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Fanart Friday 3!

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Welcome to another edition of Fanart Friday!

We regularly showcase some of the incredible fanart and creations from the community in this weekly series. You can view the artwork in a short video format on our social media accounts along-side this post, which servers get a closer look at these works of AR(K)!

Want to see your video, art, screenshot, etc, featured here? Tweet it at us and use #FanARKFriday and you could be here next week!

xcheekypj - Clear Skies of the Center v2


milokamilo - Chungkingosaurus


JH_Arts - Raptor and Argent


Hosscatt - Dodo and Bronto


hauntmuskie - Snow Owl


hammerboycb - Tek Survivor and Giga


Djaymasi - Postosuchus Dossier


Blue Dragon - Galaxy Spino


AngelicVix3n - Winter is Here in ARK


드찌/어찌 - Aisha(白猫)&Reaper


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Now I know this isn’t about the fan art but please wildcard please make it so Dino’s have a longer time until they auto de-cav destroy. I went on holidays for 1 week and since I’m a PS4 player i can’t bring it and when I get back, boom everything is gone. My mutated theri especially. Maybe increase it to 2 weeks? 

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2 hours ago, EviLTrusis said:

First is the Snow Owl painting.

Second is the Tapejara on the Center.

Third is Raptor and Argy.

Spino thing is cool, but just like the other fanart Spino a few Fridays ago:  Just a Spino with some fadeout to a layer behind.  And the Winter thing is a grab at GoT's popularity, so pandering.  Do one with a Fire Wyvern and some random artwork-theme from Avengers too.

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