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  1. Where did I say that I wanted to lure and destroy in PvE, post where I stated that! I was making a comparison to PvP. People who want a challenge in PvE they dont play PvP because of people like me, who take any opportunity that's given. It dosen't matter if your online or offline, if the fruit is ripe. People who play openly against the rules have no honor or skill.
  2. Lol People that want it off crave a challenge but not overly challenging, like some dude like me foundation wiping their base while they are offline or just on a resorces run like in PvP. They want to feel like losing it all could happen at any time, the feel of your adrenaline pumping when you log on in the nick of time to save it all. All that but no C4 or RPG's blowing your hard earned gains away. Minecraft ruined a generation.
  3. I would like to play Pve but it is so incredibly boring with ORP, no challenge and no real need to grow. Official No ORP servers would be great especially on Ps4. Classic PvE like it was when I started all those years ago before ORP drove me away to PvP. PvP is the way to play this game btw, but a PvE vacation is always nice.
  4. Pvp players whine and moan because playing pvp is very time consuming and stressful, yes pve can take effort to but not on the same scale.
  5. 8 stone door frames and 8 fence supports, make an octagon. Stand inside then shoot the alpha raptor to get its attention, once its attacking you use a pike to kill it. It wont be able to attack you through the door frames.
  6. They will and it will be called Ark 2. It's not a hard concept to understand that the initial programming is flawed and the only way to implement said "fix" would be to to start all over again. Now I don't know about the rest of you but a sequel sounds great and it makes more sense then beating the golden goose to death.
  7. No transfers out until August. "Assuming" it was a month after release on pc before transfers out were allowed so probably the same for us console players.
  8. So let me get this straight you are against this ability and you don't think that it should be a thing yet you actively engage in doing it. That's like saying that you hate meshing and think that it should be fixed but until it is you continue to mesh yourself. It's called balance. An animal that can hide needs an animal that can uncover it.
  9. I have read the thread and I completely disagree with you. As I stated I am constantly active in pvp and still to this day have yet to see this happening. If it was as common as you folks claim then people would be non stop complaining in global. So how would you find a hidden creature in a featureless location? Just ride around biting the ground with your rex?
  10. Yea this isn't an issue. I play only pvp and since this was introduced I have yet to see anyone carrying one around. It's been my experience that 90% of hidden bases have parasaurs on turret mode inside their hiding spot that alert nearby raiders that a hidden base is near. Using them to detect purlovias or reapers hidden in the terrain is great, it seems kinda dumb to have hidden creatures but no way of finding them. Makes a useless tame useful.
  11. No, maybe in a month after release
  12. It's a bull whip, it should count as a melee weapon and it makes sense for it to disarm. Have you ever used a bull whip IRL, they are Fing terrifying. My friend owns one and he can easily disarm an attacker at 8 plus feet. @ForzaProiettile
  13. So I'm spoiled because I work hard to buy the toys I enjoy? Or I'm spoiled because I understand what saving is? If you don't have a couple hundred or thousand in your bank, then maybe you need to revalue your time, probably shouldn't be spending extra on a luxury like online gaming.
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