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  1. Does this mean that people can't disable the vegetation anymore with a keyboard on ps5, if so I may have to download this game again.
  2. ThePryBar


    The Dunky is one of the most useful creatures in PvP on a map with an ocean. Last time I played official small tribes everyone had one given they out preform the anky/argy combo. There's endless metal/stone and obsidian under the sea.
  3. As the title says just add all of the engrams for bps to the game right now and don't tie them to the maps they released on.
  4. The Op doesn't seem to understand that by hyping up their community by saying thing like. "Get ready everyone we are going to be launching across all platforms simultaneously at the end of October" is the very thing that has created this toxic mess. Lies upon lies and they are up to their old tricks again blaming Sony or Microsoft for delaying the cert process, when it's them by not creating a finalized product.
  5. Plant species X Quit being lazy its not hard to drop a few dozen plants around your base. Build with strategy in mind. Honestly I used to play Pve when it was like this and it was a fun and challenging experience. But after they added orp it became less of a pve experience and more like God mode hence I stopped playing it.
  6. Claiming that you are new to the game is a tactic that people use to dupe idiots. Having pity for new players leaves you vulnerable to their attacks. I have played with Alpha's on Small Tribes for years and the amount of times I passed on a player because they claimed to be new then for them to attempt to offline raid my base happens all the time. So I just foundation wipe everything tek or thatch it dosen't matter, if you want people to stop attacking new bobs then maybe suggest people start being honest and truthful instead of lying all the time. But that won't happen 😕 so whatever
  7. The idea that the water and grasses will move when a creature or player interacts with it is SO INCREDIBLY STUPID in an mmo. Think of the massive lag spikes that will be happening all the time. You removed the animations of plant species X because of the lag that it creates but have decided to introduce more lag inducing crap for the sake of realism just to remove it again. All official servers better be wiped on console launch day if you plan on keeping crossplay fair and competitive. But whatever I imagine it will be a late December launch for consoles at best, given Snail games record or Wildcards.
  8. I don't understand your argument, there is zero chance to defend solo against a tribe of six on smalls even half arsed players would be near impossible. Why not ask or try to start a forum petition to get a solo cluster, that would be your only chance. Or just get some friends because it is not a solo game.
  9. Tell me that the game is going to launch full of game breaking glitches,lag and bugs without telling me. We are launching in EARLY ACCESS. 😆
  10. How is ASA a remaster when you are actually going in and changing structures and tools/weapons? I recently played the Xbox Remaster of Goldeneye and boy other then the stunningly fast load times and nicer looking graphics it's exactly the same. Just update the code to handle Ua5 and shove it out, change the pricing scheme to make it even cheaper then sit back and watch all the capital roll in. Or wildcard could do what successful game studio's do and make more games, they could be shooters or racing games anything that's cheaper to produce but will still sell. I hope they can their idiotic CEO before they go bankrupt.
  11. Does anyone else think that the concept art is just unused originals from ASE. Scam alert ⚠️
  12. Why is everyone scared of August? Wildcard has never hit a release date with ark, ASA probably won't get launched until August 2024 or later and Ark 2 will be sometime in 2026 after the newest consoles launch. Also why talk about boycotts. The player base have defended every shady thing WC has done over the past 7 years. ASA will sell like hotcakes.
  13. Been playing Valheim lately on Xbox X it is pretty damn good so far. Coming to PS in August, what perfect timing to grab up all the ex arkers.
  14. Why do we need more then 2 abb maps on no tame? I play on Na and I'm usually all by my self.
  15. Logged in after work to discover that I was offline raided... Now the two things that ticked me off were the following. 1. I logged of last night thinking life was groovy but by my own over confident stoned state of mind I did not see my fatal flaw. My blocker boat was to close to my main boat and hence gave a chance to wave a C4 decorated wood sausage up against the Metal Leed. My bad. 2. I had just placed 4 sea mines right before I parked up for the night. I think the overconfidence placed in the sea mines was my undoing. They also did nothing and I think they just disappeared on their own, no record of them in the logs. So overall I'm annoyed at myself, but whatever this is ark pvp after all. Time to roll one....
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