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  1. The servers will be switching back to the current Official event this afternoon. There will be a restart and a wild dino kill. This will not affect anyone's progress in the game & as always there will be a 2 minute countdown which will provide plenty of time to get safe.
  2. Myosapien

    question about transfering dinos.

    A good admin will have the word cluster in the name of the server, or you can use any obelisk or drop and select travel to another server and it will say which are on cluster. Best bet if it's not in the server name is to find out who the admin is and ask them. Unfortunately so many admins hide the fact they are admins for the sole purpose to pvp against their community as the alpha tribe. This is why I'm so transparent with the players on my cluster. They know who I am and they also know I'll never engage them.
  3. Myosapien

    question about transfering dinos.

    If your friend's island server is not clustered with the Rag server then the only way it would be possible to transfer is if both servers upload/download settings are enabled. A password won't affect the ability to transfer.
  4. Myosapien

    Private Server Melee out Of Control

    Don't adjust the melee per level stat multiplier for any of the dino fields and don't adjust specific creature damage multipliers either. Harvest rate is the amount they harvest. And if you want you can adjust the dino harvest damage so they collect faster. There are also multipliers for each specific resource. So if you want to collect more metal and not as much stone or more mejo and narco berries and not as much of the others. If you want more challenge at boss fights you can increase the wild damage output (does not affect melee of a dino once tamed) which will make them more difficult. Keep in mind though this affects every wild creature. So if you go too high a level 30 pego will kill in 2 or 3 hits. Harvesting rate and, if you want, harvest multiplier for specific resources will increase the amount you get. I have always been a believer in to get better melee, tame higher level (not always the case) and mostly breed for mutations (best way to get better melee).
  5. Telling you man, go with Nitrado. Prior to running my own cluster, I played on a friends cluster who had his up and running smoothly for well over a year. Also through Nitrado. No problems like the one your mentioning. I mean it is Ark, so you will have hiccups here and there as the game is not perfect. Who knows maybe it's not the server provider you were with either and perhaps I've been lucky with Nitrado, I don't know. 1 thing I do know from playing this game for a while, nothing in regards to performance or support is 100% so if your waiting on that, it will never happen.
  6. Just curious, who was your server provider? I have been running a 4 map cluster through Nitrado since June and I have not had any players losing characters. Well, except the ones who hit create new character rather than download character.
  7. Myosapien

    ORP & Alliances

    I have some thought on these 2 settings not existing together. Point out anything I'm not taking into consideration. Couldn't the 2 exist together if: Turrets receive an offline ally targeting mode that tribes could set to prevent being raided as easily by allies. Auto acivates when tribe is offline. Allied structures placed right on top of each others bases in an attempt to shield from offline damage receive an accelerated decay timer where such structures become demolishable. Say maybe a few hrs? Turrets are active while the tribe is offline. To prevent a login to exploding dodos around their turrets.
  8. I just rent from Nitrado and run a 4 map cluster. I played on a friend's hosted server and 2 things I hated about that were the tether and the fact that his PS4 had to remain on. If he turned it off, players would get kicked. As far as mods, PC only. I believe if you lose power, the players only have whatever was saved at the last game save. I'm not sure on anything else as my experience with this was extremely short lived and for good reason.
  9. Myosapien

    Please HELP Nitrado Server Settings

    No problem. Good luck with your server.
  10. Myosapien

    Please HELP Nitrado Server Settings

    Maturation at 40x with cuddle interval at .1 will have your rexes and wyverns raised in a few hrs with first imprint being at about 47 minutes and a total of 2 imprint sessions each one yielding 50% Other maturation/ cuddle that work are: Maturation 10x/ Cuddle .4 Maturation 20x/ Cuddle .2 Maturation 30x/ Cuddle .15 You can download SA Companion app for various calculators such as breeding that will allow you to plug in the numbers you want to use and it will give you the exact times for each dino from incubation to adult and tell you how much food they will need. **If you want it closer to the time you mentioned, I imagine using 80x maturation with .05 cuddle will work but that is really high & I have not used it. But there seems to be a pattern with the maturation and cuddle so it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out your desired setting based off what I gave you. You should also know the higher the setting, some smaller dinos wont receive full imprint if any at all, such as Vultures. Good luck.
  11. It should pick riders of flyers during the night and drop them. Flying around is too safe. Especially when done high out of turret range. Having this to avoid would add to the challenge of survival.
  12. Thinking about checking this out. Do you still have turrets allowed on platform saddles? That would make tames more OP than a speed boost because a player could just fly a quetz by a defenseless base and kill all their tames.
  13. Myosapien

    Surface on fire at night.

    There seems to be a few people with this issue from what I've seen on posts on other sites with nothing more than speculation as to why. Everyone is assuming it is a bug, which I'm leaning towards myself at this point, and sadly no response from a developer as to a solution or even a possible investigation into the issue.
  14. Myosapien

    Surface on fire at night.

    My day cycle speed scale is set to .12 so in 10 minutes is it still possible to go from 11pm to daytime?