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  1. well ... they just took down servers for Rhyniognatha, maybe CC will be out soon..
  2. Click on support upper right, then help, on the new page upper right click submit request
  3. They said the PC save files will be available on their site here after they shut down the servers. But having banged my head full of stuff on platforms, cross platform's, cross play now , I can see why you will not have save files from consoles, simply because of the way consoles servers are run by MS/Sony and the licensing involved , which is really sad, but I don't see a way around it. You console players are just tossed in the wind.j Can you host server for ps4? If you want a dedicated server for PS4 you have to pay a third party to host the server. The dedicated server requires security keys that Sony isn't going to let regular users have access to.
  4. I had to ask, and got this in reply- does microsoft/sony have to certify platform client updates for cross platform games on pc servers? "As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Microsoft and Sony do not typically certify platform client updates for cross-platform games on PC servers. Certification processes are primarily required for games released on consoles (such as Xbox or PlayStation) to ensure compatibility, security, and adherence to platform-specific guidelines. For PC games, the certification process is generally not mandatory, as PC gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, or GOG.com operate with more flexibility."
  5. UE5 implementation of cross platform play- "If game developers decide to enable cross-platform play, it means that players on different platforms, such as PC, consoles (like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch), and potentially even mobile devices, can play together in the same game sessions or servers." "It's worth noting that even if cross-platform play is implemented, it doesn't necessarily mean that console players will always play on PC servers. The specific server infrastructure and matchmaking systems can vary depending on the game and the decisions made by the developers." Taking that info, one can see only PC Servers, and no console severs at all, completely tossing MS/Sony out the door so they only have one set code to maintain
  6. cross platform means console's will be playing on pc servers with pc players, thus kicking 'Microsoft/Sony crap certification and deployment processes' out the door now, going the other way pc on console servers may eliminate some mods because of the 'processes ' which why this post was started by ladymarina, and we still have no clue what happens to console server files, other than go poof! Aug 31st
  7. UE5 has cross platform modding built in, only reason they are using OW is $
  8. In another thread I looked up some info on consoles and thought I would put it here, one reason there won't be console save files is: "Licensing and Certification: Console game servers often require certification and approval from the console manufacturers to ensure compliance with their platform guidelines and security measures. This certification process is not typically required for PC game servers."
  9. Had to look it up, probably the biggest roadblock to console save files being available for use is "Licensing and Certification: Console game servers often require certification and approval from the console manufacturers to ensure compliance with their platform guidelines and security measures. This certification process is not typically required for PC game servers."
  10. mods are one of the biggest things that made unofficial servers popular, right along with changing ini settings for exp, harvesting etc. and most likely they will be the biggest driving force of ASA unofficial servers , and with cross play they will suck in consoles like quicksand which kills the dead ASE even more, because $$$ , since modders will be able to make $ on ASA mods , why make any thing for ASE they will be bitching and hollering and screaming about Overwolf, but $$$ will rule as it always does
  11. The answers were different because of simple timing (some new links were just 20 min old), different ISP's (one friend uses cell tower (T-Mobile for internet) , the location and ip address changes every connection by several states), some of us use VPN's. But back to the issue, yes there are some discussions about bad stuff from Snail, some from WC, some good also, but basically we are in limbo, waiting to see what is next. All we know for sure now (until it changes, if it does) is ASE is dead, not dying, but dead, going through some death throws, jerks, but dead. All those who want ASE to go on, not to have to spend $$ to play it in a new look, new systems, are not going to be served, simple case of not enough $$ to maintain it, and ASA, while making ARKII. Now we wait, will ASA release Sept 1? Time will tell. Will the code be fixed? Will the cost be reduced? How will cross play work? Those questions will be answered in ... time.. And Youtuber's will be on the leading edge of showing what is happening - be it good, be it bad ... Count Days 99 days May 25, 2023 - September 1, 2023
  12. unfortunately on some accounts I've watched hours of video's , I've heard 'please subscribe' thousands of times, and having being involved on the coding side of the web since the 90's (back when html was in it's infancy), I know how it's used to 'enhance' results. Beautiful Soup. If you have to ask, you don't understand.
  13. I just keyed in YouTube search box 'ARK Survival Evolved'
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