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  1. Pretty sure the anky + rock topia or river rocks was the best for stone gathering even when gathering by hand was a thing+you got good flint at the same time.
  2. Everyone is going to give you a difference in opinion on which is better and why. Small tribes = more chance to catch them offline and get loot. Most enjoy getting loot more than they do the PvP so if the only way to get the good loot is to make sure your enemy is sleeping at the time of the attack then that is perfect. Regular = zerg vs zerg in a very un-fun way. Well no one on twitch/reddit seems to be happy about how the wars are played out be it through shady methods or just the pure spam war.
  3. PvE it is fine while i personally hate the tek it is a nice progression path to take. PvP Players are the underlying factor as to why the game is very unenjoyable not the developers aside from the core issues that can only be solved dev side.
  4. Ptera speed was still a thing back then at least on my server. The good thing was if you had good snipers birds were less of a threat because they took more damage than they do today...Well at least from primitive weaponry. That video you linked even showcases why wars were good back in the day. Materials were hard to come by and they ran out of materials while attacking so they had to come back the next week? i think it was next week maybe it was the next day.
  5. Nothing like that can happen again. To many variables added in to the game that make this impossible. First thing you would have to do is lower the rates back to old 1x so it takes forever to grind materials. If you notice in that video he is using 8 bullets because losing a stack of 50 pretty well got you kicked or delegated to dino duty for the rest of the raid. Second is the way the game worked back then. Guns were strong but birds were stronger. No whips no bola if you got picked you lost gear to the enemy which in turn made the enemy lose power allowing the defending tribe to be able to make a successful push on their FoB and a successful retaliation raid. Third no breeding. Most of the old big Island fights came from people fighting over giga's quetzals and if we go back further rexes/spino's or the sniping of said tame if you came across it. I could go on and on with the reasons why but ultimately i said this in another thread so no real need to repeat this. Ark developers are doing what Blizzard did with WoW. Added to many features that are ultimately just time gates/filler content that makes no sense. If classic was actually classic you would see people playing it more because they would feel satisfied with raids. Right now classic is just no tek+a few creatures. I watched a raid on classic and people are like this feels so much like raids back in the day but honestly no they look nothing like raids back in the day. Spam clearing was not really a thing. Camping for 30+ hours was not a thing because one side ran out of supplies Ark at the moment comes down to Fun = numbers + time. If you have both of them you are having fun. Back in the day fun was if you had numbers but not the time you had fun. If you had time but not the numbers you had fun.
  6. Ohh not quiet fleshed out just downloaded it and their is pearls/oil nodes in the rivers. Nvm it is actually the Sotf map. Still interesting find tho i had no idea.
  7. Classic Ark. Current classic ark mite as well be called No Tek ark. #2cents
  8. What you would have to do is get the map from survivor of the fittest and rework the middle mountain. Edit:For some reason i missed the part where you said sotf map. Also that other guy linked the old map so that is pretty cool as well.
  9. Open second account farm kills till you get max rank.
  10. Can we take a moment to think about QoL from both sides of the spectrum. While i understand this is exactly what @Cedric asked for i would also like to propose looking at current QoL changes and maybe remove some of them to see if overall game play improves. While i want to touch on this briefly i do want to mention this because it is obviously big and shows every developer that to much of a good thing is actually a bad thing. Look at Wow classics success vs the success of retail WoW. As WoW got bigger and bigger so did the complaints about QoL changes. As time went on Blizzard implemented more and more QoL changes to the point where interaction in a multiplayer game was not needed. Social interaction was the reason the majority went to play Classic now people are understanding classic while not a better game overall it was filled with social activities and mechanics that actually benefited the community as a whole not just the individual player. If you end up making it where playing solo is more beneficial on official servers than playing as a group you ruined any reason to even play multiplayer servers in the first place. The more people do not have to rely on each other for progression the more people do not talk to each other or help others in game. While i want to get in to the Ark classic servers this is not the thread for that so i will let that be for now.
  11. Pretty sure it is more than just YSS and GG fighting right now.
  12. None of what i have read so far honestly fixes any issues relating to PvP that my tribe of 70+ quit for. Numbers only matter to those who spend every waking hour they got on the game. When you are putting in 12-14 hours shifts you do not need more than 20. My tribe of 70 had less than 15 people on at all times. Only 1 raid did we ever exceeded 20 people on at a single time. Breeding Breeding does not need to be removed it just needs a total rework. Breeding should give an advantage but taming should also be a viable option. Currently breeding is the only option so people who feel behind never PvP and just keep working towards catching up till they are eventually raided themselves then they quit. I put breeding as Arks number 2 PvP issue as you rarely have to leave your own base to obtain war creatures past a point. Convenience Healing creatures and product producing. Creatures like snails Owls and items like herby cakes are another issue with Ark. These are stalling options they allow you to stall fights out till numbers are in your favor. PvP needs winners and losers as well as happy/frustrated emotions. Right now no one is ever considered a winner in wars because you spend weeks unless you catch them with very few people online. Winning a defense or winning a push back in Early access meant so much especially if you killed 10s or even 100s of flyers. Now when ever a creature gets low HP you just go back and cryo/or TP it out and keep it alive for future fights. It is not a good system for PvP but there is nothing that can be done about it because players love it so much because it protects. On the other hand you have snails with causes less competition over say chitin locations thus causing less human encounters causing less PvP. Structure spam This is ark's number 1 issue. I do not care if you need to "Protect your server" The entire server spam is DUMB AF. If it takes 2+ days to clear the spam just to get close enough to a teleporter/base is the exact reason why there is no PvP. People get bored before the PvP even begins the majority of the time. While i understand spam is crucial to base defense/keeping wild creatures from spawning in your bases. Clearing up structures is not fun. No one even those who have that spam and raid people with that spam does not consider it fun. I genuinely believe that this is something they should work on when they add the public beta test servers. This is why many go play on unofficial. You can PvP with out having to worry about the enemies BS spam and if the server gets to built up you can just switch to another server that fresh wiped. Official is so different it is about beating someone then never letting them play again This is the overall problem the things causing PvP to have less meaning or no reason to participate are the same reasons why people continue to play this game. If you changed all the important changes that would fix Ark then you would have a bigger back lash from the loud mega tribe community.
  13. The dream but never reality haha rip us.
  14. You fearing what should be feared is not a QoL issue. If you think everyone has cheaters in their tribes on official servers then do not play official. If you join a tribe and you think they are cheating stay in the tribe and report them that way if your account gets banned you can show the enforcement team you were playing the agent and get your account unbanned.
  15. I just got done asking my original tribe mates if they would come back and i got the response i expected but i was surprised about the numbers. 15-58 a resounding NO they would not come back and play. The game they liked is gone. Either way i hope the majority gets what they want be it a wipe or not a wipe.
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