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  1. Piss off, lol. Stop being a rep whore.
  2. Bruh, both of the titans on my server are within render distance of each other, and they're probably about 5 minutes walk from my base.
  3. Joined a new tribe, tamed a pteras for myself then flew to the southeast waterfalls near red ob. Demolished the base that was there and built a 3*3 so I can get some tames and storage going before I make my main base.
  4. You really aren't that bright. Not poop Sherlock, it takes a long time to make complex models, I never tried to deny that. You don't even address my freaking point! Yes, it takes a long time to develop a game, but then shouldn't WC be focusing on already promised LONG AWAITED features like tek (announced 5 months ago with screenshots if I believe) to be finished than having so many core game mechanics in a half finished state while they work on effectively a separate game!? "you can easily work on core game mechanics and DLC at once" not when the game is publicly accessible with already
  5. LOL. Do you seriously believe that the wildcard devs can only do one thing? That someone who is making the dino models can do literally nothing else except make dino models? Anyway, those people still could've been working on the core game. There are still 30 something dinos that need to be added, not to mention tek tier which would very much require all the "artists" you mentioned. You cannot deny that there has been a drastic development slow down in the past months.
  6. raptor. You. Remember all those things you haven't fixed / added like ascension, or the taming? I spent countless posts right here defending your practices, release cycles, on the assumption that you werent a big corporate sellout. I kept insisting that unlike other large indie survival devi you were actually going to finish your game and not use the "alpha" blanket to silence all criticism. But then you go and release a DEC. Congratulations, wildcard, you just turned one of your most die-hard fans into your biggest critic.
  7. There's a pinned topic called "digest submissions" at the top of Hebert discussions. It seems that this is a trial run for the highly requested flee mechanic.
  8. *subtly points out that he runs a server and also a YouTube channel without seeming like an ass* Teach me your ways, o wise one.
  9. Absolutely. Just look at the success of Dododex. This tool is extremely useful, and I'm sure it will be very popular. Just make sure to give it an easy to navigate UI and clean aesthetic, and it's off to the races.
  10. Jatman had turned fully. He has become a bat and now dwells inside the caves, leaving small trails of poop and drawing paw prints on the walls.
  11. Hmm, what? Last I heard it was complexminded who was the prim+ guy, not swords. Has the team been expanded? Is there a change of leadership? Or had he changed his online name and complex Is swords?
  12. Jesus... Imagine you could spawn as an animal, KO and "tame" a friend, then ride them around all day. And they'd still be in game ???
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