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  1. any chance of getting some new servers/game modes like 12to15 men tribes ? right now classic is dead and was looking for something new to play but not going to start 6 men or official as they have been going to long and i don`t see a point hope you read this and get back to me thanks
  2. any chance we can get metal wood stone and so on stacks to 500 like atles ?
  3. lol i like the way you just added no tek ingrams if players would of known that from the start they would not of played no boss fights whats the point
  4. why not leave the Quetzal in but remove the platform saddle ? and why did you leave the griffin in ?
  5. im sorry but when 6 men come out we told you about a meshing method that was so easy to do @ and you come back saying you knew about it @ it was still in the game 4 months down the line after we got meshed by it !! i have 21k hours in the game and i have seen lot of Exploits in this game..
  6. griffins need to be removed to if you are going old school
  7. i dont care about Extinction i just want this game fixed that i payed so much for like everyone !! you main aim right now is to fix the plats you have and stop trying to get more money out of us for dlc`s
  8. lol looks like you messed up again another dead game mode alliance in this game mode is so dumb and i know alot of players that have pulled out of it because of that. what you should do is upgrade the 6 men to 10 men to stop tribes been offline raided
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