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  1. Ah, no I don't believe I've experienced that one. Sounds unpleasant.
  2. Then make sure they are part of the same cluster. Also are you sure you added them in the OB correctly? Have you done it before?
  3. A couple of thoughts on this: 1. Sorry but I call bull crap on most of those people saying if there was a full wipe of official servers they'd quit. Do I think they'd stop playing and try something else for awhile? Sure I absolutely think that would happen and I think it's great! People need a chance to stop playing Ark for awhile and try other things. The nature of this game makes that possibility difficult so a wipe would allow that healthy act to happen. Mark my words though they'll eventually come back. This game just pulls at you like no other game I've ever played. You get tired of playing for awhile but it'll call you back. 2. I think some folks here are onto something with the idea of a cluster of servers that wipe periodically. I think 30 days is way too soon, but I think something like a 6 month extinction server would be very appealing. This gives everyone a ton of time to get really far and basically beat the game, and then start over again. I've always said I think the very beginning of Ark is the best, and the maintaining stages late in the game can get to be a bit of a drag so 6 months and then you start over again would be pretty awesome.
  4. That's because CrossArk is typically low pop servers so naturally you wipe everyone off the cluster the pop will get even lower...
  5. I really enjoyed the no auto-decay while it was deactivated a month or so ago. that being said, I was on a low pop cross-ark server so it was cool there. I'm sure on the high pop official servers it'd be a nightmare, plus there was a spot I wanted to build a taming pen on extinction and there was an old base that had been raided. I was super pumped to see 1 day 20 hours to go :)...
  6. I like the center and it doesn't have that crazy light all the time but you're right when it does it's very difficult to see. Oh wait you said lightening LOL. I kinda like the lightening but it does get dreary after awhile. It's why some folks get depressed when it rains all the time.
  7. The worst is the Island at night with fog and rain. Holy crap, can't see a thing! Try flying around in that it's just the worst!
  8. Ah yes this is always the concern when starting out and wanting your first tame. Typically no you can't have your bird attacked from creatures outside your building even if it's sticking out a bit. It might be possible to kill it with a pike, but I don't think so as it should be protected. Your biggest concern IMO will be folks flying around with Parasaurs set on enemy detect looking for bases like yours so once you have a pteri you'll be vulnerable to that type of detection. If you've been logging out with your body inside the base then you've avoided that sort of detection to this point so adding the pteri won't be any greater risk. The best thing you can do for yourself is head to extinction and get some cryopods. That'll eliminate this issue the fastest. If you tame an owl and build an enforcer it's a great way to defend blue orbital drops and get your self a few cryopods to help you hide your tames. Good luck!
  9. They have 2 fixes for this actually. The first one which has been around forever Aylana mentioned the Transponder node. Every time I lose a bird or sea creature I kick myself 5 or 6 times for not putting one on it because they are cheap! The next thing they added more recently is the dino leash which was also a great add and helps with these issues as well. The Cryopod is just another example of them constantly adding things to improve the game. IMO the Cryopod is one of best quality of life adds they've ever made. One of your gripes is the amount of time it takes to raise something and the Cryopod allows you to do it all on your own time.
  10. LOL thanks man! If I wasn't stuck at work I'd head home and play right now. I have an itching to start a high melee character for this small tribes server I started on last night 😂
  11. I love Ark, it's a great game and so deep it's kinda mind boggling. Here's the thing though, WC has created this game to the best of their abilities in order to appeal to everyone as best they can. You want PVP? Ok we got that. You don't like PVP but still want to play? Ok we got that. You want a serious grind where you can spend hours everyday playing? Ok we got that. You don't have that kind of time but want to play anyways? Ok we got that to (unofficial). You want to play solo? We got that. You want to customize virtually everything? Ok we got that. You see my point, WC has really tried hard to make this a game for everyone. What other game does that? Not only that, but they are still working on fixing alot of the issues you are talking about in adding things like S+ but you can only do so much and it all takes time. If this game doesn't fit your needs absolutely perfectly? Well I guess that's just how it is. Still one of the best games ever created IMO.
  12. Enable Evolution Events for 6 Man tribe servers It's just sad we don't get them, would be really fun and crazy if we did!
  13. I remember when they first started allowing transfers. Alot of folks complained at first, but eventually they understood that it was a great idea and the positives outweigh the negatives. Of course for the negatives we are typically talking about PVP and not PVE. I get it, in PVP for the standard official servers a Mega tribe might swoop in and wipe the server but I think this happens alot less frequently than people think. The counter to this as well is the CrossArk servers that can't be reached by those Mega tribes.
  14. I don't see the point of this comment or how it's even relevant.
  15. I just created a poll in game suggestions to add this feature which is a great idea. Head over there and vote it up!
  16. Auto tribe ownership transfer for inactive owners I think it'd be great if tribe ownership transferred to the next admin in line if the owner has been inactive for more than say 30 days? the number isn't what's important, it'd just be nice for it to be automatic after so much time has passed.
  17. Add Harpoon guns to loot crates It's an interesting weapon that was released and then became pointless because the best you can do is make a primitive one. It'd be cool if you could find better ones as well as BP's in loot crates.
  18. Ok good to know. So using Dododex you can actually customize your crossbow and compare it to the harpoon gun. Primitive Crossbow takes about 190 tranqs vs a 150 Mosa while it's 100 tranqs in a harpoon gun. If you customize your crossbow in the app it'll tell you exactly how many arrows you'd need with that exact crossbow and there you'll have your answer.
  19. I guess I've been lucky. Dude, seriously. You know this is just a game right? You know games are supposed to be fun right? If you aren't having fun, which it doesn't really sound like you are. Then quit and play something else.
  20. Good question. I've never made one let alone used one so I'd be curious as well. Can harpoons be used to knock something out or only for killing?
  21. Ah, so no good for taming it then huh?
  22. Well the simplest would be just listing all the engrams in one place and having a check / uncheck section so you could pick and choose which engrams are allowed and not allowed in your server. I'd make a button for select all and unselect all. You could also divide it between maps and have a seperate section just for Tek. That would be amazing and simple. Plus it works with the current settings that Ark uses right now.
  23. Create an easy checklist of Engrams for Dedicated servers The last time I hosted a dedicated server the ability to select which Engrams you wanted to allow and not allow was a huge pain. We wanted to create a server where you'd start in Thatch age, move to wooden age, then stone, metal, tek. During each state we'd determine which engrams would make sense to unlock. Wow, it's a ton of work and would be very nice to make this easier to configure.
  24. Sure, but you usually get what 2? Each orbital drop takes a decent amount of time as well. I'd be fully in support of having them craftable in a terminal if folks are against using the fabby. Just something else besides the replicator. I'm a small tribe looking to keep to a very small footprint and the replicator is huge and it doesn't make sense to need one just for cryopods.
  25. Yours is a very PVE answer. Doesn't necessarily translate to PVP though.
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