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  1. Who cares about more empty promises. It's a good time killing game as it is, my biggest problem is that WC announces some new gimmick then takes years to implement. S+ was originally announced before the official launch out of early access, and in the two years they have only included being able to place sloped ceilings upside down and a pick up timer. I guess they are better then Bethesda though.
  2. ThePryBar


    How did they drop heavy turrets in primitive plus? It's primitive so no gennys no auto turrets, I call bs
  3. ThePryBar

    Please WC Give Primitive Plus a Fighting Chance!!!

    It's a dead game mode on the console. If your new to ark stay away from primitive plus, why bother convincing new players to join a non supported mode . But this is the future of ark in a couple of years.
  4. ThePryBar

    Ps4 PVE Game Breaking Lost Everything

    Transfer out, then transfer back.
  5. ThePryBar


    Hello, small tribes official extinction 70 is being Ddos at the moment. Why is this even a problem? Easy fix would be to trace these IP address and turn them over to the local authorities. It is a felony that is punishable by up to ten years in prison. I don't care if they are 10 or 50 years old prosecute these idiots publicly.
  6. ThePryBar

    Prim + Abberation 4 no supply drops

    We only have 4 maps on the cluster as well. All EU high ping official, island, scorched, rag and ab is all we get. Only pvp no pve or non official. Ps4 gets the most of the shaft.
  7. ThePryBar

    Prim + Abberation 4 no supply drops

    It's no longer supported on the consoles. I'm on ps4 and we haven't had drops for 4-6 months now.
  8. So what about loot drops on official ps4 are they no longer compatible?
  9. ThePryBar

    ??? Does Prim Plus Still Have Support ???

    Well on Ps4 it has been abandoned, the devs don't care at all! No drops no sea crates no cave drops, no expansion for the Center no Extinction. People blocking spawns, glitch building you name it, and in all 4 of the EU servers there still is close to 300+ people playing. No support for them. Oh yea and no low ping NA servers for us who live in NA. If the servers are still listed as official then treat them as such. If you don't have the time then reclassify them as legacy or unofficial. Hands down the worst customer support by far.
  10. Howdy was just wondering if you could look into why there are no drops on aberration on ps4 official prim plus. I have been trapped there for almost 4 plus months now and am quite frankly sick of it, my character is nearly lvl 90 and don't want to start over again. Is is it not supported? Why even have alternative clusters that you ignore, primitive and no tame don't even get the new dlcs. I paid so I should be able to play.
  11. @Jen Howdy and how goes it. So back in November you claimed the team was busy fixing primitive plus on the PlayStation4. So when will they start? Cause it is 2019 now and still no drops appearing on official aberration, don't know about the rest been stuck on aberration for close to 4 months now with no way to transfer out. Oh and could we also get Center and Extinction as well and maybe a couple North American servers that don't suffer from constant 180-200 pings. Oh and the forgotten people over on the Official No Tame ps4 servers would also like Extinction and Center added to their cluster too. Thank you you for your time.
  12. Question and totally of topic but will Grapeshot games new epic Atlas be coming to the PS4 for early access or will I have to buy a new Pc or Xbox? @Jen
  13. ThePryBar

    Massive bug

    So I play on prim+ eu island official. One of our logged of tribe members has been drug around a bit and has created a massive mound of sorts, it's probably 50 foundations high and double that in width. Really messes with the game experience given it will block the sun and have shadows cast on it, please fix. If my phone was connected to my ps4 I would post the screenshots.
  14. Howdy was wondering if Aberration is going to playable on the official no tek no tame servers?