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  1. Is anyone else extremely confused by the teaser image? Just been trying to break it down. At a glance it seems we're getting another space whale saddle, but like, why? Are they really going to try to hype the next DLC with a second saddle for a previous DLC creature? Also, space whales don't see a whole lot of use right now as it is. Are we going to be travelling through space now? If not, then why would we need more speed for just traversing around the map? This whole 'your new ride' stuff would make sense if we were getting tek tron bikes or something, which is what I thought this was
  2. I'm really surprised it's just the Stego and Mammoth. Neither striked me as desperately needing a visual upgrade, nor were they suggested a whole lot by the community. A little disappointing. Hopefully some sea creatures get a bit of love soon.
  3. To chime in on previous conversations in here, I've run 6 heavily modded servers on both an i7 7700k and more recently a Ryzen 5 3600X. The Ryzen is definitely good enough for a moderate ARK setup so long as you aren't seeing extremely high player peaks, in which case yeah it could be troublesome, but most aren't seeing those peaks so it should be a non-issue for the average community.
  4. proceeds to give practically no info on the TLC In all seriousness, that mammoth does look cool but I feel like a lot of creatures need it much more than the mammoth as it's still used and I haven't really read any complaints about it. The plesio and mosa strike me as majorly needing a TLC, especially the plesio's PS2 textures.
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