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Crystal isles (console)


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5 hours ago, Mindblank said:

Would be really good to have a new map added to ark with a few new dinos that comes with it as this is a verry popular map and im sure people would agree.

It would make an awesome edition i think.  It seems wc may be considering it because a few people have asked and wc has completely ignored it.  That seems to show theyre considering it because they arnt denying it, maybe they want to surprise us/dont want the community nagging them for it until its closer to completion, or maybe they just haven't decided yet.  Theres heavy possibility itll happen though because with the center and rag wc hired those maps creators then implemented the maps into the main game.  The creator of crystal isles was hired relatively recently and the map now has an official wiki page.  So it looks like they probably will be adding it, but obviously not certain til they officially announce it.  I believe they will though.

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6 hours ago, Aylana314159 said:

It would need massive optimization done. And lots of things removed to be in line with vanilla game play.

The mod author was absent for nearly a year. So while not technically abandoned, it's not really actively developed anymore.

I know recently Isolde was working on ATLAS stuff, developing new map-biomes for that game.

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