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  1. It's a tribe strategy that involves quantity over quality. Small tribes will have Alpha's, up to 6 quality players. Cross ark and the other large tribe servers will have mega's that typically consist of average/noob players with the odd quality members. Think of the movie "Ants" where the ants are fighting termites, ants are the megas with their endless swarm of soldiers. The termites may be bigger and deadlier but the ants have the numbers.
  2. No bad idea. How about you get some proof of your claims
  3. Use heavy turrets mixed in with at least 20 tek and a dozen or so plant x, also stock up on rockets and maybe a launcher platform. Solo with this setup was taking down dessert titans in a couple minutes.
  4. There are no Alpha tribes on PvE lol. How would you judge their status as Alpha's? On PvP its easy to differentiate.
  5. Why would ark ripoff the ghost in Destiny, they even look similar lol.
  6. Yea no this is only on non official servers maybe. On official you can keep someone forever and that's a big ol no on getting banned for holding people prisoner. This game was developed by Mericans and they are pretty obsessed with putting people in prisons, maybe it's just cultural?
  7. Have used floating jails before. Find a hole that when one falls in they just float there, everybody has probably been stuck in one by now, drag your unconscious victim to the edge and turf them in. I used foundations after to seal access to the hole and put a crap decoy base ontop. This idea came to me while I was stuck in a hole for the better part of 4 hours. It would definitely be a grey exploit.
  8. Riddle me this, if I buy season 1 of south park does that mean I get the remaining 21 seasons for free lol. Dumbest discussion ever! Moderator please lock this down.
  9. Depends on what you are playing, single player, PvE or PvP.
  10. Longest me and my pals kept someone handcuffed to a chair was around 10 weeks lol.
  11. Where did I say that I wanted to lure and destroy in PvE, post where I stated that! I was making a comparison to PvP. People who want a challenge in PvE they dont play PvP because of people like me, who take any opportunity that's given. It dosen't matter if your online or offline, if the fruit is ripe. People who play openly against the rules have no honor or skill.
  12. Lol People that want it off crave a challenge but not overly challenging, like some dude like me foundation wiping their base while they are offline or just on a resorces run like in PvP. They want to feel like losing it all could happen at any time, the feel of your adrenaline pumping when you log on in the nick of time to save it all. All that but no C4 or RPG's blowing your hard earned gains away. Minecraft ruined a generation.
  13. I would like to play Pve but it is so incredibly boring with ORP, no challenge and no real need to grow. Official No ORP servers would be great especially on Ps4. Classic PvE like it was when I started all those years ago before ORP drove me away to PvP. PvP is the way to play this game btw, but a PvE vacation is always nice.
  14. Pvp players whine and moan because playing pvp is very time consuming and stressful, yes pve can take effort to but not on the same scale.
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