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  1. How'd I miss this whole thread earlier? It's reminded me how fun it is to infiltrate and demolish someone. I'm definitely doing that this weekend.
  2. No sentimentality here. If it doesn't pull its weight, it ends up in the trough feeding stuff that does.
  3. Like asking how to drift in a dump truck. If I wanted more player on player crime, I'd play something other than Ark.
  4. Build smarter. Let 'em mesh their way into a big ol' room full of turrets, dimos and narc traps.
  5. Google your question and you'll have 1,000 more replies than you'll get here over the next week. This subject has been covered extensively for the last several years.
  6. SMP

    Admin Abuse

    I'd love to hear the admin's side of this.
  7. Give them a reason to not mess with you. Try to buddy up, provide them with flint or something else they don't want to deal with. Appear to be a waste of time, make the whole server think you're in the poorhouse. Making your base look already raided can work. Raidable but a pain in the neck is a good strat, as well. I've had success with all of these.
  8. Yup. Every few months I accidentally toggle that or auto-hide chat. The first few times I just starting hitting every key on the keyboard, which inevitably led to hitting the 'J' key. Now I've wised up and just google it.
  9. Huh? I've never even seen Rockwell and use pods just fine.
  10. I've been solo for years. You want small dinos to make it easier to hide your base. Most of the time, my biggest tames are argys. Beavers instead of bronto/trike for berry gathering. Sabers/wolves for local wildlife control (assuming you didn't set up in the 'hood). Dimos for interior defense. Pig for poop, beetle for fert. I rarely tame anything but those.
  11. IMO the best quick tips would tell us how to toggle the stuff we accidentally turn off somehow. I've looked 'em up a dozen times because after 3-4 months I forget it's a thing.
  12. 4k+ here and never done a boss fight. I have no interest in any of the tek stuff other than pods and I can steal those.
  13. Only giga I've ever tamed myself was probably my most memorable. Tamed it on an island, tried to lead it across the water back to mainland, it was killed by mantas. Total tamed time was probably about 8 minutes. It was over a year before my next giga and I just bought that one.
  14. To some extent, I've had that issue since I started playing Ark. Some days it takes me 15-20 minutes just to get logged in. It's why I have 4,500 hours in-game. Easier to just stay logged in all day than to keep dealing with login crap. If it's a constant issue (as in you can never get logged in), start Googling or submit an official ticket. If it's intermittent, Welcome to Ark.
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