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  1. There are no strategies in base building on pve, just build a square with some walls don't even need a roof. You can always tell when someone is from pve do to their over confidence in crappy builds. Well the speed leveling is great cause once you hit 60 leveling takes quite a bit of effort, leaving lots of time to play with the early engrams. Now you could just unlock the grinder put it on a raft then grind up trees beside a toilet, but that can be monotonous and boring. @Oldster
  2. I would have to agree with @ForzaProiettile pvp is the best way to learn this game. You will not learn how to properly build a base in single player or pve, you have to learn strategies both offensive and defensive. Start on the island, don't matter what game mode because it is the easiest map to quickly level up. Build a raft and go after all the explorer notes and dossiers, in a couple hours you will hit 60, easy xp.
  3. Then you are playing against the rules, Go read the CoC for small tribes. Role playing as the defender would be cheating on small tribes if you want to do that then go play crossark or regular officials. Small tribes is an all out warring pvp cluster, not a happily skipping down the beach holding hands role playing cluster. GO READ THE RULES. @Logan96
  4. If you read the rules you will find that helping out with other tribes cross sever raids is against the rules. @Logan96 if you are building within render and not attacking each other, then yes that's an informal alliance. Especially if you are sharing the entrance and resources, you can not be helpful to other tribes. One screen shot of these two tribes sharing a cave could easily get them dev wiped. Personally I wouldn't chance it, but I'm not you so giver.
  5. No alliances allowed on small tribes, so if they are not at war with each other it's safe to assume that they are allies. Clearly states that in the TOS for small tribes.
  6. Just re word it and maybe include pvp in the header or just remove pve and pvp, you don't have to physically say excluding to imply it. Hey team wild card could you add a profession system to the game and maybe a skill progression tree, it would make the game so much more fun and add some challenges. There not very hard to be inclusive.
  7. I like you suggestions but excluding Pvp because you hold onto some bias against it seems dumb so no upvote for you. Also how do you figure that teamwork is more common in pve? You won't survive and thrive in pvp if you do not play with others.
  8. I can't see them getting rid of this because people were killing each other's dinosaurs in pvp cause that's kinda the point of pvp, oh no they killed my dinos using the transmitter. It would be nice because they are more or less useless, great for aberration and quick raids pre cryo but other than that? It was more likely removed because pve players were abusing it.
  9. Lol July ha. More like October or November for a release. It's not like wildcard delayed all the other maps lol. Don't get your Hope's up
  10. Why are you doing another great migration? It is completely pointless given legacy is getting this new map, they also got extinction and aberration? How is it you claim they do not receive updates or support but yet you give them new content? Who ever is in charge must be BAKED.
  11. Wiping official servers would only increase the amount of griefing going on, people think the state of the game currently is toxic. Just wait until every serious player loses hundreds of hours of work do to forum complainers, people with skills who no longer care will raze every server daily until it is truly unplayable. People with nothing to lose are the most dangerous.
  12. This is a dumb post. Tell me why you clowns at wildcard claim to be closing down and no longer giving support to legacy but yet still giving them access to new maps and content? At the same time official no tame no tek is not getting any support or new content or new maps? Seems kinda silly @Cedric
  13. Fix the salt Would we be able to get a fix for the preserving salt. Currently it is only able to be placed in the useless vessels "4 slots only" player and Dino inventory. Not able to use it with the troughs or preserving bins or fridges.
  14. Why are you still posting on this site @MackTheKnife, you have stated on multiple occasions that you no longer play this game. What kind of joys do you get by Trolling this site and members of the ark community? Please just stop attacking people for their game style and quit assuming that people are horrible people in the real world because of how they choose to play. I am honestly sick and tired of your attitude, please grow up a little and start taking some of your own advice.
  15. Really dude? You can place the map on the wall and use the paint feature to mark in base locations or cords or whatever. Why do they need to add another item to preform the same function?
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