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  1. Arkopolis Cluster 3x XP/ 10x Harvest & Tame [PvP/Discord/Stack Mod/S+] This 6 map PvP cluster was re-launched on 10/6/2019 & includes Ragnarok, Valguero, Aberration, The Island, Extinction & The Center. Discord link is in the message of the day when you join the cluster. Cluster name: Arkopolis Cluster 3x XP/ 10x Harvest & Tame Rates: • 3x XP • 10x Harvest • 10x Taming • 10x player weight • Lvl 150 wild/ 180 tek/ 190 eggs • 50% reduced resource respawn time • No tribe size limit • Alliances enabled • 30x maturation • 2x turret damage to dinos • 3x loot quality • 20% reduced fuel consumption • Batteries last 2x longer than official • 150 turret limit • Griffins added to Valguero (Chalk Hills) • Industrial forge unlocks at lvl 70 • Crop growth speed 3x • 2x spoil timer increase • 5x stack size increase • Upload timer increased to 48 hrs Rules: No cheating (meshing/duping) & no artifact blocking. Other than that, use common sense (mainly no racism/threatening server performance) and have fun. Feel free to message me on psn with any questions you may have. Gamertag is myosapien like it is here. You may also message me on discord. The discord link is in the message of the day when you join the server. It is the primary source of communication for all things concerning the cluster. Have a great day & keep on surviving!
  2. Use the flag icon on the upper right corner of your comment to report your comment for removal.
  3. I saw the update banner and had a glimmer of hope, but it's not fixed. They can just disable it until they get it fixed. Like they did with the enforcers.
  4. Will bump til this is fixed. Perhaps disabling your code with this update like you disabled with the enforcer when it had that crash issue until you get this fixed. At least that way people can still play. It's on unofficial as well. I ran stat fps where there were no structures, did not move and frames would drop sporadically as low as .45 with 6k ms spikes in an area that usully has 27- 30fps and maybe 17-25ms. Freezing and random kicks in various spots.
  5. utilisez beaconapp pour les baisses et sous les paramètres du serveur, multiplicateur de compte de dino pour augmenter le nombre de dinos
  6. Is that with all the dinos on your map? Ice wyverns are weird. If players aren't gathering the eggs and killing the wild ones off then they won't respawn normally like the ones in the scar do. That's what I have found to work the best. Run through the 5 locations and kill any you see and new ones will spawn.
  7. Cheat setbabyage .05 will do that to an adult Griffin. Lol.
  8. Try using a whip in the nests. There has been a bug where the eggs are there but they are invisible. Finally corrected on my cluster and now we have visible eggs again.
  9. That is one of many results of a classic Wildcard band aid... er, I mean, patch.
  10. Nitrado.net G-portal.us Survivalservers.com ^ These will be the main hosting companies. Although, my good friend Google did pull up a couple others as well which I've never heard of.
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