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  1. Great to hear, have friends that don't have either season pass and wanted to play the map with them, with everything included
  2. On PC hold R, console hold square (PS) or X (XBOX) brings up a dial. Let's you TP to the realms or around Midgard. Stops people camping the TP terminals. It's legit, no hacking involved
  3. Before I start, I know that the map is just out and will probibly need some time to work out the kinks. Im playing singleplayer on PS4/5 and i decided to go into Fjordur as a new character. Firstly before playing survival I flew around in creative mode, and I noticed as is custom that there are dlc creatures on the map. I thought this was great until I loaded up survival and looked at the engrams available. Seems that only base game engrams are available. So while there are Basilisks, Magmasaurs and R-Snow owls on Fjordur you cannot use them. Im hoping that this only an oversight and that this was not intended.
  4. I'm currently playing the canonical maps in order without the unofficial maps, and but in my opinion the order that makes the most sense by way of keeping access/ progression the same would be 1) Island 2) Center- as only dinos from the island spawn here, just at higher levels. 3) Scorched Earth 4) Ragnarok - has island and scorched dinos only, with higher levels more available. 5) Aberration- be careful in single player the only way to transfer in or out is by obelisk (surface or Rock Drake trench) or Tek Transmitter. Also only creatures that are "native" to the map can enter, this comes with the exceptions of the Oviraptor and extinction creatures, eg Velo, Managamr etc. Rockwell will not drop element, however element is craftable here but its something like 3 at a time, every 45 minutes at each charge node. Also dont charge more than 8 batteries at each node or it will go into overcharge and shutdown until it recharges. 6) Valguaro/ Crystal Isles - both give access to aberrant creatures along with dinos from previous maps. there is also the new creatures deinonychus and the crystal wyverns. 7) Extinction - currently no unofficial maps released that have Extinction only creatures. 8 ) Genesis part 1 9) Genesis part 2.
  5. Pretty sure Manticore is still bugged and wont land if you use wyverns, Id stick with rexes for this.
  6. Servers crashing and lag can be directly related to the DDOSers and Dupers
  7. Introducing the Crystal Golem: Lava golem size with a single large crystal coming out of its back, and several from its joints (elbows, shoulders etc) like tonfas. Thinking Neon pinks and deep purples in colour. Ground slam attack that causes crystals to shoot up from the ground and can knock back dinos. Chucks large boulders with crystals protruding from them, with a chance to cause bleeding debuf. Any other ideas?
  8. This is a great idea for adding more variety to bases , but people, your thinking on a realy small scale. Just imagine the rebalanceing that could be done with the assets that the mod would bring with it. Metal tier structures could use the Steel from P+ as a way of slowing progression, or making a new defensive tier, Using cement as a cementing paste alternative, like how organic polymer and hard polymer are interchangable Keep the P+ crops as a Mutton alternative for herbivores, and keep the whole favorite crop system in place Change the smoke house to do a couple to jerky at a time rather than 1, keep the organic oil for cooking, also giving a use to the iguanadons ability (irl crude oil would make you sick if used for cooking) The dedicated storage bin system would work for PVE, but sadly make raiding in PVP easier due to being able to target specific resource bins (e.g. miners box) And of course the P+ industrial tier, I would sugest implementing it around lv 45-50 and pushing the current industrial tier to around 70. they could have the benefit of being faster than early game alternatives, but not as fast as the base game industrial structures. Thats just my opinion of what could be done if P+ is implemented
  9. It's a server setting only at the moment. I hope they change it soon but it probably won't happen.
  10. So Item stack Size Multiplier is not showing in the PS4 single player settings
  11. So Playing PS4 SP and it looked like the event was active, festive colors spawning, gacha claus is spawning but then there was no Raptor Claus. I have yet to see the message appear, I flew around and haven't seen nor heard him. Playing on Extinction and Ragnarok.
  12. True I don't play official, nor do I play with mods because I'm on console, but remember "The Great Flyer Nerf". They don't want official to be easy, they want it to be monotonous and time consuming. And if you had all the features of S+, the demolition gun could easily tear down a whole base in a few minutes. Also if you get wiped than that Industrial Forge is too long a grind to redo.
  13. 30 Seconds is alright for accidental placement, no limit would probably break official, e.g Picking up your whole base in a matter of mins to save your Industrial forge. Locking certain features of S+ to options for non official, Yes Please.
  14. Kibble rework will need to be balanced per map. Corrupted Nodules/Organic Polymer
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