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  1. This is the first I've heard this. Make sure to search Arkopolis Cluster under unofficial pc sessions. Also be sure you are searching under PvP, not PvE. And this is PS4 platform. You should find it. There are 7 maps.
  2. Valguero was added at launch. However, until Nitrado and/or Wildcard fixes it, transfers of any kind including character transfers are broken. I spoke with Nitrado on this earlier and they said it should be fixed in a couple days. No reply from Wildcard- no big surprise there. My plan was to disable item and data downloads onto Valguero for the first 2 weeks but Nitrado/Wildcard has decided it's best to release a map that has cluster transfers entirely broken even for the unofficial community. This will only be temporary though. As soon as it's fixed on their end transfers will work for characters for the first 2 weeks and item and data thereafter.
  3. 41 or 44? Anyways, could just be Ark. People lose things all the time in this game. Sometimes for no apparent reason.
  4. Did you use cryopopods? Reason I ask is because if they were uploaded in cryopods, it treats them as items rather than creatures so they would have 24hrs, not 48. Congrats on your son. I have 2 boys myself. There's nothing like it, however, a video game wasn't even a thought within 48hrs of them being born. PM me on psn and I'll see if there's anything I can do. I should be on later this evening.
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