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  1. Most Useless Dino?

    >quest most useless youre joking right?
  2. Rare / Eye Candy Wyvern Colors

    Ice so pretty to be honest. I really want one, but Iv eonly found low level eggs.
  3. Rare / Eye Candy Wyvern Colors

    Had a black and purple poison (looked like lightning) that was pretty. Dead now though, so no pics.
  4. Question for the oldies.

    'Member the days kf super argies?
  5. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    Griffins for PvE are the undisputed kings, and for pvp argie hordes go a long way in skirmishes.
  6. Lets see your PvP bases!

    Yeah thats the issue. I mean, if you dont have info about your tribe or server on the forums you can post.
  7. Lets see your PvP bases!

    Im keen to see what other people have done for their base designs. Theres a lot of PvE buildings and such, but Im keen to see what you PvPers have done in terms of a defended base. Lets see!

    >Im not supposed do somethign about threats posed to me You either do nothing to fix the situation and keep losing rafts, or you stop using rafts.
  9. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    Wow... in that case color me extremely impressed. Sorry for the agresivity.
  10. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    You're on a very boosted server, this is not indicative of an "official" experience. on official, rexes will have 25k-30k hp. Wolves 3-7k.
  11. Flyers nerfed again?

    Your game must be broken with griffins lol.
  12. On my UO pvp we have a nice rule. Two weeks invincibility for new tribes, unless they engage in pvp before that. It gives tribe sneough time to build uo and properly defend themselves before they can get raided. It means that any raids are proper fights, because even if both of the sides arent equal both with almost always turrets, quetzals, wyverns, and the like. while this is a nice concept on PvP offficial, its too exploitable as people can make new tribes and such.
  13. PR Disaster

    Theyre hardky bothering to uodate the patch notes, little own cster to the hundreds of thousands of people that need support. sad.
  14. Question on turret settings

    The first one only targets players, the second targets playees and animals busy being ridden.
  15. Question on turret settings

    Its obvious.