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  1. Given that genesis part 1 was delayed by 3 or so months pre covid 19 can only imagine that it will be August or September because of covid being in full swing.
  2. Maybe go get some good armor and weapon Bp's then. Oh no not a alpha Rex, in PvP No Tek No Tame we would slaughter everything on foot. No excuses bud
  3. Let's start now. What is more fun then throwing a dead baby off a roof? Catching it with a rake.
  4. @TheMortalGenius Well I guess that tonight i am going to fill the chats with dead baby jokes, I'm 36 just so you know. Lol
  5. @jhcomputerguy @invincibleqc Farming players has nothing to do with them paying the alpha tribe, what these Alpha's are talking about is literally farming other players for their resources its another way of saying raiding.
  6. @Blackmagic9000 No mention of the use of slanted roofs in your tip list is a massive fail in my opinion, because people who want to build the fab on a raft will require a two high structure and just using walls will just waste your limited structure limits. No mention of using standing torches to uncover the amount of structures that you have left to utilize.
  7. @GreenRoc You should try Citadel forged with fire, there's no dinos but there are dragons and tamable creatures, by far the best building of any survival games on the Ps4. Only thing that bothers me is the reduced turret limits, 100 is absolutely nothing for defense. Oh and not being able to breed my favorite dinos on my favorite map Aberration, you should be able to un pod them just not be able to mount.
  8. ThePryBar

    ARK 2!!

    COD 3 released 2006 for Xbox, Xbox 360,Ps2 and Ps3 so not a Sony exclusive. Spiderman is owned by Sony not Marvel and was an exclusive release for Sony that was never on another system. As for FFx no idea why it never came on PC, Nintendo and Square had issues with each other and the original Xbox had only been out for what a week or two and nobody trusted them yet. So no my opinion is not contradictory if a game was always an exclusive then who cares.
  9. ThePryBar

    ARK 2!!

    It does feel like the chevrons are locking in just need Jack and Sam.
  10. ThePryBar

    ARK 2!!

    Ark 2 will be exclusive to Pc and Xbox only, did yall get bought out by Microsoft? Whatever stupid idea would have been fine if Ark was originally exclusive to those two systems, like how God of War or Ratchet and Clank or Halo were always exclusive but to make your first game inclusive then exclude all your fans. I hope that this is the final nail in your coffin just go bankrupt already.
  11. Would be one of the more popular maps if you could just unpod and breed all dinos on Aberration. But we can't because a giga would be OP apparently, because they are great for small spaces and take no damage from falling lol. The only reason for not allowing all the tames on was because of all the Knobs that would submit tickets about how their dino ran off a cliff into the red zone.
  12. So I just looked at the legacy cluster and noticed that they got Crystal Isles, funny how a nonsupported cluster continues to get the new maps while official game modes like NoTek NoTame that had their legacy servers deleted continues to be overlooked.
  13. F to this, I want to build on one of the towers. If they are not going to include all the maps then I say don't bother at all leave it the way it is, just cause this unskilled knob doesn't want a challenge doesn't mean the rest of us won't.
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