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  1. @AirplaneSlider 8 stone door frames 8 wood or stone fence foundations, make a hexagon, stand inside and shoot it to get the alpha Raptors attention. Then simply pull out your best pike (bring two primitive pikes) and stabby stabby. Real easy
  2. So you have roughly 14100hrs combined,now do you play all the systems at the same time or individually? Even then if you play PvE on 2 machines at the same time for an hour that's still just an hour, not 2. Me I am kinda embarrassed to admit that I have close to 10000hrs since early access on ps4. All on PvP official.
  3. I'm back and got a math dubie. So ark has been out for roughly 39420 hours your claim of 35000 leaves you with 4420 hours of spare time over the past 4.5 years. Given that a 40hr work week for 50 weeks (leaving out 2.25 weeks for vacation) equals 2000hrs, your claimed game time of 7000hrs a year. Remember there are only 8760hrs in a year so your only 240hrs over just in game and work, no sleeping or eating or screwing over the past 4.5 years included. I assumed meth because it is one of the only stimulants that will allow you to preform your totally bogus routine.
  4. At 12.5 hours everyday since you would have just under 19000. Try again fella there are only 8760 in a year
  5. There are a total of 8760 hours in a year. The tool is claiming 35000, so a minimum of 5000 hours of game time a year. Sorry but not possible. Then again maybe the guy is a multimillionaire and they can afford never working.
  6. Liar no way you have 35000 hours on ark. That's almost impossible, if it's true then maybe it's time to put down the meth pipe get off welfare and get a job. When I get home from work I will calculate your claim but just off the top of my head you play at least 16 hours everyday since release. So yea complete BS
  7. Who would want to buy a company that can't hit a release date? It would be a horrible investment, the big studios became big and valuable by hitting release dates. It's like a person who is a fantastic worker and makes awesome products but can't make it to work on time ever, do you think said person would be promoted or fired? The company I work for started out in the owners garage back in the 70s,now 50 some odd years later we are a multi billion dollar business. We would not still be around if we couldn't hit a deadline on time while still prioritizing quality.
  8. Lol what's funny is nobody is asking about part 2, since part 1 is coming a few weeks from spring. Does this mean part 2 will be summer or fall 2020, what is part 2 anyways? What's included in it? Thrilled that I get to buy this game during the spring break sale on ps4 I bet it will be 50% off, and I bet they miss the 25th by at least 2 weeks lol.
  9. @Udam You do realize that your conversing with one of those annoying little I gens as in under 20, and the only way you can be a boomer is if you were born between 1945 and 60. If someone is acting old then call em a grandpa or grandma. Geez lol
  10. All of you that want a refund well it sucks to be you. You have been enjoying genesis already, are you unhappy with your ghost, whoops ghosts are from Destiny lol the little floaty information thing. That is genesis content pretty sure you can only get a refund if you haven't utilized the new product, so yea lol
  11. They wont let us know the release date until it is a couple days away, if it's coming out on Friday then they will let us know on Wednesday or Thursday. Given the lackluster information I bet they haven't even sent it off for certification yet.
  12. It is a PvE thing and it doesn't really matter what region their in cause all the PvE servers are mad with lag. I stick to PvP because the lag is bearable only Lagnarok can be annoying at times.
  13. A small tame small tribe cluster. Where the largest carnivore would be a carno, largest flyer a argy, and largest herbivore as a theiry and no trikes or stegos. Tribes under 10 players with the ability to have 2 official allies.
  14. Are you sure, should probably double check
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