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  1. i tamed a level 145 quetz on my island server and it didnt end in disaster. technically it was my first quetzal tame also. took almost 2 hours and i netted it next to some guys base, so creature spawns were heavily reduced. it was about 3 in the morning when it finally tamed and i almost fell asleep multiple times, which lead to a few close calls. didnt lose any effectiveness tho! happy with my first high level quetz tame, got some decent stats but nothing spectacular. its going to be really helpful for building up a breeding base on the iceberg. i already have a lot of the structures pre-crafted in a vault at my temp base and it would take MANY trips back and forth with the argents to move it all. only caveat is that the only platform saddle i have is a mc and extremely expensive for me right now. if we get evo this weekend im definitely going to be using it to build , ive been living out of a fancy stone box for many months and even playing solo its getting very cramped with all these tames everywhere breeding for mutations. even my cryo fridges are getting full now and i dont have much room on the land arch (whitesky peak, island)
  2. i wanted to prepare for mass taming boss creatures during easter event today so i was on valguero building up my small base inside the green ob cave. needed to claim an oil vein, get a generator down, and some fridges for when i transport kibble. didnt really want to learn the oil pump engram because they turn up so frequently in drops. i set out on my crystal wyvern, Ovilord (because hes my egg stealing mount), and was passing over redwoods when i saw a strange shape moving below me. id never seen a quadruped creature swagger around like that so i carefully flew in and took out my spy glass. to my complete surprise, it was a dinopithecus! no idea they spawned on this map! and lucky me, it was a 150. so i rushed to dododex to see how to tame this poop-slinging war monkey and found out its a passive tame. good thing i didnt have my tranqs on me. finding all the members of its pack was pretty damn annoying cause they spread out and would run into the bushes, but i managed to clear them out and made a beeline for chalk hills where id seen some ovis earlier. when i came back i fed it mutton and hopped back onto my wyvern to stay safe while i wait for the feed timer, but all of the taming was lost immediately for some reason? when i started to feed it again though it reset the taming percent so i didnt loose effectiveness. its eyes look super scary in the dark btw. im not sure what to name it yet but im going to transfer him over to my main base on the island. i was going to start up a character on lost island for these guys and sinos, which i desperately want, but i only managed to tame a measly lvl 15. now it looks like i wont need to put so much effort into establishing myself there. not interested in the elemental diplos so ill spend a day or so during the event there and tame some high levels if i can and port the character over to a gen2 server to start doing missions for loot and some of the engrams. PLUS. i really, really want a void wyvern. hoping the event will push me closer to my first boss fight on the island. im going to try gamma broodmother first, it seems like it might be the easiest because the megas have bug buff.
  3. i went back to the valguero trench today to get milk for my first wyvern, and it didnt end in a disaster built one of captain fatdog's traps away from the trench and lead a female out of the scar. i did get hit with the breath a few times and was panicking but luckily it got stuck in the trap so i got to safety. while i was peppering it with tranqs another wyvern broke out of the trees in defense of its mate (im assuming?) and i had to lead it in a wide circle around the trap until it aggro'd on some mammoths so that the female in the trap didnt despawn. i stood way farther back this time and knocked it out, struggled a little with opening the inventory from below the trap, but eventually i got the milk. decided to have a wander around the trench again for eggs, tho someone had dropped an egg above the trench so most of the nests were empty. and when all the wyverns had flown away from scar, i managed to find a 180 egg! and not far away at a red drop, i got an apprentice deino saddle bp! and the small cave at green ob was unclaimed so i now have a base on valguero. so, a good and productive day on ark - a little bit scary - but thats the fun of it.
  4. Addock


    I'm aware. I use maewings exclusive to feed all tiers of raising because of the nursing bonus. But they will also eat from the maewings inventory if they're close enough, starving out the babies who cannot eat from trough like them. I was only suggesting if you keep forgetting , use a trough with no toggle , I didn't say you should hand feed the babies at all. As long as they're picked up by the maewing they will eat from then anyway without needing to turn on nursing, which is not as easy to overlook tbh.
  5. Addock


    if youre using maewings to feed many babies, you might not want the juvi's stealing the baby creatures food from the maewing and starving them. therefore... put them in the baskets and leave nursing off. it will then only feed those it is carrying. just fill the troughs or use another maewing with nursing on. i think it is useful to have a toggle. again, just use troughs if you dont want to have to make sure you toggle nursing, you know, how babies were raised before gen 2 ? lol
  6. today i stole my first wyvern egg on valguero official. ive been playing for a long while and i definitely should have already reached this milestone before, but i always got bored and lost all my progress before this could happen. id done it plenty of times with the crystal wyvern nest by now, and felt confident enough to upload one of the high levels i stole to attempt to steal some deino eggs to start making kibble ready for easter event. i didnt find any good levels and when i did find some they spoiled instantly. so i wasnt really in high spirits. on the way back i was picking up red and gold drops hoping for a saddle bp in the hopes that i could breed deinos for boss fights eventually, i realised id made my way up to the wyvern trench. i decided just to take a peek, on my single player test worlds it had looked pretty sparse so i wasnt expecting to see tons of them flapping around blasting local wildlife. it made me a little nervous since even though c.wyverns are much faster i know that the ice breath slows stuff, and if i get caught in a tight spot i dont have the imprint buff to protect me. nevertheless, i flew around and looked at some of the traps to see if i could lure a couple away and get into the trench, still not really with the intention of stealing an egg at this point, i wanted to test the waters. i didnt really know how the traps worked i guess because they just kept escaping or flying under it. i gave up and sat down to observe them. over time they kinda make their way out on their own and attack the wildlife, i saw an opening and decided, why not, and flew down to investigate the nests. if i found a decent one maybe id grab it.. the best egg i managed to find in the trench was a 155, which i settled for because getting any closer to the opening of the fire trench was flirting with death. either they were all too far away and the cave ones got stuck, or i got very lucky, as none of them chased me and i got away free. it was.. a little anti-climactic tbh? in my mind i expected to have them chase me across snow back to blue ob and it would be this big dangerous thing, fraught with lag spikes and massive freezes for up to a minute like on crystal isles. those have almost cost me my wyverns on many, many multiple occasions. when i got it back home though i was super excited for my first 'proper' wyvern! hatched it and named him Blizzard. stats arent amazing but they arent horrible either. i gotta go back for milk at some point which im not looking forward to honestly. and im going to build my own wyvern trap this time or look up how the ones around the trench work
  7. so im guessing thats a skin we can get from defeating the map's boss/es? cool. also , not to sound like an echo here but can we get some info on the easter event soon, please? id like to plan ahead of time so that i can actually enjoy the last time ill get to experience my favorite event on official servers.
  8. gonna be 100% honest here, i would not be playing this game if it did not change at all in 7 years. it is totally normal and expected for a game to evolve. i still feel like i have so much to do despite playing for close to 3 years at this point. when i first found the game through youtube videos it still looked very much like this. what made me give in and buy the game to play myself was coming back years later to discover everything up to extinction, and it had changed the game completely. speak for yourself but i think strapping light cannons onto a t-rex is pretty damn cool. and the maewing is absolutely my all time favorite mount in the game today, that would never have been added if we stuck to just dinos. i will agree with you on one thing though- not a huge fan of fluorescent tames. but thats why i leave the breeding of those colors to the other tribes and i go for different themes lol. even if it is not YOUR thing, it does not mean other people dont enjoy it.
  9. you can appreciate the community crunch and still criticize it. these days CCs are nothing that you could not get from a twitter post or two. i appreciate what it originally tried to do but it seems a little pointless to me now and ive long stopped looking forward to the weekly crunches. it IS great that they updated us weekly, i totally agree, but now they dont really have anything to update us on, since they're moving onto ark 2. it should be bi-weekly or even monthly crunches going forward. that way 80% of the post isnt just images and videos from the fanbase to pack the blank space and promises of future content 'soon'.
  10. Yeah cosmetics are nice and all but one of the main reasons I play is for the event colorations, and I know that i'm not the only one. I get that everything ends and while some prior warning would have been nice, I can deal with no more event. But please figure out a way to still allow us to get these event colors on official? Breeding them, while quite do-able, is such a time consuming ambition with server settings. I'm assuming evo events will still be a thing so perhaps you can tack it onto one of those every so often? Otherwise I see little reason to keep playing on official servers. Thats probably what you're aiming for though.
  11. I havent really noticed this on other maps that I travel to, but it didnt always happen on my main Island server so I cant be totally sure this isnt just me. At first, during Love Evolved, I wasnt very active but I went to claim a drop next to my base and was unable to. No option to access it popped up. I thought it was weird because ive always been able to access that drop, but all other supply drops seemed to work fine. It was not inside the terrain or mesh, there were no resource nodes nearby blocking it. After that I had been busy so I didnt play much, but I noticed I still wasnt able to pick up a few drops, one being a yellow ring that I was kinda annoyed about. Today I havent been able to access any drops at all. Every single one at points that I have previously been able to claim. Is this happening to anyone else? Can I fix it? Or is it yet another bug to report?
  12. I dont know if this is a bug or not so i apologize if this is in the wrong section. I play pretty much solo pve official (my tribemate builds in a separate area) and I have tribe settings to 'personally owned, tribe snap, admin demolish' for structure ownership. Today ive been expanding the base because i was still basically living out of a wooden 4x4 box and it required moving some structures like fridges, fabricators, etc. As im going around placing the new fridges I notice that for some reason my tribe does not own the new fridges, only I do. On the old fridges that I have not yet demolished there are three lines: Refrigerator (locked) (80/80): 1000/1000 Owner: My tribe Name Personal Owner: Me However.. on the new fridges it only has the top line and personal owner, not tribe ownership. Ive noticed it doing the same for my tames but that seems to be something happening with everyone on the server because ive seen tames with only a name, no ownership, but cannot be claimed and can still be ridden by the tribe. I immediately checked to see if somehow i'd been kicked from the tribe but no. I am still the owner and my tribemate is also still in the tribe. Is this supposed to happen? There is only me and my tribemate. There has never been anyone else. I have JUST placed these new fridges 10 minutes ago. The new generator I also placed only a minute beforehand still is under my tribes ownership as well as my own personal ownership, as well as the cables. Its JUST these fridges so far and I am a little worried about placing anything else, especially if a patch goes out and suddenly I cannot access these fridges because theyre not part of my tribe.
  13. Color me curious with this sanguine elixir. Does it work like biotoxin in keeping a creature unconscious or does it play a more active role in actually taming the creature? Or am I off the mark here completely haha. The stealth mode sounds like it'll be something similar to the rockdrake ability as well? Unfortunately sounds like I wont get to use the carry ability as I play PvE but overall, interesting creature! Looking forward to it and the new map being added.
  14. i was meaning infertile eggs , usually if i breed for more kibble eggs i dont leave them hanging around long enough to see if it has any impact on the kibble dinos production, but since you can increase laying speed on singleplayer it probably is only online. i dont know if they ever talked about this when they did the rework but id really appreciate some clarification tbh. thanks! this makes sense. I usually only have 2-4 of any type of tame for kibble anyway
  15. ive heard that you can only have a certain amount of eggs in one spot before tames will not lay more, and ive heard that its about 5 eggs? but is that per species or is it based off the tier of the eggs? like, could i have 2 different species of regular kibble tames (lets say carno and terror bird) and get 5 eggs from each, or would I only be able to have 5 in total from both species?
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