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    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    Please turn off the alliances, not having them is the best part of small tribes. Please don't ruin something new and full of potential before it even starts.
  2. So we started arkpocalypse today. We went on the standard island note run and picked up some species X seeds, then went to SE to get some propellant/flame arrows and whips. Finally we transferred to aberration and we were unable to do so due to item transfer being 1-directional. You can transfer things out, but not it. We though 'ah well, you win some you lose some' and just jumped over naked with our leveled characters. We had some fun and built a little started base, acquired some tames and gear etc. At around 2am when we were about to head to bed a tribe named 'TEA' whose members had chinese characters in their names rocked up on 3 reaper kings and 2 rock drakes (DAY 3/4!!) They proceeded to wipe us and popcorn our belongings. What's the point in running these servers if they're to be lorded over in this way. Is WC just paying your more mega-tribe playgrounds? Does anyone have any thoughts on these points? Should arkpocalypse aberration be bi-directional transfer and should megatribes (or their spawn) be permitted to create an atmosphere of toxicity and bad-feeling? P.S. At the time of writing this TEA is systematically wiping all tribes on the server, so far heard from 4 different tribes in global chat, I'm sure more will come as folks are currently in bed across europe.
  3. Aliary

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    No-Flyer Cluster, otherwise all normal official rates/mechanics By this I mean NO pteras, lymantrias, argents, tapejaras, pelagornis, griffins, quetzals, wyverns AND rock drakes (would be broken with no flyers)