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  1. ThePryBar

    The Body Count

    Can't think of one raid that was more brutal then the last lol. So before you read my script warning it's not about raiding someone just trying to get a fellow tribe member to quit. So back before the turret cap destroyed no tek no tame I was with The Mongolian Mafia on Ps4 island server, people said we were alphas or whatever and supposedly there are a few YouTube videos of people attempting to raid our compound. But we had a tribe member that was a real scum bag, he was beyond anything most people could imagine. He wasn't exactly good at the game but what he had was deep pockets, yes he would use real currency to buy people's allegiances, mercenaries if you will. Well for that reason no matter how much gear or resources he would steal nobody would call him out, other than this guy right here, I was always blocked by him in tribe chat lol. So everyone would punch him while he was logged off lol and boy oh boy would he be butt hurt, he would log then complain about being knocked out for a half hour and blame everyone but me? Well I was the worst for it because while everyone else was running by punching him, I would strip him of his armour "why break it so he can use more stolen resources to fix it" then pump him full of tranq darts to an inch of his life. Wait for his health to slowly return and repeat the same process all over lol, he never did quit unfortunately.
  2. ThePryBar

    Ark isn’t dead

    Battlefield is a defined pvp mmo sandbox. World of war craft is a defined pve mmo sandbox. Both games allow you to play both modes at the same time, you can drive a jeep wherever you want in battlefield and not engage in any pvp, WoW you can flag yourself for pvp anywhere or join a battleground. Both games have nearly been around for 20 years and are still popular, why because they know their audience and cater to that audience. I bought battlefield case I know that it is a pvp sandbox. Just like how I bought WoW knowing that it is a pve dungeon crawler. Game designers don't have to pay homage to both and shouldn't be forced to bend when people who bought the game thinking it was one thing but is in fact is another.
  3. ThePryBar

    Ark isn’t dead

    If you do an optimization to pvp or pve it affects both because how the game was designed, it was meant to be one of the two not both at once. This is why game titles that have been around for decades continue to thrive because they know their audience and build their games to that specific audience. And no what made ark popular is the fact that it's probably one of the only games where when you log off your character and your stuff stays on the game, not teleported to another demension. Sandbox just lets you have freedom that's all, not being confined to a set game area or a certain build style, it allows creativity. Saying the game can't be defined because it is a sandbox is a crap argument to make.
  4. ThePryBar

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    Wow the salty hate in this thread is incredibly hilarious, I'm just sitting here howling at some of these posts. Keep it up folks. 👍
  5. ThePryBar

    Game suggestions forum ?

    Good new forum layout would be 👍.
  6. Where did I say it was your fault that you got meshed? Come on now you could at least quote where I said it was your fault, if not then quit putting words in my script. Um git gud? Do you mean get good? Mr. Sociopath lol I will take that as a compliment 😁. The devs stated quite clearly what the results of what you did to protect yourself would be, your own fault. When I got meshed a few months ago I took off a couple weeks and tried to get my money's worth out of fallout 76, cooled down and am back at pvp ark. I'm on a boat now lol can't mesh boats but your defences can be clipped so there's that. So you like telling other people to join a tribe well why didn't you? Fallout 76 sucks by the way.
  7. ThePryBar

    Ark isn’t dead

    Just because it's a sandbox does not mean it can't be defined as pvp or pve. Conan exiles and Fallout 76 were both billed as pvp survival sandboxes, but neither were they are PvE games with elements of PvP. If the creators said what they were to start with many people would not have wasted their money on them. I am a consumer not a mind reader and I do expect some honesty from the developers. Greed is not an good excuse.
  8. ThePryBar

    Ark isn’t dead

    They need to define the game so the audience knows what it is all about.
  9. ThePryBar

    Ark isn’t dead

    They need to pick an audience and stick with it either a PvP game with pve elements or PvE with pvp elements. The only reason the community does not get along is because they are trying to appease two different gamer groups at once. Call of duty is a great example of a game that is pvp with pve elements or world of Warcraft and elder scrolls are a prime example of a Pve with pvp elements. Just pick one already!
  10. Clearly you were never very good at being solo, only noobs farm actual resources, you farm to get grenades then steal good gear and use other people's resources to better your time. You can build a raider raft in a couple hours equipped with all you need to farm other people, in the same time frame your still grinding up narco to get that soon to be dead argy/anky combo that took all day to get. Set up a metal farm near a drop or on top of a hill and use parachutes or even better a glider suit because a glider is fast and discrete. Play SMARTER NOT HARDER because your playing PVP SOLO so there are no excuses, it's all on you if you want to play nice like in PVE then prepare to get raided all the time. Playing PVP SOLO means you will have to be ruthless and non sympathetic to other players, take all that they have because it's all been nicely harvested just for you to come along and go " oh hey freebs " . To many people suck at pvp because they think about other people's feelings more then their own enjoyment. It sucks to get raided, anyone worth their salt in pvp understands that, they understand the grind it took and the hours invested. So you got meshed and are now content with pve ha! You just suck that's all so no need to leave any advice for a player that wants to play solo pvp, not join a tribe, not get blown into nightly. @MackTheKnife
  11. ThePryBar

    Ark isn’t dead

    Yes let's make excuses, that's always the best option. Oh wow you do mma congratulations your my hero! and you have a girl too OMG. Wow we all have lives so your just making excuses now and the whole solo thing lol you claim to be so popular IRL but yet you have 0 online friends, try again bud. Once again if if you don't have the time or your not having any fun then switch it up. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? If if your going to mention me in your comment then tag me, whats your excuse this time? @Chesney
  12. So playing smart makes you a parasite? The OP is asking about solo pvp and how to improve, not how to get wiped every night. Go ahead build a big base get yourself an argy and a anky waste all that time taming so another player can come along and reap all your hard work. Best advice to be successful solo is to not take advice from clearly pve people who are clueless. As for hidden, the bigger your base the harder to hide might seem like common sense but apparently not. There are lots of fantastic hiding spots that are hidden to all but those that already know the locations. @Qaustik @MackTheKnife
  13. ThePryBar

    Rag PvP locations

    Lol low profile with behemoth gates.
  14. ThePryBar

    Server transferring / so I lose all my stuf ?

    The statement above is untrue, I must have transferred 10 times over the past two days and everything is still groovy. If it crashes before you actually spawn in, your character will be stored in the ark and then you can retrieve it by downloading your character to the ark of your choice. Im on a high population rag Ps4 official.
  15. Learn to build a one by one base. Smithy, forge, mortar/pestle and a bed is all you need to start out and can all be stuffed in the one by one. Build a few scattered about and your golden.