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  1. That's right. Works like a charm. (Just so you know, you can set it all the way to 10.0 if you want, and max level dinos will be level 300!)
  2. They work if you build them on a raft.
  3. This is also an issue on Singleplayer. I may have stumbled onto a 'fix' of sorts... maybe. This requires that you are allowed to build around/on supply drop areas. Whenever you find an inaccessible supply drop, put down a foundation as close to it as you can, and it shouldn't respawn. I put down a foundation near an inaccessible supply drop that spawned not too far from my base, and it hasn't reappeared. I hope this helps.
  4. There are two 'tabs', the mount's inventory, and yours. When mounted, it automaticlly opens the mount's inventory, but you can switch easily by clicking 'You' on the top. ('You' is above the saddle slot.) I hope I explained this okay.
  5. Be glad that Switch users are getting more than just the island. The core story maps are in order, and that's the most important thing.
  6. (Version 2.0.5) Happy to report that Tree Sap Taps now work! Unfortunately, the Preserving Bins and Compost Bins are still bugged. I have confirmed that Compost Bins work perfectly as long as they are on a raft. I plan on testing the bins (Compost and Preserving) on Platform Saddles and Ocean Platforms in the near future. (Even though Genesis hasn't released yet, Ocean Platforms can be cheated into the game.) A weird quirk that I've noticed is that if the Preserving Bins 'shrink' after logging out then in again, they'll work just fine, but not if they don't shrink! (Needless to say, so far they've only shrunk when placed on rafts.) If anyone else has noticed things that can help out other players, feel free to post!
  7. I'd LOVE to see this! I was thinking that a Jumping Spider would be awesome. Glad someon suggested it. Since Jumping Spiders attach a silk thread to their launch point before jumping, these guys could make their own ziplines, too! (Not to mention, I love the idea of a giant rideable spider in general, but the Araneos aren't that good...) Calling all Spider Riders!
  8. I'd like to see a Large Ceiling. It would be a 2x2 ceiling structure, and its placement requirements would be the same as a Giant Hatchframe. They would be available in Wood, Stone, Metal, Adobe, and Tek variants. Since this would only count as one structure, it would be immensely helpful in building large builds.
  9. It would be cool if this creature was in Aberration. Since fliers are not allowed, the Myotragus could fill the same role as the Argent there. Goats can be pretty tough, so I'd imagine this creature would have a high health pool.
  10. I recently got a weird idea involving creatures and zip lines. Araneo: It's a spider, so it should be able to create its own zip lines out of silk. And it should be able to use zip lines. Gigantopithecus: It's an ape with grasping hands, so it should be able to use zip lines. (Same thing with Dinopithecus, if it currently can't.) Megalania: This one really should be in Aberration, since an Aberrant form of it exists. Maybe it could also use zip lines? Just a few random thoughts.
  11. I thought I'd start a thread where we can share all sorts of tips and tricks for Ark on Switch. As of patch 2.0.4, there are still a few bugs, mostly minor. (Mostly.) I'll share a few things I've noticed. I play exclusively on Singleplayer, so I don't know the issues facing servers, or if these tips will work on them. I hope they do. If you build a Preserving Bin on a Raft, it will actually turn cooked meat into jerky, but it won't if placed on the ground. Conversely, crops planted on a raft will NOT grow, but those on the ground will (even though they will sometimes be invisible). Speaking of invisible, when resources respawn during a play session, they'll be invisible. So if you run into an invisible object, it's probably a tree or rock that respawned. Though invisible, they can be harvested normally. Ending the play session and logging back in makes the resources visible again. Composting Bins don't work, but Dung Beetles not only work, but work much better! The structure limit for a given area is 1450. This is smaller than on other platforms, and is limiting. However, there are ways to build cool structures without using as many pieces. Large walls come to mind. Save anything purely decorative until the final stages of the build. If they don't fit, at least they weren't essential. The only major gripes I have are that Tree Sap Taps and Beer Barrels don't work yet. Other than that, the game is excellent (especially when compared to its predecessor!).
  12. Use the console command 'setdifficultyvalue 5.0' This can be set all the way to 10.0, which gives a max level of 300! I've tried this myself, and it works. You just have to remember to use this command every time you log into the game. (To do this, check 'Console Access' in the Options menu. Then when the game is paused, press the - button to use console commands. It usually saves the commands used, so it's really easy to re-use commands.)
  13. Some settings save, and others don't. Here are some that I know (from my own gameplay in singleplayer): These settings save: (General) Difficulty Level (cannot be raised above 1), XP Multiplier, Taming Speed, Harvest Amount, Player Character Health Recovery, Dino Character Health Recovery (Advanced) Non-Permanent Diseases, Resources Respawn Period, Day Cycle Speed, Day Time Speed, Night Time Speed, Increase Platform Structure Limit These settings do NOT save: (General) Structure Repair Cooldown, Maximum Difficulty, Use Singleplayer Settings (reverts to ON), Disable Structure Placement Collision, Allow Flier Speed Leveling (Advanced) All Dino and Player Stats per Level This list is by no means complete, since this just reflects settings I have changed, and some I have never touched. I hope that this is in some way useful. Please feel free to add to this list. If we know which settings save and which do not, it will help with deciding the right gameplay settings. Happy Ark-ing!
  14. I have a few questions about structures and structure limits: Is a 'structure' anything placed on the map, such as building pieces, campfires, etc? If not, then what counts as a 'structure'? Do all structures placed count against the limit, or are there exceptions? I know that structures placed on platforms are limited, but do these count against the map structure limit or not? Is there an in-game way to see how many map structures are placed, such as an admin code? I have some weird builds I want to try out involving things like redwood platforms and rafts. I don't want to be in the middle of building and hit the structure limit. (FYI: I play on console, not PC, so I don't think there is a way to change the limit...)
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