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  1. Loving the contributions from the community! Postosuchus is one of my favorites, and that dossier is awesome, @Djaymasi!
  2. It's nice to see IsisMasshiro's art here! I've always enjoyed their content on DeviantArt, and it's wonderful to see it recognized by WC!
  3. Ever since the beginning of the Winter Wonderland event, I've been experiencing a large number of game crashes. The game will crash to home screen frequently, up to 7 times an hour in some cases. I've noticed that I get more frequent crashes when I'm out exploring the map, and fewer while I'm staying in a small area, such as my base. (I'm no programmer, but perhaps it's a memory- or rendering-related issue?) I've only been playing on the Island and Extinction maps since the beginning of the Winter Wonderland event, and so I have no information on any of the other maps, nor do I have any data for procedurally generated maps.
  4. I personally have issues where, when I'm in certain parts of the map, the terrain is constantly in flux. As though it's trying to render in for me while I'm there, but it also thinks I'm moving farther away. Super weird. The thing that frustrates me the most is that there is a huge portion of the community who claimed that they preferred this over another delay. Yes, I agree that WC's delays are meme-worthy, but I think that's more an issue of them underestimating how long certain tasks will take them.
  5. Can confirm this is happening both on PC and on Xbox One. I'm constantly half-afraid I'm going to drop through the map.
  6. I've got a question for your next Q&A! What's the difference between the Element used to craft Tek gear, Enforcers, Scouts, and whatnot... and the Element that corrupted Rockwell and the Earth? Are there two different kinds of Element, or was raw Element purified/corrupted by some other means?
  7. I won't lie. The quality of the models and animations for the Titans is pretty high. I love the walk cycle for the Forest Titan. That little bob that emphasizes it weight as its foot hits the ground... that's pretty good.
  8. I agree, it looks like a ton of fun. I'm excited to get my hands on a scout bot! On the other hand, I apologize if I came off as especially rude or antagonistic. I don't mean to say that WildCard is perfect. Indeed, I have issue with a few game mechanics myself. (Basi can resist squid-grab and jellyfish, but Mosa can't? Eh.) But I'm also not the sort of person to nitpick incessantly at something for its flaws. (Prime example: I nitpick at Bungie for all of Destiny's wasted potential. I still love to play Destiny with friends, and I still thin Bungie is a good game developer overall.)
  9. I was thinking the same thing. (Not to mention the fact that folks also complain about things being delayed. I'd rather see a longer wait time and get the DLC on the projected date, to be honest.)
  10. I have a question or two regarding the Super Fan Edition ARK box: Has the dossier book been updated to really include all the critters found in ARK? When I looked through the one my friend had, it was missing the Otter and all the critters from Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. It was also missing the Aberration creatures, due to Aberration not having been released yet. I was also curious as to whether the dossier book includes the updated dossiers for the TLC critters?
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm always excited to see things from the "what's next" category. My favorite Crunches include notes on game improvements. I loved the TLC posts, and anything with a Mysterious Mysteries in it. Here's hoping they start announcing that stuff in the streams.
  12. I wasn't sure if you were responding to me, @BobXan, but I was referring to this bullet point, which WC has noted as an exploit: I understand that boxing in other people's dinos is a trashy thing to do. I generally try to be polite when playing online anyway, so it's not really something I'd attempt. (I'd honestly rather make friends than make enemies.)
  13. I mostly play SP and sometimes private games, but I was absolutely not aware that "boxing" your platform dinos was an exploit. I figured that was just a mechanic used for protection during wars/raids, and even for certain tames. Duly noted for if/when I ever play Official. O_O
  14. I love the Spino, and it looks like these new changes will bring him back up to my favorite!
  15. Glad to know these aren't the only legacy critters getting an overhaul; they look phenomenal! Here's to hoping the Spino makes the list; your artists are gonna work wonders on the feet!
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