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  1. It's September already? Wow, time flies. So, now that it's September, does anyone know about the release date? (I am a little anxious to know!)
  2. I agree! From what I understand, they plan on releasing Extinction later on. Since Cryopods were originally an Extinction thing, I'd assume we'd get Cryopods then, if not before. (Please before! Please before!)
  3. It might be a good idea (assuming this relaunch is successful) to develop a few of the extra maps, but not offer them for free. Maybe something like ten dollars or so (I have no idea what the going rate is). I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to pay for some of the extra maps. I'd really like to see Ragnarok, but that's just me.
  4. Hello. I'm ObstinateSparrow, and I also love dinosaurs. I love Ark so much that I play the old Switch version that crashes at the drop of a hat. (I don't have a gaming PC, PS4, or XBox, and don't plan on getting them.) Was your Trike's name 'autocorrected' to Thorny Dentist? It's a unique name, that's for sure! (I would not want to get my teeth cleaned by him!) This forum is oddly quiet for having so many members, and it can be frustrating when no one replies to your posts. So here I am replying, hoping it'll help you feel welcome. I'll be more than happy to talk about Ark, or dinosaurs, or both! I only play SIngleplayer, though, and so I can't help when it comes to Tribes... Anyway, welcome to the Survivetheark Forum.
  5. In my experience, fast traveling (via beds or sleeping bags) or dying sets things back to normal, just as GP suggests. Logging out doesn't work as far as I know, though. Good luck!
  6. Wizard03: I've been watching the most recent "Soloing the Ark" series by Phlinger Phoo. I'll try to check those out, but I'm using a rental tablet... and YouTube on it is stuck in something called "Restricted Mode," which is exactly what it sounds like. I'll let you know if I can access either of those videos when I take a break from Soloing the Ark. (Update: I watched the Zany Zebra video. Triangle foundations are pretty cool. Can't wait for those!) I'm really curious about the changes that might not have made it into these videos as well. You know, the little things. Like building... how has that changed? Can you still extend the size of rafts with the ceiling-foundation method? Do Otters still hold multiple Artifacts? And Base Building...I know there are Stairs and Big Walls now... I have too many questions to write here... even some I don't know I have! Also, I have never played on any map other than The Island, nor do I have experience with things that are not of the Island. (Such as Morellatops, Cliff Platforms, Ziplines, Adobe, etc.) So when it comes to the other maps, they'll be new to me. And something tells me The Island will be new to me as well. Hopefully, it'll look better. But I have not explored certain areas because they lag like crazy (and the game crashes in those places as well). Heck, I don't even know where I want to build my base! Sorry for rambling... I'm just so excited (and I just can't hide it, no matter how hard I try)!
  7. Ark is a lot of fun (even my less-than-stellar Switch version). As I have the Switch version, I'm stuck in the Ark of the past, before Extinction and Cryopods. Since Switch is going to be updated sometime soonish (probably before Christmas), I want to know how Ark has changed since 2018, and what to expect, both good and bad. I know about Cryopods, but a lot of the new stuff will be... well, new to me. I'm super excited to be (hopefully) joining the Ark world of 2022! PS: Looking forward to the simplified Kibble System, too!
  8. I'll be brief. All I want to know is this: Is anyone excited about the big Switch update? I'm trying to remain positive while building enthusiasm. That IS okay, isn't it?
  9. Does anyone visit this part of the forum, or am I talking to myself? Anyhoo, the next step in my plan is to get the Gathering Dinos. Left the Moschops on Herbivore Island and headed out. Caught a Pteranodon, which I used to scout. Found a good-level Beaver. Harvested a bunch of Wood. Next I plan to get a Doedicurus. With a Beaver and a Doed, I can start building the building blocks to my new base building (and I still don't know WHERE I'll be buildng...) Please, if anyone reads this and is interested, I'd like to know. I can't be the only person excited about the Humongously Wonderfully Awesome Switch Update!
  10. I thought it would be interesting to ask how players are preparing for the big amazing awesome Switch update. Also, does anyone have any tips for getting ready? I'd hate to think I'm the only person excited by this! I'll start with what I've been doing. Basically, I've been gathering the elements to make a Superior Kibble Farm. So far I have three Moschops, one male and two female. They've given me 10 eggs already. I have my crops growing, but they've only just reached Fruitling status, and have four crops each. I have yet to make a Tree Platform or Tree Sap Taps (need a few more levels), but when the time comes I have a Pteranodon that I can fly to the Redwoods. Right now I'm on my Raft Base parked on Herbivore Island. I don't know where my permanent base will be yet because the game is glitchy (and likes to crash) in some of the places I'd like to build. Hopefully the update will fix that... then I'll go look for a permanent home. Right now, Herbivore Island is good, since it is not glitchy. So... how are you preparing? I'd really like to know!
  11. Never mind, I found the answers. For my first question, any 'user' can use the DLC provided you're using the 'primary' Switch. Since I have only the one Switch (Which I have nicknamed 'Link Haze'), this is not an issue for me. To the second question, 20-40 minutes for a 10-15GB game. So I'd ballpark Ark for an hour or so (since it'll probably be bigger, but who knows?). My only potential issue here is memory, since my Switch has only the default. But since I've never downloaded any game on it, I should have enough. Probably. I hope this information is useful to someone besides me. I can hardly wait for the Switch update to Ark! The patience of Switch users will finally be rewarded!
  12. I just found out yesterday. (I haven't been logged in for a while.) That is some of the best news I've heard all year. (This year so far has been difficult for me.) I'm really looking forward to Scorched Earth. You see, I had been staying up late at night to keep an eye on my grandmother, who got very sick. I passed the time by watching a YouTube series called Soloing the Ark (by Phlinger Phoo-highly recommended BTW). Phlinger was taming a Morellatops and said, "Now what am I going to name this girl?" My grandmother, who was mostly asleep, mumbled "Name her Cheryl." So now I finally have the opportunity to tame my own Morellatops, and name her Cheryl. It's something I have to do... for Grandma. Rest in peace. Yes, this has been one rough year. Thank goodness for some good news.
  13. I have a question that is about the Switch in general, but its answer will weigh on whether I'll ultimately get the Ultimate Survivor Edition. (I already have the base game.) You know how you can have multiple 'accounts' on a single Switch? What I would like to know is if you download something to one account, can the other accounts use it too? I use multiple accounts to have multiple saved games (three, to be exact). It would be a pity if the content was limited that way, since the physical game cartridge is not. Also, does anyone know how long a typical Switch DLC game takes to download? Since I lack a proper internet connection at home, I'd have to download at the library. As you can probably tell, I've never downloaded anything on the Switch before. (The last time I downloaded any game was probably 15-20 years ago!) This is probably not the best place to ask these questions, but I have an account on this site, and I figure someone might know... I looked on the Nintendo official site but these questions weren't addressed.
  14. Ark Complete for Switch! This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Figures it happen after I'd resigned myself to the glitchy laggy Island map and blurry dinos... but that's how things work. And there are still people who LOVE Ark on the Switch. With all the bad news in the world lately, this was a needed piece of good news. I can hardly wait! YAY!
  15. Here's a weird feature I found by accident. Using the admin command 'fly' while you are on a flier makes it much easier to fly around. You can stop on a dime, and there is no drifting. I know I use a lot of admin commands... but only the ones that make the game more fun to me. It is worth noting that in the Switch version raptors still pounce! So, a cheat to stop time for a moment while you get back on your dino is a lifesaver...
  16. (The Island, SP) Finally found a decent pteranodon. Took said pteranodon out to catch an argentavis. I was very lucky and found a level 145 argentavis in the first place I looked! I built the trap and lured the Argent I to it. I also picked up a low-level carno, but the Argent made quick work of it. Tamed the Argent and named her Aerith. Went back to base and built Aerith a saddle. We went on a metal run and did some thylacoleo sniping. No high-level thylacoleos found... but we got probably 600 metal. Oh, and I caught a monkey. Named her Shifu as a nod to a certain monkey-loving Ark playing YouTuber (a play on She-Phoo). If she were male I would have named her Jacques! (As in "Jacques the monkey," a misheard lyrics to a Peter Gabriel song.) I did some other stuff too, but I can't remember what. I've been bouncing between playing Ark, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, and Cat Quest. (A weird assortment of games, to be sure.) I've been keeping my Ark sessions short (an hour max), and the game has yet to crash!
  17. Something else I forgot to mention: there could be some new creatures. There are several honorable mentions in the creature suggestion forum that didn't quite get enough votes. (I particularly like the idea for a mountain goat!) There could be a few new critters for each map. Another idea I had is a 'real creature only' mode. This mode would only feature (you guessed it) animals based on real creatures. I suppose this means adding megalania back to Aberration and giving them an upgrade. Also, a goat here would help you get around. Ark has so much potential, even now.
  18. (The Island, SP) Raided some beaver dams. Found a 135 beaver and tamed it. Named her Justine. Had her gather enough wood to build a tree platform. Headed over to the redwoods on Desmond the Baryonyx, placed the platform, and built a ramp to the ground. Went back to the Green Obelisk and moved the dinos waiting there to the new redwoods base. That's all for now, since I have to play in short sessions... or risk the game crashing. Which isn't fun...
  19. I really enjoy playing Ark on my Switch, despite all the glitches. I was wondering, since everyone here is an Ark fan, what other games do you like to play? If they're Switch games I might give them a try!
  20. That's great for Steam users, but I play on Switch. Speaking of Switch, there are some games that look amazing on it. A re-imagined Ark could too. And if the re-imagined Ark were made to run smoothly on Switch, it should be able to run smoothly on all the other systems, since Switch is the least powerful of the lot. And a lot of money could be made from a complete Ark on Switch. I know I'd buy it! Provided, of course, that everything is included on the cartridges. Also, some old games were multi-disc... I don't know if multi-cartridge could be a thing, but I see no reason it couldn't be. TimeBomb: I love your ideas. Ark is amazing, but it could be even more amazing. I think a re-imagining would be a great opportunity for, well, missed opportunities. And also an opportunity to do away with Ark's many bugs.
  21. This is just a weird idea I had. Ark as it is now is a mess full of patches and redundancies in its code, not to mention code that doesn't do anything. So I was thinking when Ark is complete and winding down in the shadow of Ark 2, it would be cool if a remastered version of Ark were to be made. I see this as something that would be probably at least four to five years down the line. First off, the game would be made to run smoothly. Unfortunately, this means that Ark would need to be recreated from the ground up. But this isn't entirely bad news, since it would be fully based on the original. The game could be made to run better on less powerful systems. The result could even be a game that can run smoothly on the Switch. Second, and this is important to me (and likely a surprising number of people), the ENTIRE game would have a physical release. There would be no need for downloads. This will save a ton of space on the hard drive. It would most likely be multi-disc (or multi-cartridge). Thirdly, the game would have single-player and multi-player modes. If there is no internet server, then atleast the option of playing locally with friends. Fourth, the remastered Ark could have new creatures. I don't know what they would be, but I have some ideas. Also, creatures from the free maps (like Deinonychus or Tropeognathus) could have spawn spots on story maps. Since it'll be a recreation, the sky's the limit. Like I said, this is down the line. But I'm willing to wait five years for a complete Ark collection. (For those of you who will say there already is an Ark collection... there isn't. It's not for any system I own, and most of the content has to be downloaded. I prefer games that I just pop in and play, like in the old days. There is no reason Ark could not be made this way.)
  22. Thanks. What's hysterical is that these are all based on real headlines, and the first is word-for-word from a real article. I made a few more, this time sentences that are once again based on real things people wrote. And these people were not even trying to be funny! We watched in horror as Fred ran from a charging Triceratops clad only in his underwear. By order of the Tribe Leader, Brontosaurs blocking the base entrance or riding Enforcers in the lobby is hereby forbidden. This book is dedicated to my parents, Helena Walker and God. I saw the dead dodo riding back to base. The Hyaenadon was hungry and made the mistake of nipping a child that was trying to force-feed it in his ear. (PS: I'll probably name my Megaloceros Kevin, since Hart is an old-timey name for deer. And the Chalicotherium can be Charlie!)
  23. You can tell if you have access to an incubator. If you put the egg in the incubator, it'll tell you the baby's point distribution. If you don't have access to one, you have to hatch the eggs to see the baby's stats. Alas, I do not have access to an incubator since I play Switch... (The Island, SP) Day four: A good bit of grinding. I've been grinding a lot behind the scenes but didn't write about it. After making a crossbow, I took Desmond the Baryonyx up to the western redwoods area. Would you believe there are TWO high level dinos right next to each other! A 140 Iguanodon and a 135 Stegosaurus. I let them be as I built a taming raft. Got stunned by Microrapt9rs, but Desmond finished them off. First tamed the Iguanodon. I named him Gideon, after Gideon Mantell, who first described Iguanodon scientifically and gave it its name. Then I tamed the Stegosaurus, and named him Jagger after the Stegosaurus in Prehysteria (a movie I loved as a kid). Kept my session short today. And guess what? The game did not crash! Hooray!
  24. (The Island, SP) Day two: Built a rudimentary shack near the Red Obelisk. Collected lots of Narcoberries, made about 200 Narcotics. Turned most of them into Tranq Arrows. Left Sakura Parasaur at base. Took out Pepper Parasaur (she has better stamina) to see what I could find. First I find a 135 Triceratops. Riding Pepper to get a better angle, I finally manage to knock her out. Named her Jeanne, because she is triple-horned. Jeanne makes an excellent bodyguard as I explore the south coast. Finally reach the Lava Cave area. There is a sheep there. I built about ten campfires and turned the sheep into lamb chops. Then I noticed a 145 Stegosaurus nearby, so I built a temporary wood taming pen and lure it in. I tamed the Stegosaurus and named her Alice, after the Vicar of Dibley's not-too-bright friend. Day three: With Jeanne and Alice in tow, I made my way to the Green Obelisk. I decided to leave Pepper and Jeanne there for the time being, and rode Alice into the swamp. I was looking for a frog, but instead I found a level 150 Baryonyx! I quickly built a temporary taming pen (and killed several Dilophosaurs, Sarcosuchus, a Kaprosuchus, and a few Titanoboas along the way). After a lot of maneuvering and almost dying, I finally manage to get the Baryonyx into the trap. I managed to knock him out with only a few Tranq Arrows to spare. Kill a few piranhas and tame him up. I named him Desmond after a character in Lost. I took Alice and Desmond back to the Green Obelisk. I left Alice and rode Desmond back to my rudimentary shack. I needed to make more arrows! While the Narcotics were being made, I decided to have a little fun with Desmond. An Alpha Raptor had wandered nearby, but it was no match for Desmond! Whew! That's enough Ark for now. Luckily during the last two days, the game only crashed twice, and I didn't have to re-tame anything. The game is going to crash even more, I'm sure, so I've come to terms with it. The fact that Ark runs on Switch at all is a small miracle in and of itself...
  25. This is not a story or anything like that. It's simply humor. With all the frustration Ark can cause, sometimes it's best to pull back and relax. Humor is said to be the best medicine. Aside from being (hopefully) humorous, these will be examples of what can happen when we make an unintended typo, don't take into account words with double meanings, or write things in an ambiguous way. Disclaimer: This humor post is in English. If translated to another language, the humor will be lost. Sorry. First up is a line from an article I read regarding the creatures of Ark, and an example of what can happen when a typographical error slips by. It is about the beaver, and reads as follows: "These creatures are very friendly and will attack you only if you try to acquire resources from a dame they've built, or if you attack them directly." Those are some talented beavers! Next up are a few headlines. They are based on real headlines but I've altered them slightly to give them an Ark twist. The first three are grammar gaffes, and in the last two a word's double meaning wreaks riotous havoc. ENRAGED DODO INJURES SURVIVOR WITH HATCHET MISSING OTTER FOUND BY TREE VELONASAUR SHOOTS MAN WITH KNIFE SPARROW TRIBE GETS SHOT AT NEW TEK BASE NARCOTIC PRODUCTION REACHES NEW HIGH If you like these, I'm sure I can rustle up some more. Feel free to make your own contributions as well.
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