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  1. The funny thing is everyone including my PvE buddies Did you go to a school for muppets? Or can you just not read?
  2. The funny thing is everyone including my PvE buddies are all going to get a iguanodon then an argy so it is not like foot speed matters because you get to air combat with-in 1 hour 30 mins of the servers being up. Faster if unofficial servers.
  3. Where can i go to find out information on the actual servers/regions that will have servers in them for ASA? Like will OCE get 6 man servers this time around or will they be phasing out the region completely forcing us all on to P-servers?
  4. I really wished i had direct access to ask dev's stuff because i really want to know if we will be losing all OCE servers when ASA comes out since with every patch and every map we had less and less OCE servers as well as no 6 man OCE servers.
  5. Will OCE be getting a larger variety of servers when Ark: Ascended comes out? Everyone i have talked to in the Australia/NZ genuinely believe this is the death of official OCE support. It would be nice to see some OCE 6 man servers and so on with the launch of Ark:Ascended.
  6. LETS GO!!!!!!!! This has to be one of the best decisions the company has made in the past 2 years. I for one am glad i get to support the further development of ARK 2.
  7. I did 2 things yesterday/today, Downloaded the time capsule version of the game. Old early access 1x rates and let me tell you it was fun for a nostalgic trip(old island map and what not). Played on the LDL servers, Was kinda fun did some PvP stole a few items blew up a raft and as i was getting away with the loot i lost my raft to an alpha leeds since i forgot they were even a thing since i have not played ark in many years. Random Rant time Pre-face: anything beyond this point has nothing to do with what did i do in ark today rather just opinion on the old version of the game that i played today. I downloaded the time capsule version of the game because i am hearing so many friends and youtubers/twitch streamers "claim" that the old version of ark was so much better than current version. The QoL that was added overtime and game fixes have people quitting true classic servers pretty fast. No notes(slow XP). Takes about 3 hours to get to 15 solo and make a full wooden raft. No bolas and grapples making flyers insanely strong again. No cakes for herbivores. Really long taming times. Less turret targeting choice. No beaver damn's/snails meaning CP was grindy The ability to storage box raid people to avoid defences entirely. Floating platforms on platform saddle builds. No busted early game tames because simple pistols/shotguns destroy ptera's so you had defence against them and due to tame times it is not like people were actively using them in PvP outside attack/defences. Cave building was fairly useless because big dino's could not go inside most of the caves making them impossible to upkeep. The list goes on. These are just a few of the features people have forgotten that have been removed/fixed in the newer versions of the game. I think what people really miss of the old days was the simple times. No one had the ability to raid a base for 2 weeks straight like they do today. One of the biggest features that stands out in my nostalgic trip was the amount of times raids got countered as we or an enemy was moving a across the map...Hell i can even remember fighting over tames. Not letting your enemy get 120 creatures and so on was MASSIVE to your own survival. I challenge those who genuinely believe that the old version of the game was better to make a time capsule PvP server. To me the clear difference is the ark of today you are playing a game where supplies are in abundance. Where as back in the day no matter what you got you always needed more of(insert resource name).
  8. Can we get a name change for the server please, Call them fresh start servers or something. I know this is a me issue but plz my heart will thank you for it.
  9. 162 upvotes? Looks to me like a wipe is not popular at all. If the alpha tribes and all the other people really wanted a wipe this should have at the very least 3000 upvotes. You see the amount of people participating on official servers and the number of upvotes these posts get and it is far 2 low. Also when i see people talking about original balance you have to remember the game released in early access. Their original balance was based off not having breeding in the game at all and since it is a main feature everyone plays for getting people to vote for a wipe so long as they have pixels they want to protect chances are they will down vote instead of up vote.
  10. The last wipe + the conquest servers + the classic server has proven that even with a wipe the little guy stands no chance because they are not willing to go to the lengths these mega alliances will go to. If you are a little guy you are not going to Ddos you are not going to dupe you are not going try and slot cap a server after using a program to check steam profiles and learn when the enemy has their least amount of players on. The same players stand at the pinnacle of Ark as those who were standing at the pinnacle of ark back during legacy. During conquest during classic and so on. You need core gameplay mechanics changed if a wipe to happen to improve the game. The dev's are never going to make meaningful changes to the game that will improve PvP because it means ruining the game for their larger audience the PvE community. You need to just suck it up join a mega and accept that you play it like that or you will be wiped weekly if not daily.
  11. Classic Ark. Current classic ark mite as well be called No Tek ark. #2cents
  12. I just got done asking my original tribe mates if they would come back and i got the response i expected but i was surprised about the numbers. 15-58 a resounding NO they would not come back and play. The game they liked is gone. Either way i hope the majority gets what they want be it a wipe or not a wipe.
  13. Hypothetically speaking here if they were to wipe they need to announce that they will be doing yearly wipes from this point on because wiping and saying we plan no wipes just gets everyone salty in the end. Personally i do not think they should wipe but w/e they do it does not bother me.
  14. This post is step 1. Step 2 - Is to reach out to those who play on your official servers. The big twitch streamers and Youtubers that love official PvP be it 6 man 25 man or zerg fest. It would be great to see the meta of the game change due to input from the community. Step 3 - Enjoy the praise the community gives you for taking the step to reach out to the community rather than wait for it to blow up in your face.
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