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  1. It's the hive creature that's been in the dev kit since scorched earth
  2. Agro

    Big Turtle: Can It?

    Im hoping this signals a new breath of life into ark's oceans. Not much to do down there right now. That turtle is going to make underwater turret soaking a lot better too I bet.
  3. Make them all breedable and saddled. I want meta changing OP air battles.
  4. People butt hurt about red white and blue dinos... smh
  5. Agro


    Use shards, only takes one shard to turn on. 1 element=100 shard
  6. Hey wc here's a mod that needs implemented immediately pvp parasaur
  7. I'm hoping they don't make the kibble require dlc materials though. It should all be craftable by standard island tribes. Also it would be awesome to remove the pickup time limit. I'm sick of wiping Bob tribes that build to close, not having to be a Richard to small tribes would be nice.
  8. Extinction looks to have a similar background to aberration, fallen obelisk, exposure to element, etc. So I wouldn't be surprised if there would be some crossover from aberration dinos.
  9. The scenery in extinction is giving me fallout flashbacks. Fingers crossed this is the ark tek equivalent to power armor!
  10. Big time negative on alliances
  11. I noticed that as well looks like we doesn't plan on making their due date
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