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Conquest Servers Are Open!


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What is Conquest?

Conquest is a new PvP player experience for PC players which focuses on large-scale PvP while avoiding the problem of mega tribes. Increased rates will allow tribes to set up and establish themselves quickly and enable them to rebuild after potential losses instead of being wiped completely.


Conquest Breakdown:

  • Experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising rates have been doubled compared to our standard Official Servers (2x).
  • Tribes are set to 25 players max.
  • Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances are allowed.
  • Servers have a maximum player count of 100.
  • There will be 36 servers in total on the Conquest cluster.
  • Server transfers are enabled.
  • Conquest servers are unaffected by Evolution Events.


Our Enforcement team will be expanding to patrol this new cluster actively. We are testing this type of active enforcement and while we know this presents a challenge, we hope to be able to maintain this program while working alongside players. We desire to actively patrol and get to know the players of each server. The leader of each large tribe on Conquest will be able to submit a request to join a Discord server (to be announced at a future date) with access to the Enforcement team. We hope that this style of active enforcement and cooperation from the Conquest players will ensure that the servers are fair, fun, and competitive. 

The Enforcement team consists of both English and Chinese support, with expansions coming to Russian and Portuguese in the near future. Failure to comply with our Code of Conduct will result in consequences, including but not limited to a tribe, item, structure, and dino wipe by the Enforcement Team. Players should be aware that all reports submitted to Enforcement are taken seriously.

Tribe Spotlight Program:

It is our goal that your tribe in Conquest will become your identity on this cluster, a team name that you’ll carry with you into battle like a badge of honor. We will be offering clean/validated tribes (via the Discord) opportunities to brand themselves within the community. Tribes will have the opportunity to be spotlighted in articles on SurviveTheARK and will also receive opportunities to be promoted on our social media (such as retweets for content creators). This program is still in development and will be further fleshed out in the weeks to come.

The Conquest servers will be spun up and available for PC players on September 28 at 10am PST. We'll be monitoring the success of the cluster and then evaluate bringing them to console at a later date. We encourage PvP players to check these new servers out for a fresh experience!

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Having alliances enabled is going to kill this. What is the point of having a tribe limit if you can ally with other 25man tribes? The beauty of 6 man servers was realizing that you weren't going to wake up to a slot capped server where 60 people are trying to wreck your base. It would be better not to have alliances.

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Sounds great. Except for the fact it's a catch 22. Avoiding the problems of mega tribes with the enabling of alliances & tribe size of 25 with a server slot of 100. Let's say you have 3 tribes of 25 all allied and online. Or even 4 tribes of 25 allied and lets say only 10 players of that mega alliance  are not on and 10 other players join all in their own little tribe. There's your mega tribe against smaller tribe. Sorry but when a mega alliance raids, its the same as a mega tribe they just have different names, dinos & bases.Tribe size of maybe 9-15 with no alliances would provide players an atmosphere without fear of problems of a mega tribe as you are seemingly trying to advertise. 

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Enabling alliances would be a huge mistake in this game more. The whole allure of 6mans was to get away from the mega-tribe lifestyle that official servers mandate. If alliances are enabled, official mega tribes/alliances will just create multiple 25 man tribes and rule multiple servers at a time. Conquest will turn into a worse official instead of an improved 6mans if alliances are enabled.

Please consider removing them, even if it means delaying the release of these servers.

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If there is going to be alliances then there is no point having Tribe Limit cap at 25. The reason 6 man tribes was popular was because of the no alliance system Servers wasn’t being constantly slot capped during raids. this is basically another set of official servers a different cluster just cap tribes so everything’s more difficult to do 

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Please take alliances off or these new servers will be just like the normal officials. Also finding it hard that when thinking of new server types 25 man with alliances was an actual though of concept instead of something more creative. 

"We encourage PvP players to check these new servers out for a fresh experience tomorrow!" Not sure fresh was a good choice of wording.

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