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  1. Anky with tek leggings please
  2. It's the hive creature that's been in the dev kit since scorched earth
  3. Agro

    Big Turtle: Can It?

    Im hoping this signals a new breath of life into ark's oceans. Not much to do down there right now. That turtle is going to make underwater turret soaking a lot better too I bet.
  4. Make them all breedable and saddled. I want meta changing OP air battles.
  5. People butt hurt about red white and blue dinos... smh
  6. Agro


    Use shards, only takes one shard to turn on. 1 element=100 shard
  7. I agree a kill barrier would be ideal. The culling of current meshers is the entire point. Wildcard comes in after the deed is done. Mine is the argument that when seconds matter the police are minutes away.
  8. How to get in the mesh is already public knowledge hence the problem. If it was as easy as that it would be done already. Im calling for immediate action that players can take themselves.
  9. Agreed. That's what I meant by a more legitimate solution
  10. As it stands today there is no way to stop meshers without being dev wiped. I know wildcard has been doing better on this front lately and that's commendable, however they will never be able to 100% stop this exploit by passive coding tweaks. We need to be able to defend ourselves. Even if a mesh account is caught and banned they will simply start another account, meanwhile the countless hours of work they destroyed is never replaced. I propose that wc issue a temporary statement allowing players to build defenses IN THE MESH so long as those defenses can not fire on legitimate players or tames, until at such a date as a more legitimate solution can be made.
  11. Hey wc here's a mod that needs implemented immediately pvp parasaur
  12. In the video previous to the mesh exploit he was.... meshed. Guy calls attention again to the widely used methods and gets ban hammered. The reason these videos are made is to light a fire under the devs to either change their mesh defense policy or fix known exploits. #freehod
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