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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official, Valgeuro) Imprinted the yuty (two more imprints and he's done, and I think I'll be able to fit them into the remaining growth time even without podding, too!), checked troughs - still good (damn, tek troughs are amazing!).

Took argy and anky, cleared out the nearest metal spot and one farther. On my way to the second one saw a decayed metal dedi, so after putting all the metal I harvested into the forge I took the argent, the gasbags, and looted that. There was so much, that I had to go three times: first gasbags+argy for most of it, and then twice just gasbags (okay, if I used argy too, that would have been just two runs. But it's annoying to wait for the argent to catch up to the gasbags). Now my forge is completely full, and I'll leave it running for the night.

Fed dinos, even did some hunting with the griffin!

Bred gigas, allos, yuties, argents, sinos, tropeos and dodos, none of the eggs are staying - nothing good in them at all.

And that's all for today.

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I have finally deleted Ark. I just got timer wiped for the 13th time and i really put a lot of time into that character. Ark just felt like a chore and i figured its not worth the pressure. I will get back to it one day, when i'm out of school, have money for a private server, and have friends to play with. It has given me much joy and frustration and will always have a place in my heart. The community has been fantastic and I wish all of you the best in your Ark journey.

Farewell survivors,

Fulton, The Dunderhead

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PVE Official Island

We finally defeated the Overseer!

It has been a long journey of laughs and tears but yesterday we finally ascended.  Albeit, it was only gamma, but our team shredded the overseer and we will most certainly return for beta / alpha at some point.  Actually it was over too quickly.  I was kinda hoping to enjoy the fight but our team of 12 therizinos sliced through each phase of the overseer like a hot knife through butter.  

I want to send a big thank you to @Dinorancher and @L4D2 for the advice and video that ultimately led to a winning strategy.  My partner and I entered the cave with just the two rexes that we rode.  No long lines of tames to lead through the cave.  No worrying if the train would get spooked and run into the lava one after the other.  No stressing about the clock counting down at the top of the screen.... It was just two survivors and two rexes walking through the park clearing away anything that stood in our way.  Once the cave was clear, we un podded the team of therizinos and a yuty and led them down the final ramp and through the barrier separating hot from cold.  The team was small enough to easily manage but more than enough to fight the overseer.  

My partner has never been to Scorched Earth and wasted no time getting started. I have already played SE on single player so I volunteered to stay behind and handle the homesite for awhile so she can get a true SE experience before I head over.

Yesterday was a good day.  Today I am resting.  Tomorrow I prepare for the next chapter.

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@Penguin73 congrats on ascension!

I've done the conga line of tames in the past and I won't put myself through that again.  I like using some deinos in my boss fighting army but they have a bad habit of leaping if they so much as touch a rock. Even that last little stretch from uncryo to terminal in the tek cave is stressful with them lol!

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Longtime listener, first time caller… maybe second time? Heck still a beach bob to the forum…


But ive recently purchased a new Nitrado Server for a coworker (Que) and a buddy (D). Its a 10 man server (slightly boosted, 2 XP, 3x tame, hatching/imprint boosts, extended day hours) and my two sons love Ark so their spots in the tribe are saved. My wife (Reese) has been watching me and the boys play for years so she has started picking up the controller to get adjusted a bit. Nothing serious yet. Both Que and D have played survival games with me before. Dont Starve being our goto for 3~ years. So Ark hit freemium with PS Plus and of course I talked them into it. The following post will be our first two weeks so bare with me….


Day 1. Que loads in with me once we get off work. The day before we hosted a nondedicated just to break the ice and get a few deaths in for them. D is SUPER apprehensive at the steep learning curve. I mean like refused to login until we strong armed him. 30-45 mins into Que and myself running around punching dilos, we have a small army of the ankle biters. A parasaur on follow. And just grinding levels like madmen… he encounters the dreaded tickle chicken. Now up til this point, his biggest question was carnivore or herbivore before he decides how to proceed. Me being the cheeky DireWolf I am…. Tell him he’s a berry lover with a good heart. So he grabs his gear and just as he’s running out the little hut, D loads in. Certain the Theri will be easier then the Trike we finally took down together (after 3 deaths on his own) he enlists D’s help to get his feet wet. Apprehensive as every D declines and opts to watch from the roof….


Boys and girls, lets just say this is where the 💩 hits the fan. All I can hear thru the chat is ‘That MF Freddy (Kruger) just turned and is coming at you Que’  ‘He dont look happy’ ‘o 💩 he just dropped ALL the dilos’ then ‘tribemate Que has died to Theri’ and HYSTERICAL laughter. I mean gut busting hilarious pure joy laughter. Que loads back in pissed as high hell. I toss him my stuff and tell him dont take it like a lil bihhh. 30 secs later? He’s respawning down the beach as the bed he just found a use for hasnt cooldown’d. Freddy earned the right to live and D logs out without so much as kicking a dodo down the street. 

Days 2-4 you can pretty much guess. We grind out bows, kill the Freddy that caused Que so much hell. Find another that I have to beg him to let use tane instead. Gonthru the whole “O 💩 that MF waking up again Purp! Like forreal this the 5th time ive forcefed it narcoberries”. Get him tamed up. Grind out a boat to get them to Herb Island. Of course D still isnt really having fun. Half assed going thru the motions. Low and behold, headed to Herbie Island, a Leed comes out of wherever they happen to hide… D being the old fart he is decided to go AFK while I drove. Wouldnt ya know it? SMACK. D and our lovely large storage box go flying off the boat. He respawned and logged. We get there and set up. D finally logs in again on a nice new bed safe and sound. 

Now we all love ark. We’ve played it for years. And everyone knows for a fact. ARK DGAF. The 100 gb update hit on a night i was playing alone and i got the ‘8 gb noti’ n was happy thinking id be back in in an hour tops. Nahhh. Patches killed my night. I woke up to log and check everything (still on herb island so no biggie) and NO SERVERS… i mean none. Now day 1 we had issues getting it up. Day 2 logging in. Day 6 I couldnt get on AT ALL… D was waning. I even caught his DST server up and jumped in just to drag him over once. Luckily they both downloaded it and logged in just fine after a bit of a wait. I was pissed but the tribe was content to grind without me. I had tamed a Ptera with their help before and they were in hog heaven over there 🤣. I ended up deleted and redownloading then continued the foolishness again solo the nextday. By the time they logged later that afternoon I was on our original beach. The 2 x 2 wood base was a 5 x 5 stone. There was no roof but we had space and storage. And a direct line of sight (albeit diagonally across the ocean) with both soon to be bases. D finally tamed a Ptera himself (Purple Reign) and still has her to this day… but thats gonna get important later. Point is, he was hooked from that moment. 

its around day 10-11 (real life days, we all have pretty hectic jobs and im normally the only one on daily. Que is almost as active. D plays hard when he can by now. We’ve gotten pretty good. Que and me have flown Pteras up the river between the two big islands a few times hunting and shooting bigger threats off rocks. Couple of Bary’s, Quartet of Raptors. 5 or 6 Tek Parasaurs (cargo and eggs/future oil packs 🤣 they still dont even know why I keep a fridge full of future genocide) are in the front yard surrounded by a gate and our building is roofed aside from ceiling by a door somebody CANT not get stuck in.. my boy needs a new challenge. So what do we do? Get our favorite Pteras and I tell him we’re going to get Real Birds… little did he know this was another learning moment 

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(Official, Valguero) Early in the morning (or in what passes for the morning for me - the time when I woke up, regardless of what's on the clock) logged on and imprinted the yuty. That left just one more imprint to do.

Later, like, just a few hours before I started typing this, I:

Fed dinos on (Official, Lost Island).

Did the same on (Official, Extinction), plus checked nearest part of the wasteland for drops (nnope).

Refreshed the base on (Official, Crystal Isles).

And, finally, on (Official, Valguero) I imprinted the yuty one last time, bred gigas, sinos, dodos, allos, yuties (but forgot about them and missed the eggs) and tropeos (none of the eggs are staying. Had a mut on a sino, but it was health mut, and without the previously mutated stam inherited), fed dinos, hunted with the griffin, gave the element gacha some stone.

Then unpodded my wyvern (I forgot about him for quite a while), let him grow for a bit. I also unpodded two ankylos and two yuties. Oe of the ankylos was an adolescent that I was raising with imprint and then abandoned for a reason that I cant remember. Anyway, will continue raising him, why the hell did I even stop? The colors are nice, so is the melee.

Bred wyverns, and the egg is STAYING! It's female, all grays inherited, my preferred (brown) highlights color is inherited too. Not all stats are there, but whatever, I'll just use her to breed her to the one I'm currently raising for a better chance at all stats-all colors male wyvern.

Speaking of the growing wyvern: he got hungry enough, so I went to the trench. Got milk, and then decided to check for the eggs - there was one fresh (low-level), which I ate, and then I went through the whole place and cleaned out all the decayed ones, since I was there anyway.

Returned home, fed the wyvern, podded him, the adolescent ankylo, and the baby yuties. The now-fully imprinted yuty is staying out, so does the younger ankylo, and the non-imprinted female yuty is now adult and moved to the breeding stand.

And that's all for today.


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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded the adolescent ankylo. Unpodded the wyvern, also hatched the new one. Checked the stats and realized that neither of them has the good melee, but that's okay. That's fixable, and I'll just concentrate on the colors for now.

Bred wyverns (male, all grays, brown highlights, but pretty much all stats bad, so cracked), dodos (new mut AND both old mut colors inherited, plus it's male! Stays.), sinos (mut colors inherited, stats not. But male and new color would compliment the older two! I think. I'll decide once it's hatched.), and argents (nothing good).

Realized that the statement I have made in one of my earlier posts about the amount of gunpowder I possess was, in fat, incorrect due to the whole "making tons of tranq darts because narcotic vault too full" thing, so took an ankylo and got a ton of flint plus a bit of stone, then a magma and gathered a lot of stone, then gathered a lot of wood, burned wood to coal, made sparkpowder, made gunpowder. So now I do actually have gunpowder. Not a ton, but some.

Took a magma and went to raid beaver dams, got a nice amount of paste.

Then gathered more stone and made some paste.

Also, finally took down some unneeded wires gong from one of my wind turbines to the breeding stand (unneeded because some parts are broken and I'm too lazy to repair), and put a generator inside the stand instead (maybe should add a wall or two later to conceal it for a neater look), so the breeding stand is illuminated once again. Only took me... Dunno. Half a year, maybe?

Imprinted the ankylo, put more berries into the trough, and he stays, because that was his last imprint.

Oh, and the mutated, imprinted yuty is adult, moved to the other large land carnivores, and has a saddle (which is dyed pink to match his color. Look, I don't really like pink, but he's my only mut yuty even if he's useless (6 melee, remember?) so can't kill him, and saddle and dino gotta match, okay?).

Repodded wyverns, doeble-checked to make sure I disabled breeding on males of everything I've bred today, and that's all for today.

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today i stole my first wyvern egg on valguero official. ive been playing for a long while and i definitely should have already reached this milestone before, but i always got bored and lost all my progress before this could happen.

id done it plenty of times with the crystal wyvern nest by now, and felt confident enough to upload one of the high levels i stole to attempt to steal some deino eggs to start making kibble ready for easter event. i didnt find any good levels and when i did find some they spoiled instantly. so i wasnt really in high spirits. on the way back i was picking up red and gold drops hoping for a saddle bp in the hopes that i could breed deinos for boss fights eventually, i realised id made my way up to the wyvern trench.

i decided just to take a peek, on my single player test worlds it had looked pretty sparse so i wasnt expecting to see tons of them flapping around blasting local wildlife. it made me a little nervous since even though c.wyverns are much faster i know that the ice breath slows stuff, and if i get caught in a tight spot i dont have the imprint buff to protect me.

nevertheless, i flew around and looked at some of the traps to see if i could lure a couple away and get into the trench, still not really with the intention of stealing an egg at this point, i wanted to test the waters. i didnt really know how the traps worked i guess because they just kept escaping or flying under it. i gave up and sat down to observe them. over time they kinda make their way out on their own and attack the wildlife, i saw an opening and decided, why not, and flew down to investigate the nests. if i found a decent one maybe id grab it..

the best egg i managed to find in the trench was a 155, which i settled for because getting any closer to the opening of the fire trench was flirting with death. either they were all too far away and the cave ones got stuck, or i got very lucky, as none of them chased me and i got away free. it was.. a little anti-climactic tbh? in my mind i expected to have them chase me across snow back to blue ob and it would be this big dangerous thing, fraught with lag spikes and massive freezes for up to a minute like on crystal isles. those have almost cost me my wyverns on many, many multiple occasions.

when i got it back home though i was super excited for my first 'proper' wyvern! hatched it and named him Blizzard. stats arent amazing but they arent horrible either. i gotta go back for milk at some point which im not looking forward to honestly. and im going to build my own wyvern trap this time or look up how the ones around the trench work

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(Official, Valguero) First of all, today was great in the way the game performed. Not sure if the server was feeling unusually great, or my PC doing the same, or both, but there was no lag except on server saves and it was all SMOOTH, like "take a griffin, fly out of render distance of everything, then dive down full-speed, and even when buildings and dinos are rendering in at the speed of a diving griffin it's still smooth as hell" kinda smooth. Awesome.

So, of course it couldn't be a just "feed the dinos and that's all" kinda day.

So I unpodded the wyverns, bred gigas and sinos (no eggs are staying), moved the now-grown ankylo and podded his father (the one I finished raising has mother's melee, which is the better one of the two), and bred the ankylos (egg stays, clean female).

I gathered berries, put them into the maewing and unpodded the dodo.

Harvested stone, wood, and flint and made gunpowder. Lots. Vault mostly full now.

Made some cementing paste, as well.

Took my wyvern and went to the trench to get milk, and had no problem with trapping the wyvern, as well as with killing other wyverns for existing while I happen to be there - not a single stutter, and without that to help them they had no chance.

I returned home and fed the wyverns.

The only bad thing about today was that I lost my sino. AGAIN. He got knocked off my shoulder by deinon's bleed effect, and then I searched with owl, and I searched just by looking, and I searched by whistling "follow all" with a group to which sinos as a class where added, but he's just gone. Which means next time I get sino breedjects, I'll raise one or two to use as spares, because right now I only have the one I'm wearing now as a sino to wear - the rest are breeders, which I can't afford to lose.

Podded wyverns, and that's all for today.

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i went back to the valguero trench today to get milk for my first wyvern, and it didnt end in a disaster

built one of captain fatdog's traps away from the trench and lead a female out of the scar. i did get hit with the breath a few times and was panicking but luckily it got stuck in the trap so i got to safety. while i was peppering it with tranqs another wyvern broke out of the trees in defense of its mate (im assuming?) and i had to lead it in a wide circle around the trap until it aggro'd on some mammoths so that the female in the trap didnt despawn.

i stood way farther back this time and knocked it out, struggled a little with opening the inventory from below the trap, but eventually i got the milk. decided to have a wander around the trench again for eggs, tho someone had dropped an egg above the trench so most of the nests were empty.

and when all the wyverns had flown away from scar, i managed to find a 180 egg! and not far away at a red drop, i got an apprentice deino saddle bp! and the small cave at green ob was unclaimed so i now have a base on valguero.

so, a good and productive day on ark - a little bit scary - but thats the fun of it.

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(Official, Valguero) Unodded the wyverns. Dodo and anky adult now - moved them to the appropriate places. Killed the previous dodo male, bred dodos. Bred ankylos, argents, yuties, tropeos, wyverns and sinos.

All sino eggs (three, two females still were on cooldown) stay, two because spare usable sinos, one because weight mut male with stam inherited.

Once tropeo egg stays, mutated male.

One argent egg stays because all stats, good colors, and I've been using Sapphire since FOREVER - time to pod her and use something new just to change things a bit. So, I'll raise that with full imprint to use as my new argent.

No other eggs stay, nothing good in them.

Took the ankylo for a metal run. He's not as good as Thundertail, because barely leveled yet, but he'll get there. Got an okay amount of metal anyway.

Harvested stone with a magma, made some cementing paste... And found the lost sino. He was sitting in a bush on my base, which is absolutely NOT where I would look for a dino lost outside the base, so of course I didn't find him when I was intentionally looking. Spare sinos still going to happen, though.

Fed dinos, repodded wyverns, and that's all.

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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns, hatched eggs and put three of the sinos+ an argy and a tropeo with the maewings to grow. The ankylo I left with the mae the last time starved because turns out I didn't have enough berries in the maewing (whatever. wasn't an important ankylo).

Bred gigas and allos, no eggs kept.

Podded rhino and the owl (the one I ride), because I don't use them much anyway.

Harvested some stone and made cementing paste.

The game continues to run weirdly well and there's no connection problems whatsoever neither on my, nor on the server's side, so I gathered all my bravery (not much of it. It's me we're talking about) and went to another server - a Lost Island one - to get Genesis engrams, because having to craft things on a sidebase is annoying (plus, sidebase character isn't even level 100 yet, and has no extra levels. Main is 109. So, more engrams for the main).

I spawned within someone's base (base on a spawn point? Seriously, people. What are we, cavemen?), but there was an unlocked transmitter (okay. Not a complete caveman. At least enough understanding to realize that if people are going to end up there, it's good to provide them some convenience), so once I was done getting my engrams (everything except for Jar of Pitch, Ocean Platforms (too many of them without me adding more. Especially since, you know, Valguero? No ocean, just a big lake, that's getting kinda cramped with all the platforms? Yeah. And Loadout Mannequin because I have one, I don't need to make more), I was able to jump back to Valg right away.

Back home I made a tek canteen (it's nice! But having two free slots now that I don't need to carry three canteens feels weird), hunted some scorpions with my megatherium for the growing sinos (plenty of chitin in the vault, but I wanted to hunt).

Fed dinos (no hunting, just took meat and berries out of the tek troughs in the raising corner and put them into the regular ones in other parts of the base, since I won't need tek troughs for tonight), took a tropeo and went beacon-hunting (nothing good), even went into the loot cave (nothing good there, either. Grabbed the artifact just because), saw a wild giga (level 20, ugly green).

Returned home, podded wyverns tropeo and argent.

(Official, Lost Island) Since I no longer want amargas, and there's pretty much nothing else for me to do there, moved everything worth keeping into my inventory from boxes and crafting stations, so that next time I'm on it'll all be ready for uploading right away. Fed the rex, the argent, and the ptera to the wyvern.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base.

(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. Heard a drop, went to check, but found nothing.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Filled a maewing with meat, unpodded argent and tropeo. Unpodded wyverns.

Sinos adult, podded spares, moved new breeder to the coop, podded old one, bred sinos.

Bred allos, argents, wyverns, ankylos, and gigas (only one female was ready).

Everything was bad... Except for the giga egg! The color is not the kind I could ever like on a giga (too bright), but it's male with a melee mutation! MELEE. MUTATION!

Wyverns got hungry enough to eat, so took my milk run wyvern and a rifle+some darts, went to the trench, got milk. Also got a 185 egg, but cracked that - no good, highest stat oxygen. Fed the wyverns, imprinted the younger one.

Harvested stone, made cementing paste.

Podded wyverns, argent and tropeo, and that's all for today.

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(Yesterday, on Official, Valguero) Raised wyverns for a bit, wanted to breed magmas, server turned out to be very disconnect-y. Nearly lost my male magma (a disconnect happened while I was positioning the female in the lava, and I didn't unpod the male yet. Stupid, I know), but managed to get him back. So I brought the magmas back and decided to not try that again until I'm absolutely sure everything would be fine.

And today, also on (Official, Valguero) the giga egg is ready and I hatched it. Only after filling the maewing with meat, of course, because today's not any better (probably because of the Evo).

I unpodded tropeo, argent, and wyverns. I also bred yuties, ankylos, sinos and wyverns. An ankylo egg stays - male, melee mutation.

Since it's not a great day for anything - even aimless flying - I kept my activity mostly within the base, only going outside with my giga, to get meat, and once to refill the trough in the waterpen. I fed the dinos, harvested every single rock on my base and made a ton of cementing paste (running low on chitin. Will have to do a run some time soon), repodded giga, argent, tropeo and the wyverns and, well, that's all. Not for today - I'll refresh the sidebases at some later point, but for now.


(Official, Lost Island) Fed the stego to the wyvern. Still didn't upload the items from my inventory, because I think I'll keep the base for a while longer, with just the wyvern. Just in case I change my mind about not wanting anything else from LI. I mean, who knows. Might see a nice griffin some day, or something.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base.

(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. Thought about checking for the drops, but meteor shower started, and I REALLY don't feel like that's a good weather for a long walk in the wasteland.

(Official, Valguero) Yes, again. It's just that after I forgot to write about podding the babies I became a bit unsure about whether or not it's just writing about that I forgot. So, checked. Nope, just writing. Actual podding was done. Which is good.

And that's all for today.

Edited by AllOfTheAllos
Forgot to write about repodding the babies. Which may not sound like a big deal, but, considering that two are right color wyverns and one is my first ever melee mut giga... Yeah, repodding them IS a big deal, actually.
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(The Island, SP) Finally found a decent pteranodon.  Took said pteranodon out to catch an argentavis.  I was very lucky and found a level 145 argentavis in the first place I looked!  I built the trap and lured the Argent I to it.  I also picked up a low-level carno, but the Argent made quick work of it.  Tamed the Argent and named her Aerith.

Went back to base and built Aerith a saddle.  We went on a metal run and did some thylacoleo sniping.  No high-level thylacoleos found... but we got probably 600 metal.

Oh, and I caught a monkey.  Named her Shifu as a nod to a certain monkey-loving Ark playing YouTuber (a play on She-Phoo).  If she were male I would have named her Jacques!  (As in "Jacques the monkey," a misheard lyrics to a Peter Gabriel song.)

I did some other stuff too, but I can't remember what.  I've been bouncing between playing Ark, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, and Cat Quest. (A weird assortment of games, to be sure.)  I've been keeping my Ark sessions short (an hour max), and the game has yet to crash!

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(Official, Valguero) Filled the maewing with meat and berries, lots of them because I wanted to do a long day.

Gave bees more flowers.

Unpodded giga, argent, tropeo, and wyvern, hatched the ankylo.

Bred argents, sinos and dodos, dodo egg stays (new mutation).

And... Repodded babies after only 0.1% of giga's growth because I realized that I'm rather tired already, so a long day of ARKing isn't happening after all.

So that's all for today.

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PVE Official

After a much needed break following our Island Tek Cave victory I transferred over to Scorched Earth and had a blast running through the desert, wind in my hair, and sun in my eyes.  lol.  I didn't really have a plan other than spend some time on the server and test the stability.  No tames or armor.  Just me and my underwear.

Over the course of about 3 hours I recorded over 30+ deaths. 🤣 I tried most of the starting zones and after some time I could tell this was not the server for us.  I experienced several crashes in that time and often the terrain details were very slow to develop or load in.

After work tonight I will visit a different server that my tribemate is saying is a little better.

Nonetheless, it is always fun to get back to the basic game of survival. To that place where raptors, sabrecats, and terror birds are deadly again.  Good times.  

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(Official, Valguero) Now today I planned for a long day and HAD a long day (well, long-ish)! I refilled the maewing, unpodded babies, bred allos, argents, yuties and sinos (nothing stays). I hatched the dodo egg from the last time.

I took my megatherium and went on a nice big chitin run.

I went to the trench for milk, got it AND two eggs (165 and 175), and the better one was actually better, so it stays.

I imprinted the wyvern.

I took my velona and killed a rock elemental just because I can.

Took griffin and spent some time flying around and killing small dinos. Also because I can.

By the time I decided that's enough for today, the giga was already 1.7% grown (was 0.5 when I unpodded him). I filled the tek trough with meat and berries and turned the generator on - dodo and tropeo are staying out. Podded the rest, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Big day today again. Filled maewing, unpodded babies. Moved the now-grown dodo to the others, killed his father, bred the new one (eggs not staying, no new mutations). Hatched the wyvern and left it with other two to grow.

Went to the trench, not for milk (too early) but for eggs. Nothing good, though - not even worth checking with the incubator. Ate the eggs.

Took ankylo, went on a big metal run, on my way back saw a female tek quetzal.

Deposited all metal into the forge, took rifle, darts narcotics, kibble and griffin, went for the quetz. Tranqed, tamed, brought home, unpodded my old, male, one and bred them. Egg doesn't stay - male, I'm not going to keep males until I have 2-3 females in addition to the wild-tame one.

Wyverns were a bit hungrier by then, so went to the trench again. Got milk... And a 180 egg! It'll hatch into a female. Stats okay, colors seem to be okay too.

Ankylo is juvi now, so stays out. Tropeo, of course, also stays. Podded argent (he had his first imprint today, by the way), wyverns, and the giga.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Lost Island) Fed the wyvern, uploaded the things I had prepared for uploading. Keeping the base still, just decided to do it before I forget again.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, wandered around (no drops).

(Official, Crystal Isles) Decided I maybe want an aberrant spino. Since I decided that while on CI, I started preparing there, instead of logging off it, onto Valg, uploading stuff, and then going back to CI and getting it. Been a while since I've really done anything on CI anyway. Tamed a trike for narcoberries, hunted things for meat to spoil, went to emberfalls for charcoal, smelted some metal. Made gunpowder, darts... And realized that it all took so long that I don't feel like doing more there today. Gave the trike some berries to eat, and meant to go to

(Official, Valguero), except t was down and stayed that for five hours. So I only really went there just now and even then didn't do much other than getting all the uploaded stuff, feeding dinos, moving new tropeo to the others and podding his predecessor, and breeding wyverns, tropeos, sinos, and yuties (yuty egg stays, mutation). Two reasons for why I didn't much: 1. It's evening, so no long ARKing is going to happen. I'm already feeling a bit tired. And 2. So. Much. Ruberbanding.

So, that's all for today.

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i wanted to prepare for mass taming boss creatures during easter event today so i was on valguero building up my small base inside the green ob cave. needed to claim an oil vein, get a generator down, and some fridges for when i transport kibble.

didnt really want to learn the oil pump engram because they turn up so frequently in drops. i set out on my crystal wyvern, Ovilord (because hes my egg stealing mount), and was passing over redwoods when i saw a strange shape moving below me. id never seen a quadruped creature swagger around like that so i carefully flew in and took out my spy glass.

to my complete surprise, it was a dinopithecus! no idea they spawned on this map! and lucky me, it was a 150.

so i rushed to dododex to see how to tame this poop-slinging war monkey and found out its a passive tame. good thing i didnt have my tranqs on me. finding all the members of its pack was pretty damn annoying cause they spread out and would run into the bushes, but i managed to clear them out and made a beeline for chalk hills where id seen some ovis earlier.

when i came back i fed it mutton and hopped back onto my wyvern to stay safe while i wait for the feed timer, but all of the taming was lost immediately for some reason? when i started to feed it again though it reset the taming percent so i didnt loose effectiveness. its eyes look super scary in the dark btw. im not sure what to name it yet but im going to transfer him over to my main base on the island.

i was going to start up a character on lost island for these guys and sinos, which i desperately want, but i only managed to tame a measly lvl 15. now it looks like i wont need to put so much effort into establishing myself there. not interested in the elemental diplos so ill spend a day or so during the event there and tame some high levels if i can and port the character over to a gen2 server to start doing missions for loot and some of the engrams. PLUS. i really, really want a void wyvern.

hoping the event will push me closer to my first boss fight on the island. im going to try gamma broodmother first, it seems like it might be the easiest because the megas have bug buff.

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(Official, Crystal Isles) As you remember, my last visit to CI was for the purpose of getting an aberrant spino, and ended with nothing because I spent so long preparing, that I just had no energy left to actually do it.

Well, today I finished the last preparations (made a bit more darts, more narcotic, two cryopods), and went to get myself some glowing sail lizards!

Also, while I was flying to the desert for some chitin (needed to make paste) I saw a beautiful wvern. level 15, but REALLY nice. So tamed her, and uploaded.

The first I saw was a beautiful black female, 145. In a river. With lots of karkinos. No good.

Second was nearly identical male, also 145. In a river. With karkinos. No good, but I tried. Gave up.

Tried the female. Had her kinda stuck, had high hopes for that attempt.

Server crashed.

Took a break, couple hours. Not sure how long the server was down for - maybe minutes. But if I have to take a break, might as well have a proper one, not 15 minutes or something.

Then started playing again, the server rolled back a bit, before the stuck spino (aw), but at least I was STANDING on my wyvern, not beneath it in the river with karkinos, piranhas, and the spino!

I decided to see if there's any other spinos, and found a level 50 male. Ugly colors, but hey! I'll take what I can get!

No karkinos there, and he already ate all the distractions, so I had no problem luring him away. Tranqed, tamed (prime meat, + some regular raw just to plug the pauses between the prime). Podded.

And then I found the female. Easy to lure away! 140! Ugly colors, but I had a male, so colors are fixable, just going to take time.

So I tranqed her and... An ichthyornis stole one of my narcotic stacks. Had to mix narcotic with ascerbic mushrooms.

Tamed, again, mix or prime and regular raw meat. Somewhere in the middle of hunting found a beacon and uploaded the male.

Podded, uploaded.

Returned home, gave the wyvern that was with me more crystals (previous I had to throw out - my sidebase wyverns don't have the weight to haul a stack of crystals along with all the taming supplies).

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dinos, and that's all. Did too much on CI, don't feel like doing anything else today. Ankylo adult now, alive.

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