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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. The Great TEK Wall, A Big TEK Problem.

    There won't be micro transactions.
  2. Best shoulder Dino?

    Nah, I was thinking of the swamp thing that's basically a libinf scuba tank. Spinos don't have an oxy stat, last I saw.
  3. Disgusted and Discouraged!

    This. Literally, every time they up the rates people want it upped again. Current official rates are fine and perfectly playable, let's stop this "Make it faster" before we end up with 32x official.
  4. Best shoulder Dino?

    There's a dino like that, but I forgot it's name.
  5. How do I find a Giga?

    On the island they spawn pretty much everywhere except for south. Look for any position north of 50:50
  6. The Great TEK Wall, A Big TEK Problem.

    Do you PvP? It's really useful to lock up enemies when they try to raid you. Best way to cut down on their ranks. likewise, tek is used. Tek shields are an absolute staple of large scale defense and FOBs. There are tons of modern tier weapons used, and even the Dino roster for PvP is currently very diverse.

    Okay, as most of you may know the ragnarok bosses have had some severe changes to them, namely, you can't trap the manticore. So how is it done? The dragon is very, very easy to kill. You can still use the "smash your heads into it and look up" tactic to trap it, and you can just melt its HP. 450% Melee rexes with yuti buff did about 1.5k damage per hit. We can kill it within a minute of entering the arena. The manticore is a different Beast though. It come with armor (rexes only dealing 150 or so damage per hit, do the maths if you want) and really isn't fond of landing. It appears to go in cycles based on its hp. The first cycle it will float around a lot, occosianlly landing to take some hits. Once it's are half HP it gets very picky, floating and shooting for 5 minutes until "the big hit, "where it will land for about 30 seconds to a minute. You HAVE to get tons of damage in now other you won't win the fight. From here on is what I call the "sniping" phase. It will fly around, shoot at you, and dive to the ground for about 3 seconds before taking back off. For this phase you just run around on your rexes, whenever it lands you get bites in. You have to do as much damage as possible, because it won't touch the ground for long anymore until it's dead. This is the best time to use compound bows with steel arrows to kill it. Maybe a faster mount like theris or yutis would work to get to it when it "teases" you, but I'm not sure. Anyway, this has been my experience from two boss fights. I'm not sure if these cycles are set in stone or it just happened, but these are my tips for you. oh and PS: just ignore the rock golems. Even with promo saddle only one Rex died before the timer ran out.
  8. "Performance upgrade"

    Anyone saying the game hasn't been optimized is high or suffers from log term memory loss. I have gone from 25-35 fps back in 2015 to 60-80fps on the same computer and settings now. Admittedly, consoles are potatoes that should be sold for a real platform. There's only so muhyou can squeeze out of the jaguar APUs. Edit: all the rubber banding and most of the screen hanging is because of server side issues, namely, the servers not really being strong enough to run ark.
  9. Alpha pick or hatchet for prime?

    Allo's are meh. The best way In my experience is to kill paracers and diplos with my wyvern
  10. The vision for Ark? + An idea for pvp.

    This kind of game design would completely ruin the game. Being consigned to specific areas, having completely imperananent maps and allies, etc. just do not suit this type of game.I think you biggest issues where already addressed by using ORP
  11. Hyaenodon Awesomeness

    They're more or less everywhere outside of the northeast "Scotland" plains.
  12. Does he have a vid of that raid? I'd love to see it
  13. Favourite creature for exploring?

    >land dino what are those?!?! but seriously, when you're not playing PvE you're basically either always on a wyvern or griffin. No land mount has both the speed/damage ratio like those two. Being able to get back to base in >1 minute if you're getting raided is super useful. My fire wyvern (180 egg, 375 base Melee ) does 800+ dps, and a good level griffin can do 1500 with a suicide dive. They both fly and both move super fast
  14. PvP

    Top tier PvP is all about preparation and punishing the other side. Mid level and low level is all about getting resources, and is typically more engaging as mounts are weak, turrets are minimal, so It's far more active. There's no 2 hour prep times as brontos tank, there's no massive fear of losing thousands of hours of work, there's just you, a longneck, and guy who's BPs you're stealing.
  15. Ummm..... a decent level one has 400+ wheight... even a crappy one has enough to carry you and an egg.