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  1. The event also isn't working on my servers. We've updated and wild dino wiped but nothin' and radio silence from WC.
  2. I didn't say SE had a release date, nor did I say it was delayed, I said "since SE" as SE was the smoothest launch they had and every DLC since then has had this issue.
  3. While caps locking it wouldn't be my approach, honestly, their reaction is understandable and they're allowed to feel that way. This has happened so so many times it's honestly unreal. People can be optimistic and say "Take as much time as you need, I'd rather a polished DLC" but it just goes to show they haven't been around for long as even with this extra time the DLC will surely have big issues. I understand WC struggles and must be stressed, but after an absurd amount of delays, as long as people aren't downright nasty, I think anger is 100% understandable.
  4. While I knew this was coming it's ridiculously absurd how this has happened every time since SE.
  5. Radio silence on a DLC with pre-orders that has already been delayed is scummy. I'm sorry but it absolutely is. If you're afraid that people will lash out, fine, but you're better off facing those fears instead of appearing shady. People definitely have the right to be upset and I'm sure WC is also stressed out about this so I get both sides, but still, this could be handled better. Also, to those saying that they'd rather it be delayed for more fixes, that's all well and good but we all know the game will launch with issues. Usually it takes players reporting certain things before they're even aware of certain issues so in a way releasing is a good thing, but not if it's totally broken which I assume is the case by this silence. Do the right thing for the community and be more transparent please. I was hoping this time things would be different, for once.
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