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  1. I don’t understand what you’re saying. If you’re implying about how long it took for me to notice that someone responded to me, I’m sorry. I’m just not usually on this site every hour or so, unless theirs is a vote going on.
  2. The only time it will change is when it has its new DLCs that aren’t from ASE come out, all previous DLC are free. And yeah I’m a console player. And I’m following ASA news as much as possible. This is old news and news that was changed in less than 12 hours of being confronted, Neddy won a major victory for ASA players and WC disabled the DRMs and rolledback the exclusivity clause with Nitrado, and now we will be able to host are own servers on our devices we use for ASA without Nitrado. Though Nitrado did not changed their servers prices yet from what I can tell. So yeah, I am still excited for ASA!!! Please make sure that your information is completely up to date so that theirs no misinformation floating around. (Not being rude, just want people to know that it was already fixed and they can host their own servers now on their machines.)
  3. I agree with most of this, but the Nitrado was a big thing. They weren’t letting people host their own servers unless it was through Nitrado or were kicking them off the servers people were hosting from their computers for large groups. It was serious mess that was fixed earlier by the help of YouTubers and others. But other than that. I agree with everything. I’m a Console player, but I’m not mad about the delay or how PC is out now and console isn’t and I’m not saying that it’s not fair. It was an issue with multiplayer that snuck passed the certification process and they had to delay the game because of it. Could they have done it better, maybe. But they didn’t have much time to go through what they could have, so they delayed it. And I’m fine with it, I am sad it’s delayed. But I am excited to see what it’ll look like!!!
  4. It was certified by Microsoft and Sony and was only the day of the launch that they found the problem. So it was a background check from WC devs that found the problem, not Microsoft or Sony. They caught it that day and had to make a quick call. And they delayed it.
  5. They fixed this now, NeddyTheNoodle and Zenrowe (Zen is a WC employee who works with Modding side of thing) confirmed this today.
  6. Not just Brazil, Global. But this was suppose to be the correct price. They dropped for the release since it was late on release.
  7. No, they won’t. Their free with the game
  8. They might have fixed 95% of the original crashes. But when you fix something new, the rabbit hole begins. That fix might have caused more and bigger bugs to come out into the system that were inactive. It’ll take time.
  9. The reason for the price change is because it was on discount for releasing late or steam had it on sale for a short while. The price was always suppose to be 40 dollars USD, nothing was supposed to change that.
  10. It didn’t double the price. They had it discounted for a short while since they released it late due to some engineering problems. It supposed to be 40 dollars, that is the price they set it for.
  11. They said as soon as the creatures votes are over for all maps from ASE, so ETA is unknown. However I assume 4 or 5 months maybe to start seeing TLCs. Though some creatures might just get immediate attention with Mods like the Paleo mod, which has an Amazing looking Giga and I think (don’t quote me on this) are working on other creatures soon too.
  12. That’s not necessarily true, I’m console and I am ‘defending’ them in your words, though not mine. In my opinion it’s just the facts. They got certified and were ready to release. They caught something that would’ve been detrimental for multiplayer console players and maybe even single player that they had to delay it to fix it. I mean it’s not hard to understand. I am upset yes, but I would rather be upset over a delayed and working game over a game released on time. But was unplayable and had to be delayed a few hours after releasing it on console and have my entire gaming experience ruined and my time with Ark be ruined and wasted. I’m a veteran of this and would’ve hated that to happen. So seeing it delayed because WC found a problem WC, Microsoft and Sony missed is better than them not catching it before it released.
  13. They don’t get access to the crossplay servers until we do. They explained that pretty well by saying consoles are delayed, plus they can’t play with consoles anyway after that until December. Not until Scorched Earth Releases. So We’ll be in fair match ups for time.
  14. Man that Dread looks awesome!!!! Can’t wait to ride it when Extinction releases!!!! Welp, it that time again!! it’s time for another song!!!! 🎶Spawning in the snow. a dodo, a dodo, getting killed by a wolf. Oh a dodo day!! Respawn again, go get my stuff. Get squished by a mammoth, oh a dodo day!!!🎶
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