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  1. This has been my approach to the problem and it has worked for me. I haven't had any issues.
  2. I'm with you man. I have been experiencing the same problem ever since Genesis came out. As soon as the game loads up it crashes. New stuff and I can't even play with it.
  3. I left my gamma at default. I recently disabled gamma on my server and no one has had any terrain problems.
  4. Ok, I may have found the root cause of this problem. To make my gaming experience more immersive I stopped changing my gamma. At first, I thought I just had a long string of good luck. But a friend of mine still had the problem. We went over our settings to compare and see it if that had something to do with it. However, are settings were the same. Then one day when trying to friend my friend's body I had to use gamma to find it. Then for the first time in months, my terrain disappeared. So with a week of testing the conclusion is that changing gamma is the cause. I suggest trying it out fo
  5. Just about every shoulder pet gathers corpses. Just but them on neutral and they will eat the corpses or whistle attack target on corpse.
  6. The tether is there so you can play the game with out fault. Me and my friends used to play with the tether way before unofficial ever existed. But the main thing I recall from that was when ever the host died the tether broke. Thus the everyone crashed out of the session. The point being that both the console and PC tether is there for a reason. If the tether wasn't there the game would kill your console or PC. Your best bet is to find a unofficial server or gather your friends together and host your own server. I'm doing that now for those same friends and we are having a blast.
  7. I highly disagree with this I don't think Crystal Isles should ever be an official map. Sorry console players but as beautiful as the map is, there are so many things wrong with it. It will not work for the official Ark.
  8. I have always seen this way before the update. The whole aberrant biome on Valguero is water. As Spino's down there have infinite water buff. That's how the map maker made it and you wouldn't normally know this issue unless you turn cave flyers on.
  9. I have tried taking them over with my character and they always disappear when I transfer. Not once have been able transfer with ice eggs in my inventory.
  10. I just recently informed a few ark players. They were talking about new ice wyverns they raised and mentioned transferring them. I stopped them right there and asked where they got the ice wyvern they said there on Valgureo. I told them the bad news. Personally, I see no point in getting wyvern eggs on Valgureo at all. Just go to Rag you can get all the wyverns and they are transferable.
  11. I have found a few bugs in the aberration area. One it seems the aberrant area is all water. Therefore, the Spino's have infinite water buff. Two most of the aberrant creatures that are (according to the wiki) immune to radiation are not immune to Val's aberrant zone. It seems pointless to have the aberrant creatures if they don't serve their purpose. Three why do Rex's spawn in the aberrant zone? They don't belong there. Another question why have Carno's in aberrant zone if they are not aberrant Carno's? The more problems I find with this map the more I hate it. And I haven't even talked
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