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  1. will there be more new creatures coming soon after the Deinonychus? (I'm just asking)
  2. I don't know if I should bring this up but... Will there actually be an ark 2 (Don't your dare say Atlas is it!)
  4. I wish that Valguero was on console, it looks great
  5. My guess is that we're getting a gasbag trailer, video thing (I don't know)
  6. (Exactly) Okay so when extinction is released and there is a king titan and it wanders the map then... I'lll... (think of something) but I'm 75% sure it will wander the map.
  7. Yes there is suppose to be a King titan, Think of the king titan as a Titanosaur it's big and it will wonder the map freely. unlike the other four which are in the domes/force fields.
  8. I believe that the giant Flying thing (Whatever it may be) may actually be a titan, reason being. There are suppose to be 4 biome specific Titans and 1 king titan. So I looked at the picture a little bit more, and it occurred to me that there is nothing but sand in the entire image so that brought me to the conclusion that the image may actually be a desert. and that thing in the sky may be the biome specific titan. (maybe) There is only one down side to my thought, the small titans are in the domes or force fields and I didn't see anything that looked like one while I was looking around. I ha
  10. I meant to say screenshots, as in the ones that show us what Extinction looks like.
  11. I'm actually am kinda surprised that the new tek Dino is a Quetzal I would have expected it to be a Mosa or a Giga. I am also very exited to see the new screenshot of extinction and to read the new ??? notes, also to learn more of the story of extinction.
  12. I hope that we get amazing new teasers when it comes out, and I can't wait to read the 3 new explorer notes!
  13. I think that Robot may actually be a titan, cause there are suppose to be several titans and so far we got two that we know of.
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