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  1. Oreochema

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I agree, it looks like a ton of fun. I'm excited to get my hands on a scout bot! On the other hand, I apologize if I came off as especially rude or antagonistic. I don't mean to say that WildCard is perfect. Indeed, I have issue with a few game mechanics myself. (Basi can resist squid-grab and jellyfish, but Mosa can't? Eh.) But I'm also not the sort of person to nitpick incessantly at something for its flaws. (Prime example: I nitpick at Bungie for all of Destiny's wasted potential. I still love to play Destiny with friends, and I still thin Bungie is a good game developer overall.)
  2. Oreochema

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I was thinking the same thing. (Not to mention the fact that folks also complain about things being delayed. I'd rather see a longer wait time and get the DLC on the projected date, to be honest.)
  3. I have a question or two regarding the Super Fan Edition ARK box: Has the dossier book been updated to really include all the critters found in ARK? When I looked through the one my friend had, it was missing the Otter and all the critters from Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. It was also missing the Aberration creatures, due to Aberration not having been released yet. I was also curious as to whether the dossier book includes the updated dossiers for the TLC critters?
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm always excited to see things from the "what's next" category. My favorite Crunches include notes on game improvements. I loved the TLC posts, and anything with a Mysterious Mysteries in it. Here's hoping they start announcing that stuff in the streams.
  5. I wasn't sure if you were responding to me, @BobXan, but I was referring to this bullet point, which WC has noted as an exploit: I understand that boxing in other people's dinos is a trashy thing to do. I generally try to be polite when playing online anyway, so it's not really something I'd attempt. (I'd honestly rather make friends than make enemies.)
  6. I mostly play SP and sometimes private games, but I was absolutely not aware that "boxing" your platform dinos was an exploit. I figured that was just a mechanic used for protection during wars/raids, and even for certain tames. Duly noted for if/when I ever play Official. O_O
  7. I love the Spino, and it looks like these new changes will bring him back up to my favorite!
  8. Oreochema

    Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Glad to know these aren't the only legacy critters getting an overhaul; they look phenomenal! Here's to hoping the Spino makes the list; your artists are gonna work wonders on the feet!
  9. I don't play PvP myself, since I spent about 15 minutes in an Official PvP server and saw the nonsense wherein people place down foundations to prevent resources from respawning. That said, I understand that I don't have a lot of room to offer my opinion on PvP gameplay. However.... The way the majority of the comments in this thread are composed, one would think that PvP is the only gamemode included in the game. (There's absolutely nothing wrong with people wanting to play PvE or roleplay, as long as they keep those things in their proper areas and don't force it on other players.) One of my favorite Youtubers plays PvE with his friends and he is currently my favorite poster of ARK videos. I hosted a dedicated PvE server so I could play with my friends without all the griefing; I intend to build a gaming PC so I can host a whole server cluster with those friends, and it will be PvE unless we decide to change that for some battle royale gameplay. In my single player game, I have a base with the bare minimum number of dinos, with the exception of a pack of 7 Allos, a small herd of Uquus, and an 8-strong pack of wolves. (I don't collect every type of dino, and in some cases I don't even keep breeding/mate boost pairs.) I haven't even started breeding my dinos yet. My base is a 2-high wall with a house inside to keep out the worst of the local wild dinos. Yes, I'm currently a "beach noob", but only because I haven't motivated myself to move all my junk elsewhere yet.... In terms of electrical: I have 1 fridge, 7 A/C's and 2 generators. My base causes lag in singleplayer, and I don't have a single turret placed. So if this is what I'm facing in Unofficial Single Player settings, I can imagine the need for *some* form of render-control in PvP, where the number of players is much higher.
  10. I'm super stoked for the cross-platform gameplay between PC and Xbox One! I hope to build a PC that can host an Xbox One server cluster, and this means that those of my friends who play on PC will still be able to join in on the fun! Woop woop! \o/
  11. I have a hybrid question/suggestion regarding the Archaeopteryx: Is it possible to implement a toggle button for shoulder pet/parachute utility? I play Xbox, so the default mapping for first person riding is right bumper. What if that feature carried over to the Archa as a toggle between shoulder pet/parachute pet? (This could also allow for the carrying/moving of other shoulder pets, with a throw feature like what we have for dodos and dung beetles.)
  12. Oreochema

    Wyvern Render Range Inconsistent

    This is exactly what I'm talking about. You can travel quite far from them before they "de-render", but you must be very close to aggro range before they render in. While this has never actually caused me any problems myself, I can only assume it's my overwhelming sense of paranoia and general "watch everything, always" attitude that keeps me from running right into them. Of course, I'm also a chicken of a player who is terrified of the oceans on the Island, and refuses to venture far enough down to encounter Plesi's and Dunkle's so....
  13. I first saw ARK on Steam and was sorely disappointed that my computer wasn't beefy enough to run it. (I could barely play The Forest!) So I resigned myself to watching trailers and gameplay on Youtube. Then one day I turned on my Xbox to find that ARK was available there, too! I immediately purchased the alpha version and began playing. Within an hour, I knew it was more than worth the $35 I paid. And it's only gotten better! (Granted, I tend to play single player and non-official dedi servers, but still.) I then purchased a refurbished console and started up my own dedicated server for myself and some friends. I've had to set it aside for a while, due to inconsistent Internet, but... I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to afford a computer with which to run my own cluster, and my friends and I can tackle everything ARK has to offer. Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience!
  14. Oreochema

    Your ARK Stories!

    I'm honestly a bit of a casual player. I only got my first wyvern about a week before the "flier nerf". (Speaking of, is there a suggestion thread for that? From what I understood, WC was looking for feedback on that.) Anyway, I actually purchased a refurbished Xbox so that I could run a server with friends. We play with mostly-official rates on max difficulty. Only slightly increased gather rates and taming speeds. Breeding rates are also turned up, but only because we breed for fun, not stats. As of now, I don't have reliable Internet, so the server is down until I can get it running again. Otherwise, I play on single player. I run max difficulty, with the same rates as on my private server, and I play very cautiously. Still haven't taken on any of the bosses. I tame creatures because I like the colors, not so much for level, though that's slowly changing as I'm beginning to consider going after the various bosses. I tend to stay inside my base at night, as I'm never sure what exactly might be waiting to jump me, and I'm terrified of the ocean. Even wearing goggles, it can be hard to see what's coming up on you, though venture down if I need angler gel. I was super proud the first time (and so far, the only time) that I tamed my own Plesiosaur. My first Mosa was sort of solo; I had a friend along to watch my back and reassure me. (Yeah, the ocean is stressful for me. xD) I've been considering a venture into PvP, when I have reliable Internet again, though I've seen how "griefy" it is and it doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. And that's pretty much it, though since I play single player and don't have use for any raid dinos, I would love to see an option in the server settings which allows players to disable the spawn of raid dinos such as Giganotosaurus and the Tinanosaur. I might come back and edit this comment if I think of anything else.
  15. Oreochema

    Your ARK Story & Community Crunch 91!

    I would love a feature like this. I don't mind gigas, as I don't live out that way, but I would love to not have to worry about Titanos stomping my base in SP.