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  1. You are more than welcome to join and try it out. That is the only real way of knowing if a server is a right fit for you. The community is comprised of mature players at the moment and that is the goal. You need to understand that it is a pvp server so raiding and killing is part of it. It will happen. As far as trolling to the degree of players going around wiping everything in sight just because they can, we don't have that. If players choose to consistently conduct themselves in that way they will be banned. That being said, if you never place defenses, build big in open areas with large dinos you're only making yourself a target. I have moved industrial forge to lvl 70 and auto turrets to lvl 49 so lower level tribes can have defenses. There is a discord which you will see the link in the server message of the day when you join. Hope to see you on.
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