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  1. In case anyone here has had issues of recently reset/lost characters and/or being removed from their tribe, it's an Ark issue, not a host issue. This includes server save issues which your host has nothing to do with. It's all wildcard.
  2. "The ARK team is as big as it’s ever been." Obviously not. I mean, I remember a day long ago when a patch announcement meant just that, an actual patch was released. So now you are further solidifying your reputation as liars which is as broken if not more so than your game. Perhaps in the future your announcements of upcoming patches should say "we're going to try" (which also will be a lie but at least people won't be fed false hopes) before everything you claim you're going to do. By the way, remember the one patch recently that was suppose to make the eggs visible again? Where are they? Still using whips. And now you talk about resurrecting the tek drake saddle with this one and don't do it. Better call that patch the Lazarus Project because obviously following through with anything will take a miracle for your so called big as ever team. And oh yeah, S+ doesn't work. Dare I even try the managarmr breath accuracy now or should it just hold it's breath?
  3. "Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’, where the story began and ends: on Earth itself! " ^ Just reflecting back on what was said in Jen's post on Extinction's release. There will be no future expansions for Ark. Extinction is it. This is a soft goodbye if you will. For those saying "but they said there will be more expansions", oh how truthful Wildcard has been with everything else. Future expansions will be added to the stopped developments list. This marks the official dying out of Ark as we all know it. Imagine if all that focus they pour into Atlas was channeled into fixing the broken pieces of Ark how much better it could be. They're just chasing dollars by enticing Ark lovers to buy a game that has the same coding integrated into it. Pockets over players always.
  4. Nice. Hopefully WC will continue to redirect their focus onto fixing their still broken content rather than pushing out more. One could only hope. A huge work in progress for sure and one many will be a appreciative of especially if done correctly. Keep it up.
  5. There isn't a reason, but whatever excuse they throw, such as this one : " but we believe that this extra time will result in an improved experience for everyone who plays Extinction on console" is nothing more than an excuse. Because our experience is so great on all the other maps in their current state. Hell, pc players were getting disconnected last night. Improved experience my ass. We will have major issues day 1. The only thing delaying console by a week does is delaying the console bug reporting by a week. They know console can't run this game optimally or at least anywhere near as well as pc can so why would they release it to us on day one? All it would do is make them look worse than they already are on their release date.
  6. When did I pin it solely on Ark? Shouldn't say fix when all they do is put a Band-Aid patch over their issues. Were your feet as salty as my popcorn?
  7. Sure. That explains all the remaining brokenness. Guess they fixed Ab before it was released.
  8. Until you said "...at least they fix things before putting it out..." How many seconds have you played this game?
  9. The Steam delay only serves to provide a false sense of fairness to console players regardless of excuse given.
  10. I'm interested in the 2 second segment of the one video where it shows one of the OSD items being a tek replicator on the easy blue level. Funny how quickly the camera view moved off that. While players have to learn the tek engram, this takes away all grind for that structure. Might as well add asc giga saddles to white drops.
  11. It absolutely is the developer's fault. How can anyone argue that after 5 maps they don't know by now what MS & Sony's optimization requirements are? That's hogwash.
  12. Every map is broken. The entire game is broken.
  13. What about the extra time we've already spent waiting for much needed improvements (not band aid patches) on all other maps? Eh, a week, if that's all it ends up being, isn't that big of a deal really. But don't lie to us. Our (console players) experience means as much to you as a pike to the face of a passive Rex. Honestly, you don't need a lot of time invested in Ark to have been able to see this coming. This is why my ad has said "Extinction coming soon" or "Extinction will be added when released". Play Ark for a day and you'll see what WC's word is worth. Their bs is transparent within the first game day.
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