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  1. As A PvP player with 1000 hours on ark, I think that something similar to Mts servers would be nice. Or some new Duo servers with say 4-5x rates?
  2. Oof and I thought Raptors were bad...
  3. Jebe

    Fanart Friday 3!

    Can we get an update on when Duo/Solo servers will be out?
  4. I understand fixing all the maps would take a lot of time and effort, especially cause you have a small dev team. But if you guys at least banned the players who are meshing or answered tickets this problem would get much better, especially on PvP servers. I don't think you guys are on PvP servers very much, cause you seem really out of touch with the PvP player base.
  5. So... anyone else remember when Studio Wildcard did that interview and said that they couldn't make multiple versions of the game and that's why xbox can't play with steam?
  6. Are you guys for real? You refuse to rollback the servers to before your glitchy patch ruined hundreds of peoples bases(and some spent hundreds of hours combined on it), people are running around with 600%damage shotguns and 2.5k dura gear(which they got from some stone and owl pellets), many peoples bases got wiped because you made the mek able to damage structures outside of turret range, and this is only THE FIRST WEEK. For the love of god, get your crud together wildcard!
  7. Bruh, i think you misunderstand entirely. You see, ark is great. absolutely fantastic, but if you're a pvp player, all your hard work goes down the drain due to exploits and hacks. Hacking isn't nearly as big an issue on console, at least Xbox, as my friend has played it for over a year and not ran into any.
  8. Hey Wildcard, I absolutely love your game, but it's got some problems(especially with this new dlc) that need to be fixed. I would recommend you watch Kishkos video about the exploits that are currently happening with Extinction(and ark in general). The new map is fantastic, but only if you're playing singleplayer or PVE. For pvp players, it's hell. The Mek exploit is well known, but the snow owl's ability to freeze anyone(or any tame) permanently is extremely frustrating. In small tribes I was running and a guy did the dive bomb and froze me. I couldn't move away fast enough as i saw him dive, and once you're frozen you are done, they can just bola you. Can you please make it so it can only slow down opponents(like the ice wyvern) or something else to nerf this ability? The owl is extremely overpowered right now, and needs to be nerfed. Also, Velonosaurs shouldn't be able to go into turret mode, they dont take up any stamina if you aren't riding them, so you can just put them on turret mode, grab it with a Quetzal(or even a pteranodon for some reason) and fly it around, letting it kill EVERYTHING. The majority of your player base is PVP, so if you don't fix these issues soon, a lot of people are going to quit. PLEASE do something!
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