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  1. Exactly why i said ID tags. In MMORPG's most call them family names as they are unique to 1 person and no one can copy it so the average player can report this account and the GMs will know exactly where it is at the current time and where it has been previously. Steam ID's have nothing to do with the system i am talking about. They need to create their own in-game unique ID tracking system not steam based system. You can have 5000 people named bob but if they all have a unique family ID number dedicated to that account all players will have to do is report that ID number and devs can ins
  2. While i do not know if they will even have PvP in Ark 2 i can safely say that one thing i hope becomes the norm is everyone's ID tag number shows up in the attack log. This way we can report the ID tag number to WC so enforcement know exactly who to watch and follow what servers they have been to and check out if anything shady is going on.
  3. Mutations is only part of the issue but we do agree that they can improve systems for Ark 2 or better yet for me remove systems that just did not work as intended. Breeding even if you remove mutations is still extra HP/ATK and so on due to the dino itself. The only feature they could add to fix this is a dino aging mechanic so they die but i feel like a mechanic like that would be a feels bad man type feeling every time a creature died. The reason aging mechanics are the only fix is that eventually people end up breeding 100-200...hell or even 1000 dino's at any given day of the week be
  4. Can we get a name change for the server please, Call them fresh start servers or something. I know this is a me issue but plz my heart will thank you for it.
  5. Breeding will always be an issue because by design it is a mechanic to keep you logging in it adds nothing to the game, In-fact it nerfed the original gameplay if you think about it by nerfing every creature to the ground just to cater for the long term progression gameplay that is breeding. Breeding is the daily/weekly equivalent of MMORPG's. People hate it but can not stop doing it because it helps with the long term progression goals. This means even with improvements to the system you mite as well just scrap breeding altogether because no change will have a positive affect on the game
  6. Looks like an AI tribe. Probably similar to the monsters in The Forest.
  7. I see you got the time capsule server map with an old version of the island map. I was wondering @Wildcard do you have the earlier pre-snow version of that map that you can upload to the workshop?
  8. You like many others will be back. Do not fool yourself. They know they got you hook line and sinker.
  9. It is 100% fine to lose your character. Why? As a consumer of video games you hold all the power. This character loss has gone on for years and if people wanted it fixed they could of took a stance as a community and not bought any of the expansions that came out...however you and the entire community bought every single one of them. The community as a whole have told WC with their wallets that they are willing to over look the loss of character issue in favor for the new shiny stuff in new patches. Big problems require drastic solutions. If 99% of the community were not gaming addicts t
  10. How can i get my hands on the map for the normal ark. For some reason i can not find it when i reboot ark up out of the beta mode.
  11. Are you basing it of the real world oceanic region or just calling it oceania?
  12. The flaw is the players not the game in this case. sheer selfishness is the flaw. If the world was the same it would be boring right? Well you are all doing the same thing spamming pillars claiming land and so on. You are selfish you are the same as everyone else and you got punished for being greedy and claiming to much land. Own your mistake. Better yet play single player because then you can have all the land you want and it does not matter if you selfish or not.
  13. That is the thing tho. What can they do to a dilo/ compy to make them worth while with-out giving them a feature that is close or exactly the same as other creatures out there already? This is the same thing as a thylo what can a wolf/saber get for an update to make them unique enough to tame them over a thylo? They already did stuff for the wolf and IMO it is deemed useless. At some point developer time investment has to mean something here. A good example is Survival of the fittest they scratched that idea because it did not take off since it only had a few 1000 playing they deemed it
  14. 162 upvotes? Looks to me like a wipe is not popular at all. If the alpha tribes and all the other people really wanted a wipe this should have at the very least 3000 upvotes. You see the amount of people participating on official servers and the number of upvotes these posts get and it is far 2 low. Also when i see people talking about original balance you have to remember the game released in early access. Their original balance was based off not having breeding in the game at all and since it is a main feature everyone plays for getting people to vote for a wipe so long as they have pi
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