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  1. Myosapien

    Update on Conquest Servers

    Nice hand washing. You screwed up and when you realize you can't do your job in the enforcing area you pass the buck off to someone else so everyone who in the near future posts anything about CoC violators you can just reply with something along the lines of "Studio Wildcard does not have control of enforcement on Conquest. To submit a report please follow blah blah link for Snail Games." This way you can attempt to say something is not your fault. Followed by a locking of the thread from a moderator because that's what always ends up happening when a post of actual concern falls on deaf ears and the light actaually begins to reveal the darkness for all to see. Again, nice hand washing, but you missed a spot... a huge one in fact- the hands that feed you.
  2. Not yet. But I have recently heard that Sony is about to catch up to the Jones'. Not sure how accurate that is though.
  3. Tek giga would be awesome. I have a feeling, as many others do, it will be the trike.
  4. Lol, that new specification only proves to serve your agenda of trying to prove someone wrong. You weren't talking about the size of the fight in the dog, but the size of the dog in the fight. Hence your use of the word smaller by itself with zero clarification on meaning which is indicative of physical size, not attack radius & weaker health. Seriously? A double technicality added later just to have something to say? Nice try. Also, whether we go with your original theory or your new one, take into consideration which dinos remain with the bionic skin. Trike, mosa, quetz & giga for example. Which of these is smaller than all the rest and has a combined weaker health & smaller attack radius than the raptor?
  5. Thank you for your kind words psx. Yes, players can absolutely progress here. There's so much more to Ark than just blowing things up and being a troll. Glad to hear you're enjoying it.
  6. Myosapien

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    Instead of saying remove alliances, which has already been done, they need to enforce no informal alliances. This is so easy especially if the enforcement team they say will be in place actually exists. All it takes is a screen shot of the log with more than one raiding tribe within a short time frame. Or better, a video clip. But it would benefit the majority of players and hinder the progression of a dominant alpha informal alliance which would probably consist of one or more members of the enforcement team posing as regular players anyway so the likelihood of that happening is slim.
  7. Myosapien

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    Informal alliances have been a part of it from the beginning. Totally agree with you. The fact that this is being advertised with the whole not having to worry about the problems of mega tribes, the idea that the "enforcement team" will try to ensure fair gameplay to the now informal alliances are allowed is just like management who constantly changes policy to fit their agenda or cya because they know nothing of or could care less about the actual field operations. Informal alliances basically mean small people will be mega raided. Just as many others have already said, this will be just another cluster of official servers but with a permanent evolution rate. They should have left out the whole phrase of not worrying about mega tribe problems because that was a very misleading statement. Their enforcement team does a bang up job of all the coc violators... not. So why think they could make any part of this fair gameplay? There's too much brokenness in Ark for their efforts to have any significant positive impact on creating a level playing field. Your assumption of me wanting ORP couldn't be farther from reality. I in fact do host an unofficial PvP cluster and have for some time. I despise ORP, always have and therefor will never activate it. ORP especially has zero place in PvP for obvious reasons. So no, I'm not for it, and I have lost players over time simply because I won't activate it. And ya know what? That's fine by me because I would rather have quality players over quantity of players any day. As for abuse, you sound as though you're one of those who is like a Ford vs Chevy type guy or vice versa whereas your approach on Ark is official being the ony way to go. And that's fine, to each his own. I say this simply because 75% or more of the players out there who say they won't touch unofficial is for 2 main reasons. 1 being the most legitimate reason the fear of the admin shutting it down without notice whereas official will always be there. This is a great argument which can only be countered by admins like myself who are as passionate about this game as you are (otherwise you wouldn't have responded the way you did), and are working adults with full time jobs that can fully support running a cluster with ease similar to people who swing through the drive thru on a daily basis. Otherwise you got some kid running it, admin abusing the hell out of it and shutting it down one day because their birthday money they got from grandma a couple months ago ran out. The other reason that's argued maybe sums up about 25% of unofficial servers and that's admin abuse. Which while that percentage is sad to say the least, it's a lot lower than the number of players on official who cheat, dupe, mesh, crash servers, aimbot whatever the case may be. These things, while they still can happen on unofficial, are not as likely to happen as official. And just like the greater majority of admins out there, I myself can truly say I dont abuse my players and just like the good non-abusive admins such as myself, I have a decent size player base that will back that up 100%, some of which I have to use translation apps to speak to. So your whole ORP & abuse assumption about me is wrong. I like truth. I don't like deception. And when I read the description of these servers I felt it was a little deceiving to offer players this idea of a safe haven so to speak where they wouldn't have problems of a mega tribe. I guess if you want to get really technical about it, they won't have to worry about problems of a mega tribe... just a mega "informal alliance". And that, my friend, is the truth that nobody wants to hear.
  8. Myosapien

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    Informal alliances. You guys have zero real backbone when it comes to enforcing. It's really simple: a screen shot of a log where there's more than 1 tribe name raiding a tribe within the same game day equals both/all raiding tribes banned from the server because it was obviously an allied raid which is equivalent to mega tribe raid which you claim players would not have a problem with by joining these servers. And for those saying they have played them and it hasn't happened, wake up... it hasn't even been a week & it will happen. The fact you guys actually listened to the hands that feed you, & we as players do feed you (remember that), by disabling tribe alliances speaks volumes. Sadly those volumes were muted and became nullified when you threw out the sugar coated wishy washy phrase of informal alliances are allowed. Which only amplifies your lack of enforcing anything to benefit the playability of the majority of your player base by allowing something that ensures the in game status of the ones your in bed with. Good luck, you'll need it... unless you edit that as well after accepting the error of your ways.
  9. The next tek dino will be one which already has a bionic skin. And the parasaur is larger than the raptor.
  10. Myosapien

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    Sounds great. Except for the fact it's a catch 22. Avoiding the problems of mega tribes with the enabling of alliances & tribe size of 25 with a server slot of 100. Let's say you have 3 tribes of 25 all allied and online. Or even 4 tribes of 25 allied and lets say only 10 players of that mega alliance are not on and 10 other players join all in their own little tribe. There's your mega tribe against smaller tribe. Sorry but when a mega alliance raids, its the same as a mega tribe they just have different names, dinos & bases.Tribe size of maybe 9-15 with no alliances would provide players an atmosphere without fear of problems of a mega tribe as you are seemingly trying to advertise.
  11. I guess it's all relative really. When you deal with death all around you for a daily living I guess it desensitizes you to situations that won't matter anyway shortly after.
  12. Some could say the same concerning the effect that a complete stranger's comment on a message board about a video game has on an individual. Touche?
  13. Offending you was not my intention with either of those statements. It's just obvious that killing off wild takes time and patience. As for the official/proud of yourself comment that was more so directed at the general player base (not everyone) that feels like official is the only way to play Ark which is what I gathered from your choice of emojis following your statement of only playing official. Edit: & yes, I am quite happy with myself. Life is too short to be unhappy especially with yourself whom your stuck with for life.
  14. So killing them would be your best bet unless patience is a virtue you do not possess. Only official huh? Lol, you must be very proud of yourself 👍😜 kkkkkkkk?
  15. Are you playing on an unofficial server? If so, then a wild kill will make them stop spawning. Other alternative is to hunt and kill every dino of the previous color scheme.