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  1. I hope this means the Valguero aurora bug will be fixed.
  2. Please fix auroras on Valguero. They vanish over time and I've confirmed this with SEVERAL server owners. Either that or the command to spawn them breaks them permanently. I've addressed this in bug reports, tweets, reddit posts and survive the ark posts since the map's release and I've been told by the Valguero devs that you guys are the only ones that can correct this issue. You guys mention submitting bug reports often but it seems they go nowhere with most fixes revolving around PvP in some way. I'd be fine with just a confirmation that you're at least aware of the issue. These were a defining aspect of the map and it's a shame they're broken.
  3. Looks above ground to me, something entirely different than we've seen. Has a toxic vibe. Reminds me of Terrokar Forest from WoW.
  4. My cluster hasn't seen the aurora borealis on the map since the week of release. I've since spoken to several other server owners who also report that they haven't seen their auroras in several weeks. I guess it's getting stuck in some way. A fix would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Running the command to spawn the northern lights permanently breaks the lights https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands#CE When Valguero first came out the auroras surprised everyone on my server. I decided to try to brighten people's spirits one night so I ran the cheat ce TestNorthernLights command. This was before there was a wiki entry stating that the auroras will cease to appear after running this command. Several weeks have passed since I ran this command, and despite restarts, the auroras have never spawned again. Trappel from the Valguero discord has confirmed this is an issue but says it's out of their hands. Please fix this Wildcard.
  6. Update: We did a stress test with 20 players last night on a fresh copy of the map with zero mods and saw the exact same CPU spikes. At this point I've spoken to several people who are experiencing the same. I can provide data of player activity and usage just to show it's not BS. Everyone I've spoken to who is experiencing the same is using the Linux server build so clearly there's an issue here. Even with 6 players the map is spiking horribly. While Ragnarok has a reputation and is often called Lagnarok, Valguero is easily worse.
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