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  1. dunkah

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    How will this be any different then officials in a few months? The main reason these are compelling is to get away from slotcapping servers for war. The enforcement stuff is nice, and could help with the meshers, but that's not the biggest thing killing the game.
  2. dunkah

    Cant see tripwire alarm notifications.

    same problem and not early bird
  3. dunkah

    Linking Steam

    Steam settings are missing for me too, they used to be there.
  4. Should the counter be on already? I don't see it on official.
  5. dunkah

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    It would be cool to make in game solutions to this. Changing kibble to not need so many egg laying dinos is one example, that is brought up a lot. Another idea would be a "Tek Gene Storage" type structure. You take the concepts of a teleporter and a Cloning chamber and combine them. Let tribes upload their dinos into the gene bank, and pull them back out as needed. Require tek generator to run etc. That way people don't have dozens of Rex/Bronto/Para chilling just for when they are needed. I think the bulk of the problems really stem from the big "alpha" tribes that have hundreds of dinos and nobody to really stop them from making more. I'm sure you could take the idea even further will all kinds of breeding/genetic gameplay options along the same theme.
  6. dunkah

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    What's the plan for protecting characters against being lost in transfer and rollbacks? Are there plans at least to have some way of verifying a character's level and engrams so they can be restored when lost? Losing hundreds of hours of work combined with customer supports unwillingness to restore characters is devastating to players. This game has many grinds, losing imprints on dinos that can take weeks to raise; with no way of restoration is one of the worst player experiences. Needing to wait weeks before a GM can meet you, only to be told you will wont be given anything near what you lost; is just salt on the wound.
  7. dunkah

    Can't join any official servers, new or legacy

    California Comcast Happens on and off, connection timed out. If I get on a vpn it works every time.