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  1. Heliastein

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    Please remove alliances otherwise this new game mode is pointless. The whole point of this is to have fair fights. Having 4X 25 man tribes join simming your server to wipe you makes it exactly the same thing as the regular servers...
  2. - Silencer now hides the name of the player who has killed you from the kill message and tribe log Are you dumb or what? It's about the only way we can try to prove someone is cheating, so from now on anyone using an aimbot just have to put on a silencer and he can go for ever in peace... Great thinking again before you add stupid features in the game.... What about you fix all exploits before you add stupid poop like roar pooping mechanics? Nah let the hackers win and lets make everyone poop for ever.
  3. And obviously no warning about it before so how many people are going to lose their characters or lots of resources just being transferred in or out of those servers.... Great job again...
  4. Heliastein

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    You got to work on it BEFORE you nerf the actual turrets. You cant expect us to suddenly replace 5000 turrets the day your crazy patch roll out. It's half our bases if not all that we have to completely demolish to make them fit the new meta of less turrets more powerful. + we need to farm/craft those news turrets. So either release the new turrets asap or postpone this damn nerf until you can give us some time with the new turrets...
  5. Release the new turrets before the 5th december patch so people can actually prepare for it....
  6. Heliastein

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    So it means you guys said we would have like a month to move and it's changed into a week, you also said that it would be 10% of the servers it's now 33%. Oh and i have a ticket open since the beginning of august cause i lost my character who was tribe owner, but apparently i wont ever get back my tribe even if my server wont be deleted. Seriously you just keep failing at everything you guys say....