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  1. Please remove alliances otherwise this new game mode is pointless. The whole point of this is to have fair fights. Having 4X 25 man tribes join simming your server to wipe you makes it exactly the same thing as the regular servers...
  2. - Silencer now hides the name of the player who has killed you from the kill message and tribe log Are you dumb or what? It's about the only way we can try to prove someone is cheating, so from now on anyone using an aimbot just have to put on a silencer and he can go for ever in peace... Great thinking again before you add stupid features in the game.... What about you fix all exploits before you add stupid poop like roar pooping mechanics? Nah let the hackers win and lets make everyone poop for ever.
  3. So it means you guys said we would have like a month to move and it's changed into a week, you also said that it would be 10% of the servers it's now 33%. Oh and i have a ticket open since the beginning of august cause i lost my character who was tribe owner, but apparently i wont ever get back my tribe even if my server wont be deleted. Seriously you just keep failing at everything you guys say....
  4. Please help us.... There is 3 servers down now. It has been down for 4 days, and it's been happening for over a month now. Cluster 587-588-589 on pc. We are missing all the events. Missed the week long evo event. Missed the double breeding event. We losing gear and dino because of the constant rollbacks. We losing babies cause when we try to breed and we feed them then the server rollback before they got fed. And we just cant play at all... If the server isn't going down for 24 hours at a time. it's laggy and going down all the time and having 30 mins rollbacks. We have all been patient, been filling the server outage page daily. But our server is not even on the list... Can anyone acknowledge that there is a problem and you are working on it? Cause we dont know where to writte anymore and who to ask for help. This perpetual silence when we have issues like that is really making everyone feel like nobody at WC cares and it's making a lot of peoples angry. Help us please.

    1. TanyaHall1


      We feel your pain, 258 has been down for days, I really really wish they would say, get your dinos off servers 123 etc as they are going to be wiped, because saying nothing after a year of hard work getting your bases sorted is not funny :( now we don't even know if our original bases are ok and will not be wiped off, i'd rather get my groovy gang to a safe server if they are going to kill the old ones, such a worry :(

    2. Heliastein


      I know right... just some sort of acknowledgement that they are aware of the problem and working to solve it... But we are left in the dark asking ourselves if someone is even working on the problem...

      Yeah super cool they make evo events and breeding events, peoples are having a blast and we are there looking at the server list pressing refresh...

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