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  1. EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo936 is down many many times a day... we cannot play. These DISGUSTING server crashes everyday and wildcard is doing NOTHING! Everytime the server crashes it takes AT LEAST 30 minutes until it is back again. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!! What kind of SLA shall this be?? It's a raptoring joke
  2. EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo936 crashing several times a day - still! PLEASE fix... or ban the dupers... unbelievable how you handle your customers - you just DON'T!
  3. this inifity of incompetence is so unbelievable. Wildcard, you are NOTHING.
  4. incompetency studios: fix this!!!!!! permanent crashes... crashes... you are absolutely annoyingly incompetent
  5. The duping and the crashing started again... 2nd time today.. Server 936
  6. "How to bug the players in a most annoying way"
  7. It's absolutely unbelievable how often the server crashes... and Wildcard just don't care!
  8. coming form work and guess what... 936 DOWN! Wildcard --> It's your turn --> YOU need to fix this poop. Currently it's unplayable, as the server goes down every 30 minutes. Look at this... it's just... ridiculous!! Already 10 "crashes" today. AND I BET - IT'S DUPERS!
  9. Server 936 permanently crashing... down on down on down on down on... DO SOMETHING!
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