky among that i bred a pair of 293 and 287 rexes and got 3 babies from it, i think there all somewhere between 240 and 290 and got some more materials for my tribe mates to expand the base with so it was a good morning. but im tired af right now lol.
  13. geez 4 comments (including mine) in four years? thats actually kind of sad.
  14. raided the alpha and shockingly it went off without a hitch so there gone and now we are inline to take that position provided we dont get destroyed
  15. accidentally permacrashed a server. But only After... grinding every resource imaginable for 3 hours building a massive base for another 2 trolling taming lots of stuff
  16. no i dont think thats it. i think that Sony and MS may not have accepted the current performance levels. if they only accept a certian level of optimization, then WildCard would be hard pressed finding a way to get it onto consoles without taking time to run it up to standards. Seriously, The people in this post need to understand that there is a lot more that goes on in a game than meets the eye. Some think that WC is just a buisness run by a bunch of lazy people and that is not neccisarily the case. there are things that require time and not all of it is fast going. So please, before you make an emotinally based comment tearing at the people making this game try to think of at least a possible reason for a delay becaue its not always the game developers fault.
  17. does anyone else scroll through all the posts just for that nostalgic feeling. and just to see how far this game has come? answer if you ever see this question
  18. it will definitey be the tek trike. but there is one thing that i just dont understand. (Now obviously the two different people i mention will have conflicting opinions thoes people who bought the tek skins from the store and thoes who did not) why do we need to have these 5 specific tek dinos if we already have the skins to buy in the store? I AM NOT saying that thats a bad thing but it feels kind of repetitive. what if i want a tek direwolf or a tek castroid. heck maybe i want a tek mammoth! is it not a possibility that you just tie the tek skin to the completion of an acheivement? or the the defeat of a boss? (i.e: defeats the center guardians on alpha = unlock tek trike and parasaur skin or finds all explorer notes = tek stego and tek raptor) i mean you guys did that for all the holiday / event cosmetics from halloween christmac valintines etc. I mean the tek dinos look cool but i think that i can safely say that we want somthing new(if i cant safely say that ill go jump in a gigas mouth).and correct me if im wrong but thats why all the dinos have a slot for a costume. (hopfully intended to be used by mor than just a few hats and a pair of glasses) and who else squealed like a little girl when they saw that extinction chronicles 5 is coming out next weeks? i know i did?
  19. and i think as to the "Floating structures or structures that extend past normal building limits on platform saddles or rafts for PVP purposes" it is not saying that you cant extend the raft size with roofs. it just means that you cant use any exploits or hacks to extend past the 2 or three roof limit. i.e you cant hack or exploit the game to allow you to build even when your roof is red or is requiring foundation support. and I believe that this goes not just for rafts but for any scenario in witch this is a possibility.
  20. well the question is how big do you consider a titan? and do you mean titan size(titanosaur) or titan size(the monstrosities from extinction) or even just like twice the size of the wyvern or somthing? i doubt that it will be a titan considering that the map of extinction (at least what we have seen) does not have any room for it to land nor would the other maps. it could be the size of 2 wyverns mashed together but i don't see the legitimacy of doing this if they are going for a more realistic outlook on an owl my bets are on that it is going to be a shoulder mount or ride. and my theory for this is that if they are going off of real world examples witch they seem to have been doing so far. then the largest owl in the world is ether the bubo owl or the great grey owl neither of witch are tree lengths in size nor even remotely close to the size required to carry a full grown man on there back(of course WC always has the option of throwing reality and legitimacy out the window.) but this is just me voicing my opinions and logic.
  21. I have to agree with you guys on this one, ark is an amazing game with an incredible story, fanbase, and amazing overall content, and they have done an amazing job making the game out to be what it is today. But I fully agree with you when you say that some of the things they have done are sorely lacking in thought. For example - making content before bug fixes. If there is one thing that I can say 100% as a fact it's that people within the gaming community for ANY GAME absolutely HATE when game developers care more about quantity vs. quality. this sadly seems to fit Wildcard perfectly with the way that they handle this issue. They often will ignore any community advice on what needs to be fixed and if they do listen they will fix it on there own time (which is not unreasonable) but it certainly does not help people in the long run. - trying to do 6,000 projects at once (not literally of course) Wildcard also had some sort of idea up in that head of theirs everytime they said they were going to do something and then did something else entirely who here remembers “Ark Primal Survival?” I'm going to quote gamepedia here. “ARK: Primal Survival is an upcoming Total Conversion for ARK: Survival Evolved. It was first announced at E3 2016 and planned for release in February 2017, but is currently delayed until an unknown date. In this Total Conversion, players will be able to play, live, and breed as any of the ARK creatures.” Instead of releasing it like they said they would they added some more dinos a couple patches a dlc and completely forgot about it. They said that they were going to work on more in game content around the time they announced “aberration” up until it’s release, and instead we got “PixArk” and there doing it again right now as well when they announced extinction and claimed that was there top priority and then released “Ark Mobile.” I do know that these games were made by studios other than WildCard so it does not affect there work on the main game but it still seems it does anyway. (now I feel I do need to clarify. I am not right now and never in a million years will I hate on ark it’s an incredible game and they do what the can to give us the best experience they can. And more likely than not there is some misinformation in here.I Don't know...I wrote this at school...cough* but I am trying to do what I think some amount of justice so tell me if you agree or not and please tell me if I got something wrong!!!)
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