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  1. Your link for more info... "Check out this post for more information" ... shows absolutely no information at all except that it won the creature submission contest. Thanks again for [investing] wasting my time with Wildcard Studios, aka Grapeshot Games, also just as much a waste of time and resources. Much love for ARK II.
  2. 3.5 years later and you finally decide to update the Switch version which has NEVER received a single update since launch. You already lost your player base on Nintendo, GG!
  3. I simply meant that rexes spawn on island and scorched but not ab, stegos spawn on island and ab but not scorched. Giga, quetz and mosa spawn on island but not ab OR scorched.
  4. To all of those who keep expecting a Tek Giga, Mosa or Quetzal, You are out of your mind. None of these creatures spawn on Aberration or Scorched which would enrage many survivors that only play there. In my opinion it was very clear from the start which 5 dinos would be used judging by map spawns, TLC re-work, and of course the most popular dinos of all time.
  5. Such a huge upset for the Xbox players. My children and I have also been looking forward to our first holiday event for weeks now only to have it ripped away the day its supposed to release. So close yet so far, Pure disappointment once again.
  6. Very cool to give players starting in the south a shot at making it inland without being forced to cross the swamp. Side note, a while back in a digest you stated that moving forward you would be optimizing gameplay and filling those still yet to be added to the game dossiers rather than creating new ones yet you continue to create new ones. Will we be seeing everything previously unreleased before actual release now that it has been pushed to fall? I don't play on pc because mine can't handle it but will SOTF be affected by redwood since that is where it is based?
  7. I have been dying to scratch the itch on xbone! Ark has completely destroyed my achievement gathering. I just can't play anything else. Already have an alpha tribe on PVP and even enjoying a bit of fun building on PVE. Looking for some fun with SOTF!
  8. Horned lizard / Bearded dragon X Nexu from Star Wars.
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