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  1. So this is my entry for the official sequel for ARK survival evolved, ARK II. This is Tetrapodophis, a colourful squamate from the early Cretaceous with elements of Coral, Viper & Rattlesnake. These ancient ophidians are far larger than their ancient ancestor surpassing normal length to a full 15ft & reside anywhere with accessible freshwater.Living Grapple hookEvolved to become extremely robust & strong the Tetrapodophis functions as a living Grapple hook in which the Snake can be cast out from a survivors arm to latch onto Grapple points like branches, ledges & even flying creatures. The Survivor can use the snake to hang in place as a means to climb & swing to gain momentum in order to cross gaps.Creatures with a drag weight of 70 or less can be immobilised & grappled in which can be swung as well as flailed “rodeo style” by the Survivor.Venomous Whip Much like the Whip the Tetrapodophis can be used as a long ranged weapon being capable of disarming enemy weapons, force riders to dismount off of tames & stun creatures for several seconds.However the snake has a chance to land a venomous bite on the Survivors target draining health & stamina.
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