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  1. It is a lame tactic carried out by Dbags whether in PvP or PvE. In my experience it has nothing to do with wars, its always when someone's feelings get hurt by a fellow tribe member. At least that was the case the 4 or 5 times it happened to me and my pals. I got us Insided 1 time because I made fun of the guys motorboat build, pointed out some flaws and apparently he couldn't handle the criticism.
  2. So according to your BS wildcard will have a ten day window to release in winter 2020 given the first day of winter is December 21st. Also that they announced part 1 and 2 and began charging for genesis back in fall of 2019, would leave you to believe that part 1 was complete and part 2 was nearly finished. Honestly if you couldn't give out any new information you could have just kept quiet. You are on here to keep the forum running and to keep potty language off not to start pissing matches with patrons of this site.
  3. Lol so when is Genesis Part 2 going to be released or how about some new information on it? Will we get it before the next generation of consoles come out which is starting in October of this year? You clowns have not mentioned Part 2 since you failed to make the Part 1 deadline last year. This is the number one reason to wait before you buy, thrilled i didn't buy it lol, looking forward to playing crystal isle on console this winter because I can only assume that's when it will launch on consoles lol.
  4. Remove elevator platform weights. I don't understand why the elevator platforms can not handle actual weights, at 3000 pounds for the largest platform thats only one and a half Tons and an average anky IRL would top out it out given they are in the 3-6 Ton range. Would it be possible to increase the weight by a single 0 or just remove it all together?
  5. Did the OP put said storage in a locked building, probably not so....
  6. Best color for brightness reduction is mud, personally I prefer red, green and blue makes a great disco effect in metal structures.
  7. This is a bad thread, just close it already @Joebl0w13. Makes me want to say nasty things which will get deleted and result in me being banned again for a couple days lol.
  8. Ark survival 76 From an outside perspective given I haven't bought the dlc, would you consider this a bad attempt at the Fallout 76 blueprint. It just seems like they have a successful title despite all the bugs and such but decided to create something that the community at large didn't ask for. Makes me wonder if the company headquarters is in Sunnyvale trailer park.
  9. So is there a new map or what? Is it set up like extinction or do you load into a dos like white room similar to the matrix. Is there a sandbox map like all the other maps?
  10. Wow this is just one giant pit of pointless arguing eh. Easy fix for the OP. Don't play on extinction. Done easy. Also please everyone stop posting mini novel's.
  11. It's been delayed till Mid March, didn't that compy stop by with that memo
  12. Happy that I didn't buy it.....yet But where is the information, it's the delayed launch day and still little to no information on what it is. Give the community a hint or 2, like "we are sorry for the delay but soon enough you will be exploring on our biggest map yet, a whopping 90 km".
  13. I was wondering why I wasn't getting many of those chocolates, got 4 from fishing plus like 50 chibi lol. Here's hoping the chibi might become a valuable trade. This was my first time fishing since they nerfed it a few years ago and yea what a waste of time. Didn't get a single BP or fishing rods, at one time it was a useful way to spend a couple hours but since the nerf. Just remove fishing altogether.
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