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  1. Beta Broodmother BROKEN

    Hi I play solo on official Xbox server 81. I just ran Beta broodmother after raising 10 boss rexes by myself. All 10 rexes were level 375+ 20-30k HP, 5-700 melee and had 70 armor saddles on them. During the fight I swarmed her as I do on gamma but instead of her health bar moving she literally took ZERO damage, while she wasn't doing any damage to my rexes. Keep in mind I had a 260 daeodon and 240 yutyrannus and buffed the group before pulling. Then 3 minutes from the timer running out she goes berserk and starts 1 shotting my Rexes and the 2 280 theriz I brought in as well. this is the second time I've had this happen, the first time I figured it was my Dino's but now this is twice. This is Xbox One Official PVE server 81 if someone could do something about this soon that would be great because as of now I'm probably going to quit as boss fights are impossible literally, 2 batches of 10 boss rexes, 2 Theriz, 2 yuty, and 2 daeodons down the drain and that's a lot of work for a solo guy
  2. Can you solo for element?

    You need the generator to keep the vacuum compartment sealed
  3. double the assets with spirit dinos

    I'm pretty sure blizzard|activision would sue for copyright infringement on grounds of "The Emerald Dream". They're protective of their IP.
  4. Tek Volcano

    I beg to differ that Tek is out of reach, I'm solo on an official PvE server and bosses are not hard, you just have to raise Dino's. Hatching 1 Rex/Wyvern is just as hard as hatching 10. The only snag you run into is finding people to ride said Dino's
  5. Anti-shock lotion/soup

    Leave the poor eels alone. Easiest way to wreck an alpha tribes water tames. Gives us Aquamen a chance!
  6. Allow flyers on PvE to carry wild animals, but...

    I'd be happy if the squid could grab wild Dino's in PvE

    My best guesses are Teratornis or Aiolornis, of course scaled/spiced up with some extra Ark flare, I'm so excited for the desert biome! Now if only we could get some extra flare for us Merfolk!
  8. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Dang it you beat me to it lol. I'm going to say judging from dossier scraps that you can store water in the sail/hump maybe go so far as to say it generates water from eating - hmu wild card lol
  9. Unravelling the Mysteries of the ARK: Ruins!

    Will be hosting a 24/7 3x The Center Server. Gamer tag is: Ark CFL join Us! pvp
  10. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Giant Armadillo Girdled Lizard! What call name it after its genus, Ouroboros! Let it be a faster, battle mount version of the Doedic! Locomotion included, seeing as that's how it moves in real life.