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Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????


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Hey ark staff team I honestly love this game and would love if you guys could get more updates a little faster if you could please and allow more skill points because I want to fully be able to try most things and see what I want to use points on and it takes too long to tame some Dino's sadly and it would be loved for another "map" or expansion with some more Dino's and weapons and armor. Also there are some amazing things you could build and I want to and I wouldn't mind putting a lot of time into this game if it was easier to build or something and would love to do all the cooking and building but it takes a lot of resources for that stuff and can't build a nice metal base. Also I would love if I could be some sort of tester for updates before they release so I can get more from the game and help you guys improve it. It also takes a lot of work to keep up your food and water at times so on my personal server I have the settings set so my food and water don't decrease and I can't put much things on my quetzal base. Also with the full game release save personal server data. It's a lot to ask for but you guys listen to what you want. Thanks for reading! 

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