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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official, Valguero) Checked on the spino (doing fine), bred drakes (female, right colors, but wrong stats. Ate the egg).

Bred megaloceros, the baby will be male, light gray, will keep him. He got the worse melee, but the better health. Made a saddle form my 90+ BP, it ended up with 118 armor. Used it to test the megaloceros, and, well, they're exactly like I've read on Dododex: the male is great at thatch harvesting and a decent fighter, and the female is Made Of Speed. Pretty great.

Fed gachas some and decided to do something about my greenhouse. You see, the LAST time I did something about it I was excited about tek crop plots and built too many of them. And then I never bothered to decrease their numbers or at least decrease the gen's range to not cover the farthest ones anymore.

But today I took down the dung beetle enclosure's fence and I took down all the tek crop plots. And one of the tek troughs (if I ever need three again, there's enough space to build the third without the need to increase the gen's range again). Then I made five crop plots (1 for each advanced crop +1 for stimberries) and placed them on the side where the dung beetle enclosure used to be, and fenced off the formerly crop plot side to make it into a new, bigger beetle enclosure.

Had to build a regular trough for the beetles, as that moved them out of range of any other troughs, but it's okay. Also had to stretch a cable from the hatchery to re-power refrigerators and lampposts.

And the gen now is set to perfectly reasonable 2.6.

Fed gachas more, as everything I got out of them in today's first feeding was spent on crop plots, and that's all for now, but I'll log back on in about 3 hours for the megaloceros.


Logged on 40 minutes before it was time for Aurora to give birth.

While waiting I took Fenris and hunted some stuff underwater, then unpodded some dinos to put to use the levels they've gained since their last unpodding, and remembered about my beelzebufo pair, Dolores and Daniel Leapfrogs.

So I unpodded them, brought them to the water pen, bred them (positioning them was pretty hard. I should somewhat weight them down next time I do it - they're too fast to stop exactly where I want them to stop). Built a 2 ceiling shelf onto the water pen's wall underwater and put an incubator on it and placed the egg in there, it's female, Dolores' light purple inherited.

And then I returned to my base and waited the last 10 minutes until my first baby deer. Wen he was finally born, I first laughed at how disproportionately huge his antlers are, and then named him Cernunnos.

I podded him for later and plan to raise him with full imprint.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Bred drakes, rexes and gigas, nothing good.

New spino is now adult, bred him to Swamp Queen in hopes of getting his health with her melee, but no luck.

Went to the water pen to hatch new frog, turns out I built incubator a bit too high so it refused to hatch. demolished incubator, hatched the egg by just throwing it out, podded tadpole.

Built new incubator and shelf for it a bit lower, hopefully it'll work for the next time I hatch a frog. Bred frogs again.

Filled one maewing with berries and unpodded Cernunnos, filled another with meat, moved to water pen and unpodded the tadpole.

Fed gachas a bit.

(Official, Extinction) Checked for drops, no drops, so I just fed the dinos and hunted defense units a bit.

(Official, Fjordur) Fed dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike.

That's all for now, will play more later.


(Official, Valguero) Checked on the babies, they were half an hour away from imprint.

Took Fenris and went wandering and killing stuff.

Returned, imprinted Cernunnos and still nameless tadpole.

The incubator, as it turns out still wasn't deep enough to hatch underwater eggs, so I had to break it to get the egg. It's fine, though - I think I'll stop at two frogs anyway.

Put the new tadpole with the maewing, put more meat into the maewing.

Harvested flint, made arrows, fed the gachas. Painted stylized eyes on Cernunnos' antlers.

And that's all for today.

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(NA Official PVE Fjordur)

Bred the deinos for kibble eggs, petted the megalosaurus, built a taller fence to keep the yard spinos in the yard. Then I put in my weekly ticket about the [][][] that has completely surrounded and built over the Asgard SW teleport zone and Gacha spawn.  Followed that with half an hour translating Portuguese only to discover that it was the same guy that tried to extort me for rock drakes doing it to someone else by pillaring to their base walls.  Had a good laugh at it, then went back to making spare narc and kibble for event taming this week.


Oh and I tamed yet another compy because they are just so darned cute when they run up and beg for attention!

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I did 2 things yesterday/today,

  1. Downloaded the time capsule version of the game. Old early access 1x rates and let me tell you it was fun for a nostalgic trip(old island map and what not).
  2. Played on the LDL servers, Was kinda fun did some PvP stole a few items blew up a raft and as i was getting away with the loot i lost my raft to an alpha leeds since i forgot they were even a thing since i have not played ark in many years.

Random Rant time

Pre-face: anything beyond this point has nothing to do with what did i do in ark today rather just opinion on the old version of the game that i played today.

I downloaded the time capsule version of the game because i am hearing so many friends and youtubers/twitch streamers "claim" that the old version of ark was so much better than current version. The QoL that was added overtime and game fixes have people quitting true classic servers pretty fast.

  • No notes(slow XP). Takes about 3 hours to get to 15 solo and make a full wooden raft.
  • No bolas and grapples making flyers insanely strong again.
  • No cakes for herbivores.
  • Really long taming times.
  • Less turret targeting choice.
  • No beaver damn's/snails meaning CP was grindy
  • The ability to storage box raid people to avoid defences entirely.
  • Floating platforms on platform saddle builds.
  • No busted early game tames because simple pistols/shotguns destroy ptera's so you had defence against them and due to tame times it is not like people were actively using them in PvP outside attack/defences. 
  • Cave building was fairly useless because big dino's could not go inside most of the caves making them impossible to upkeep.

The list goes on. These are just a few of the features people have forgotten that have been removed/fixed in the newer versions of the game. I think what people really miss of the old days was the simple times. No one had the ability to raid a base for 2 weeks straight like they do today. One of the biggest features that stands out in my nostalgic trip was the amount of times raids got countered as we or an enemy was moving a across the map...Hell i can even remember fighting over tames. Not letting your enemy get 120 creatures and so on was MASSIVE to your own survival.

I challenge those who genuinely believe that the old version of the game was better to make a time capsule PvP server.

To me the clear difference is the ark of today you are playing a game where supplies are in abundance. Where as back in the day no matter what you got you always needed more of(insert resource name).

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(Official, Valguero) Okay, so I actually logged on a few times during the night (I mean, if I woke up anyway might as well) to add more food to the maewing for the frogs, but that's not really playing. So properly today:

Bred spinos (same pair), no luck. It was female and wrong health.

Imprinted Cernunnos and the still-nameless frogs. They're actually looking frog-like now.

Fed gachas.

Hunted, fed dinos.

Made kibble, planned to use all the eggs, but ran out of citronal before running out of eggs, so only 40-some pieces were made.

Decided to get a rollrat. Took honey, and a fishing rod to refresh the honey with.

Took my bat.

Went to the Abb cave, found a level 85 female. Tamed, named her Wrinkles, podded, returned home, made saddle, took her out to test, after about 15 minutes of running, rolling, and harvesting trees lost her to deinons because she got pressed between them and a rock in a way that allowed no rolling AND kept them out of her bite range.

Well, oops.

Also lost my sino, Red. Also to deinons. But that's okay, I found Yellow in the fridge and after I put to use all the levels he accumulated during his time there he became even better than Red was.

Added more meat to the maewing with frogs and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Well, I didn't play much today. Logged on for a short time in the morning, imprinted Cernunnos and podded now-grown frogs. And just now I logged on again, imprinted Cernunnos again (he only needs one more) and bred gigas, rexes and drakes. Gigas and rexes, as always, were no good, but the drake! Female, right feather and belly colors, right stats! That's a drake that stays. Finally.

And that's all, maybe for now, or maybe for today.


Hatched the new drake and podded her for later. Imprinted Cernunnos for the last time.

Took Ekimma (my desmodus) and went hunting. Killed a bunch of hyaenodons, some deinons and saberteeth, spotted a level 140 alpha rex and killed that, too, and that's what finally got Ekimma another level. I put the new point into melee, of course, and now he has 699.5%.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Cernunnos is adult now, saddled him. Unpodded the drake.

Took Cernunnos for a bit of leveling and thatch harvesting. Good, good, needs some more weight, though.

When the drake got pretty hungry, uploaded my 200+ chainsaw and some gasoline, logged off.

(Official, Fjordur) Went into the cave, got gasoline and chainsaw. Harvested a single node (there was only one anyway), got 11 venom from it. Excessive, but means that as long as whoever goes before me leaves 1 node, my drake (or even drakeS, if I hatch more eggs and decide to raise several at once) will live. While waiting for the timer harvested a few rocks, got 60 gas. Uploaded venom and gas. Returned home, fed dinos, put most of the gasoline onto generator. Placed the chainsaw into smithy so that I won't lose it like my last tool (to something that manages to kill me through the walls).

(Official, Valguero) Fed the drake, put the rest of the venom into preserving bin with salt.

Fed gachas, most element went into the generators.

Bred rexes and gigas, one rex stays (female, melee inherited, plus a mut on health, bringing it to 43 points H) and one giga does too (forgot the gender. Stam mut, color 100 on first region, will at least hatch to see if it looks good).

Took kibble, harpoon launcher, nets, rifle, darts and my bat and went to try and get some good allos to maybe add good stats to my good colors (by good colors I mean entirely black). Found a 140, female. Netted, half-tranqed, she got free, shook off enough torpor to start fighting again, and a minor lag landed me straight into her jaws.

Respawned, took griffin, went back, got my stuff and sino, re-netted allo, finished tranqing.

And a second one showed up, also female, 145. Netted, half-tranqed, minor lag caused me to fall to death while hovering.

Respawned, took Alduin, retrieved stuff and sino, netted again, tranqed the allo more, then she fell into some (thankfully offline at the moment) player's base, got stuck on all the wyverns, and that's where I finished tranqing her.

Returned to the first, tamed, gave her a temporary name of F1, exported stats to take a look at them later,  podded, brought home, returned for the second, tamed, gave her a temporary name of F2, exported, podded, brought home.

Fed the drake all of the remaining venom because it'll decay anyway, podded her, and that's all for today.


Checked the allo stats. Next time I'll play, both F1 and F2 will get proper names - F1 has 37 health, F2 has 38 melee. That's enough to earn them a place among my breeder dinos.

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So far did nothing, but I think today I'll make a sidebase on Lost Island again. Just to try and get some actually good sinos instead of my old "24 stam and that's AFTER muts" ones.


(Official, Valguero) Saddled and uploaded one of my old bats. Also uploaded a tropical wyvern and a sino, plus a 200+ hatchet and some stone triangle foundations. Hatched yesterday's eggs, rex podded for later, giga ugly and left to starve.

(Official, Lost Island) Created a survivor, got couple levels, downloaded tames and stuff at the nearest beacon, and headed straight for the jungle. Didn't need to search long to find a spot for a small base, though later it'll turn out that any base at all was a bit of an overkill. But later about that.

So, I built a small base: a round house with a platform on top for the flyers, and a bit of fence around it, just so I don't wake up with a raptor in my bed.

And with that done I first took my wyvern and killed a bunch of leeches for chitin, and then took sino and bat and went to look for good sinos.

Sinos, as you know, are easily spooked. A non-shoulder tame too close, an accidental jump, a man-made surface under them, and they fly away screaming as if you're offering them not friendship, but a middle position in "The Pterosaur Centipede".

The first I managed (FINALLY managed) to tame was a level 100 male. Already better than what I had, but not by much: 25 stam, 21 weight. Still, podded and uploaded.

Then, also level 100, a nice nearBlack-gray-white-pink female. Also 25 stam, and nice 32 weight. Podded, uploaded.

And then I was approached by a 145. Female, white-and-gray with brown back, and after so much chasing that she was starting to lose health from starvation, I finally tamed her and WOW!

38 health, 34 stam, 48 weight and 25 melee. Podded, uploaded, and after this I don't think I'll need to tame another sino except maybe for colors.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the sinos. Killed my old breeder sinos and placed the new ones into the coop. The male I named Sparkle, the first female is Ashes, and the wonderful stats one is, you guessed it, Wonder.

Unpodded my male allo, named allo females from yesterday (formerly F1 is now Witch and formerly F2 is now Pumpkin Spice). Bred allos, Witch's egg stays, health inherited.

For now that's all, will at least refresh sidebases later. I feel like my sino hunt was enough in terms of "actually playing" for today.


(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, harvested some (10 ele worth plus some extra) dust and uploaded it, since I skipped gacha feeding today.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike.

(Official, Valguero) Downloaded dust, made it into element and shards. Most went into generators. Hatched the allo, exported stats and podded for later, then took a look at the stats and turns out I kept the wrong egg. Will kill him tomorrow. And that's all for today.

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So, I've sort of been checking out mobile lately (don't really have time to boot up the Xbox, what with our fall production coming up and everything. I'm in a pretty decent place-in the plateau that overlooks the spawn point with a wooden hut and 2 raptors, a trike, an iguanodon, a couple of dilos, a parasaur, a sarco, and a kapro (tamed last two far before the right lvl-tamed both ~ lvl 25 :D). So today, I (as you do) went out with my raptors. Delta (the lower level one) died to a theri a while back-killed it with my 434% bow (still super insane). I found another theri. I didn't want to make the same mistake, so I hopped on Alpha (my highest level) and set Beta to passive (you get the idea for the names). I shot the theri, ran, shot it again. It caught up to me and somehow knocked me off. I ended up killing it, but me and Alpha were both at under half health. I took Delta and went hunting for a bit. I found yet another theri, this time right next to my base. Exact same thing went down. This one looked amazing though-Orange, with black tiger stripes all over it. Almost sad to kill it, but I had to avenge Delta. That's pretty much it for now (might hop back on later). Oh, and also, the kapros name is Jumpy Boi :).

That's all for now! Happy ARKing!

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Went back to the Caballus map because I always do. Decided to take my best horse and two deinonychus and just roam around in the general swamp and redwoods area looking for a Sinomacrops. Had to spend a night in the swamp, and this map gets *dark*. My glowtail wasn't cutting it but I keep night vision goggles in my inventory as I dislike using gamma. At one point, an allo pack attacked my two deinons and a second pack decided join halfway through the fight, had to stop and heal after that. In the end, we found a good male Sino on lv 145, which zipped off into the neighboring and much more dangerous zone. I chased it for half a day, but in the end it tamed up with crazy 51 points in melee.

I brought it home and we set off again towards the redwoods border. Found two more resource caves I didn't know were there. One had a crystalline statue of an Ice Wyvern that gave me literal goosebumps when I noticed it. The other had the last clue for the Easter Egg cave that I was still missing. Cave-wise, Caballus is like swiss cheese. Even if you find all the caves, there's so many that you constantly keep forgetting the locations and can just start over discovering. On our way home, we fell down a ravine into a ridiculously deep and salmon-rich mountain lake and it was a pain to get the deinons out of there again, but I found a blue loot treasure in the depths, so it was still worth it. Deinons earned a lot of levels on the trip, which is nice, too.

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(Official, Valguero) Bred sinos. Only Ashes was ready, and she's the worse of two new females, but still it'll make for a nice sino to use while I'm trying to breed for better.

Bred allos, both eggs staying - one male, one female, both got best from their mothers, and Witch's baby got all father's colors, so she's all black.

Bred gigas and spinos, no luck there.

Unpodded rex and drake.

Went hunting for skeletal dinos. And for tek ones, because a bit of extra dust never hurts. Killed plenty of both, returned home.

Hatched allo and sino eggs and put babies with the maewing.

Took argy and ankylo, di a bit of an obsidian run, put obsidian into replicator for the next time I feel like making poly

Made the headless cosmetic, love it!

Fed gachas for a while, 5 ele went into generators, 7 - into the vault.

Podded drake and sino (can't leave her out, I want to try and get full imprint on her), and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) In the morning quickly logged on to check on the babies and gave them more meat.

And just now played very briefly, just bred sinos and new allo pair (allo stays, sinos no good). And caught and put back in place some of my owls that I accidentally whistled to aggressive.

For now that's all, might play more later.


Unpodded drake and sino. The rex is now adult, moved her away form the maewing and unpodded Beast (my all right stats, no muts male). Bred them, unfortunately, the baby was female and didn't inherit the mutated stats. Cracked the egg.

Bred gigas, nothing good.

Took Cernunnors and spent some time riding around, harvesting trees and killing everything.

Logged off and onto

(Official, Fjordur), and good thing I put my chainsaw away the last time! I was dead again, by a rex this time. Respawned, took chainsaw, went into the cave, harvested a node, grabbed the crates (a 70 armor megalodon BP and a 300+ flak helmet one), uploaded all that, returned home. Forgot to feed dinos and put away the chainsaw.

(Official, Valguero) Downloaded venom and loot, fed the drake, put the rest of the venom into a preserving bin.

Took Nightmare, hunted with her for a bit, got her two levels. Returned home, logged off and on to

(Official, Fjordur) again, fed dinos and put. Away. My. Damn. Chainsaw.

(Official, Valguero) Fed the drake again (force-fed he all the remaining venom), podded her and the sino, and that's all for today.

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30 minutes ago, Griffin998 said:

Y'know, I was curious-could you post a screenshot of your prize allos? I'm very interested to see what kind of damage/health they have.

I don't have "prize" allos. My allo breeding initially only had the goal of getting an all-black, regardless of the stats, and was paused for a long time after achieving that until recently I decided to add some stats to it.

There are no mutations at the moment, and the stats I have (in general, not on all-black ones) are: 37 health, 31 stamina, 27 weight and 38 melee.

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